Alliance-Sirius Pact Accelerated

alliance Aug 15, 3308

Post Views: 6 Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and Sirius Corporation CEO Li Yong-Rui have issued a joint statement regarding territorial defence against the Thargoids. “The recent tragedy in HIP 22460 has underscored the crucial importance of the strategic defence... Read more

Rumours Arise of New Alien Artefacts

aegis Aug 15, 3308

Post Views: 5 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Anecdotal reports suggest that a previously unknown non-human... Read more

Fleets Withdraw from Thargoid-Controlled System

aegis Aug 12, 3308

Post Views: 65 The Alliance, Empire and Federation have confirmed that the remains of... Read more

The Silent Aftermath

azimuth Aug 11, 3308

Post Views: 83 The Thargoid victory in the HIP 22460 system has raised many... Read more

Thargoids Conquer HIP 22460

alliance Aug 10, 3308

Post Views: 92 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The Proteus Wave’s failure has resulted in Thargoid... Read more