Alliance-Sirius Pact Prepares New Taskforce
The anti-xeno strategic defence pact between the Alliance and Sirius Corporation has been fully ratified as a legally binding treaty. The Assembly voted to approve the agreement at the end of June, following months of debate. The decision was influenced by the outcome of two competing initiatives to procure... Read more
Aisling Criticises Imperial Policy
Princess Aisling Duval has challenged the Empire’s shift in priority towards reduced interaction with other superpowers. During an interview with the Citizens’ Chronicle newsfeed, she remarked: “It’s obvious that the Imperial Navy is deeply embarrassed by its commitment to Salvation, and is as good as paralyzed without his superweapon... Read more
Thargoids Turn Attention to Inhabited Systems
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Swarms of Thargoid vessels have invaded the 42 n Persei, Chun Pindit and Tekkeitjal systems in an apparently coordinated attack. Vox Galactica published this report by field correspondent Ernesto Rios: “Since the Thargoids conquered HIP 22460 a month ago, their presence has gradually expanded in all... Read more
A New Chapter for Azimuth
Azimuth Biotech has outlined plans for the corporation’s future following the confirmation of Salvation’s death. Director Torben Rademaker, head of strategic operations, submitted a statement to public newsfeeds: “The loss of Salvation, formerly known as Caleb Wycherley, is a sad day for our organisation. We will remember his sacrifice... Read more
Fears Rise of Thargoid Expansion
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Ships travelling in the vicinity of HIP 22460 have reported so-called ‘hyperdiction’ incidents at increased distances from the Thargoid-controlled system. Pilots have filed similar reports about encounters in V0402 Aurigae, HR 1490, Synuefe SA-C b33-2 and several other systems. The number of ships being pulled from... Read more
Far God Cult Praises Alien Victory
A breakaway sect of the Thargoid-worshipping fringe religion is apparently celebrating the massacre of human forces in the HIP 22460 system. A message was broadcast from the Testament megaship by the anonymous woman known only as the First Apostle of the True Chapters: “We rejoice in the Far God’s... Read more
Azimuth Claims ‘Thargoid Doomsday’ Imminent
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Salvation’s anti-xeno superweapon is now complete and final preparations are underway in the HIP 22460 system. Commodore Morag Halloran, Azimuth Biotech’s military coordinator, broadcast this announcement from the Bright Sentinel megaship: “Salvation has confirmed that the Proteus Wave core mechanism is fully active. Calibration inside the... Read more
The View from the Front Line
Vox Galactica reporter Jade Sanderlyn has broadcast an update on the conflict taking place in the HIP 22460 system. “The fierce fighting in HIP 22460 has intensified over the past week. Swarms of Thargoid vessels can be encountered throughout the system, cutting down any ill-prepared ships within range. The... Read more
The Xenocide Debate
As construction proceeds on Salvation’s Proteus Wave, there is widespread dispute on the issue of eliminating the Thargoids. An article by Heimar Borichev, deputy editor of The Sovereign newsfeed, has divided public opinion: “Salvation’s latest superweapon is designed to attract and then destroy members of the species we’ve named... Read more
The Battle of HIP 22460
Vox Galactica has published an on-site account from the HIP 22460 system, where a coalition fleet is engaged in combat with the Thargoids. “This is Jade Sanderlyn reporting for Vox Galactica. I’ve been in HIP 22460 over the past two weeks, and during this time the system has been... Read more