Empire Dismisses Calls for Aegis Return
The Imperial Senate has debated contributing to anti-xeno activities such as Aegis or a unified superpower fleet. Senator Caspian Leopold initiated the discussions among his colleagues, stating: “One would never criticise Her Majesty’s priority to defend the Empire above all else. Nevertheless, we face an adversary that how shown... Read more
Superpowers Discuss Unified Anti-Xeno Fleet
Ambassadors of all three superpowers have held emergency talks following the California nebula attacks, with a united military fleet the primary topic. Political journalist Conrad Sterling provided this report for Vox Galactica: “The public demand to address the evolving Thargoid threat has led to key military personnel suggesting that... Read more
Xeno-Peace Project Gathers Support
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Deliveries to the Andavandul system have enabled the Thargoid Advocacy Project to begin preparations for a diplomatic mission. Governor Dalton Chase, who is campaigning to become a member of the Federal Congress, arranged the initiative to create a non-partisan envoy vessel. Its objective will be to... Read more
Thargoids Raid Nebula Colony
The human enclave within the California Nebula has reported multiple attacks from Thargoid forces. Systems such as California Sector CQ-Y c5 and HIP 18077 have experienced direct assaults by large numbers of Thargoid vessels. Megaships in the area have also been attacked and left in disrepair, with surviving crews... Read more
The Call for Unity
Newsfeeds across the core systems have reflected the increasing public demand for full-scale military cooperation against the Thargoids. Federal Free Press: “Removing the Far God cult from Federal space was a way of distracting the people from President Hudson’s failures. The real threat remains the Thargoids themselves, and there... Read more
Hadrian Duval Endorses Imperial Isolation
The Empire’s withdrawal from all cross-superpower operations has gained the full support of Hadrian Augustus Duval. Political journalist Cassia Carvalho reviewed the situation for The Imperial Herald: “As the illegitimate grandson of Emperor Hengist, Hadrian Duval has long been considered the ‘black sheep’ of the Imperial Family. Only a... Read more
Materials Required for Xeno-Peace Convoy
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Federal Governor Dalton Chase requests deliveries to the Andavandul system to establish a xeno-peace envoy vessel. The initiative spearheaded by Chase, a member of the Liberal Party who is currently campaigning for a congressional seat, intends to provide a megaship for use in Thargoid Advocacy Project... Read more
Talk Show Murder Broadcast
Channel 07 has intercepted footage of a violent attack on three talk show hosts, broadcast live on several Imperial newsfeeds. The show came to an abrupt halt after the three were apparently fired upon by an assailant who gained access to the enclosed set. The perpetrator managed to flee... Read more
Federation Bans the Far God Cult
President Hudson has approved a congressional bill to make the Order of the Far God illegal within all Federal systems. Congress voted to accept the resolution by a narrow majority, as announced by Secretary of State Lana Berkovich: “The Thargoids are categorised as an enemy of the state, and... Read more
Emperor Celebrates Imperial Strength
Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has expressed satisfaction with the Empire’s military and scientific progress since the Battle of HIP 22460. She delivered the public address following a recent tour of a Gutamaya shipyard: “The Imperial Navy is entering a period of revitalisation, with advances being made in multiple areas. We... Read more