The Golconda Generation

Generation ship Nov 11, 3305

Post Views: 58 The culture of the generation ship Golconda has been examined by Professor Elizabeth Perez, head of anthropology at Orion Independent University. “Little is known about the Golconda’s origins. There are no intact records of its launch,... Read more

Inhabited Generation Ship Discovered

Generation ship Nov 8, 3305

Post Views: 70 A generation ship with a living population has been discovered in... Read more

Rockforth Corporation Releases Apology

galactic News Nov 5, 3305

Post Views: 29 The CEO of Rockforth Corporation has expressed regret at her company’s... Read more

The Lessons of the Blight

galactic News Nov 2, 3305

Post Views: 26 The blight that laid waste to vast areas of cropland over... Read more

Blight Pathogen Cured

galactic News Oct 31, 3305

Post Views: 51 The agronomic treatment recently developed by the Interstellar Association for Agriculture... Read more