Superpower Systems Overrun by Thargoids
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Thargoid fleets have invaded the Didio, Novas and Sosong systems, placing over ten billion lives at risk. Local security services in all three systems have reported overwhelming numbers of hostile Thargoid vessels. Several starports have been directly attacked with caustic enzyme weapons, and the combined death... Read more
Salvation Strengthens Bonds with Superpowers
The anonymous anti-xeno scientist Salvation has received further military support from the Alliance, Empire and Federation. Multiple official sources have highlighted the increasing number of crew members being seconded from the Alliance Defence Force, Federal Navy and Imperial Navy. Previously, enlisted members had been forced to resign their commissions,... Read more
Aegis Demands Reinstatement
The leaders of Aegis have formally petitioned the Alliance, Empire and Federation to reform the anti-xeno organisation. Although all three superpowers are in the process of building their own taskforces to replace Aegis, they have been unable to assist against a recent surge of Thargoid incursions. Chief Administrator Carter... Read more
Pilots Form Vanguard Against Thargoid Attacks
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Commanders are resisting Thargoid incursions in the Dan, HIP 12314 and Nauni systems. Although Aegis support vessels have been repurposed to offer support in all three systems, the organisation remains officially disbanded. It has fallen to individual pilots to defend the populations from swarms of Thargoid... Read more
New Thargoid Assaults in Three Systems
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The HIP 12314, Dan and Nauni systems have come under heavy attack by Thargoid vessels. Vox Galactica featured this report by freelance war correspondent Jade Sanderlyn: “The Thargoids have been unusually aggressive in recent months, as attested by the drifting wreckages of many independent ships. When... Read more
The Fall of Aegis
Shutdown procedures for the anti-xeno organisation are continuing, despite Aegis’s warnings that Azimuth has returned. Conrad Sterling reported on the situation for Vox Galactica: “We now know that the Alexandria megaship was targeted by a hostile force that could be Azimuth Biochemicals, the 200-year-old corporation which owned the Adamastor... Read more
‘Azimuth has Survived’ Warns Aegis
Information recovered from the Alexandria has prompted Aegis to insist that it was not responsible for the loss of the megaship’s crew and cargo. The wreckage of the Alexandria was recently located in the Wregoe TC-X B29-0 system. There were no survivors, but fragments of the commanding officer’s log... Read more
The Return of the Alexandria
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The Aegis megaship Alexandria, which vanished in hyperspace seven months ago, has been found in the Wregoe TC-X B29-0 system. A select group of independent pilots located the Alexandria following a search instigated by Professor Alba Tesreau, former head of research at Aegis. She was forced... Read more
Superpowers Plan to Replace Aegis
The Alliance, Empire and Federation have accepted the Baumann Report’s recommendation to permanently shut down Aegis. The independent inquiry’s findings on the organisation’s failings will result in Aegis being immediately shut down. However, Chief Administrator Carter Armstrong has cautioned that “full demobilisation of staff, ships and resources might take... Read more
Baumann Report: ‘Dismantle Aegis’
The independent inquiry into Aegis has delivered its final conclusions and recommended that the organisation be closed down. Dr Paul Baumann, who chaired the board of inquiry, summarised the detailed report: “Aegis was established on solid foundations in 3303 with strong leadership. Over the years, poor mid-level management and... Read more