Aegis Resolves to Free Abductees from Titans

aegis Sep 25, 2023

Post Views: 8 With human life-signs now confirmed beneath the hulls of the Thargoid Titans, the urgency to mount a rescue mission has intensified. Many pilots equipped with the updated pulse wave xeno scanner detected signals that match living... Read more

Rackham Withdraws from Presidential Election

federation Sep 22, 2023

Post Views: 89 Zachary Rackham has officially ended his election campaign, following the discovery... Read more

Wallglass Links Rackham to ‘Calico Zack’

federation Sep 18, 2023

Post Views: 191 The Federal Times has published evidence that trillionaire and presidential candidate... Read more

Aegis Releases Upgraded Xeno Scanner

aegis Sep 14, 2023

Post Views: 239 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A pulse wave xeno scanner upgrade that can... Read more

Sirius Corporation Discusses Thargoid Abductions

aegis Sep 11, 2023

Post Views: 297 Sirius Corporation has revealed a long-running project to rescue people who... Read more