Alliance Offers Amnesty for Far God Cultists
The Alliance Assembly has submitted an appeal for clemency to Federal Congress for followers of the Order of the Far God. The Thargoid-worshipping faith was outlawed by the Federation in October 3308, after a failed initiative in the Popontia system to outfit a megaship named the Dedicant. Every member... Read more
The Emperor’s Ire
Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has responded to criticism from Hadrian Duval regarding her decision to contribute to Aegis. During a public address at the opening of a naval research and development complex on Achenar, the Emperor stated: “For the avoidance of doubt, my decree to halt interaction with the Alliance... Read more
Hadrian Duval Remarks on ‘Weak Emperor’
An interview with Hadrian Augustus Duval has caused ripples in Imperial society for his direct criticism of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval. Speaking to Paresa News Network, the former Nova Imperium leader discussed the Empire’s commitment to Aegis: “I have always known that the Empire is stronger alone, especially when protecting... Read more
Presidential Campaigns Target Federal Voters
Jerome Archer, Felicia Winters and Zachary Rackham are lobbying for public support as the Federation prepares to elect a new president in August. Political correspondent Sofia Trevino covered the race for The Federal Times: “With Zachary Hudson’s eight-year term approaching its end, citizens must decide who will be the... Read more
Rackham Fundraiser Secures Political Backing
Independent presidential candidate Zachary Rackham held a gala ball for some of the Federation’s wealthy and influential elite. The Federal Times published a report from political correspondent Sofia Trevino: “The extravagant gathering at Fort Rackham (formerly Fort Falkenrath) on Taylor Colony felt more like a party than a fundraiser,... Read more
Archer Launches Presidential Campaign
The Republican Party has nominated Vice President Jerome Archer as its candidate in the upcoming Federal election. Jerome Archer was formerly the secretary of security in President Zachary Hudson’s cabinet. He was promoted to vice president when his predecessor died during the Nine Martyrs attacks in 3307. He immediately... Read more
Winters Announces Election Manifesto
The Liberal Party has published a detailed political manifesto in advance of the Federation’s presidential election in June. Shadow President Felicia Winters summarised her party’s plans during a campaign rally on Rhea 3: “The freedoms and privileges of Federal citizens have been abused or ignored by the Hudson administration.... Read more
Congress Votes Against Hudson Contravention
President Zachary Hudson’s motion to allow him to serve a second term of office has been defeated by congressional vote. The proposal would have temporarily repealed the 77th amendment of the Federal Accord, which sets a maximum presidential term of eight years. A narrow majority voted not to accept... Read more
Federal Eyes on Congress Debate
Preliminary motions on the forthcoming Hudson Contravention vote have begun in Federal Congress. The proposal, named after President Zachary Hudson’s call to suspend the 77th amendment to the Federal Accord, is a point of significant contention. If approved, Hudson would be eligible to run for another term in this... Read more
Archon Delaine Counters Mahon’s Rebuke
Archon Delaine has rejected Prime Minister Mahon’s warning over an alleged attempt to gain control of systems in the California Nebula. “Wake up, Old Man Mahon!” Delaine said in a public broadcast. “The Kumo Crew migrated into the nebula with help from some mutual friends of ours… people you... Read more