Azimuth Refocuses on Titan Research

aegis Jun 9, 3309

Post Views: 43 Studying the Thargoid Titans has become a priority for Azimuth Biotech, which is keen to learn more about the alien motherships. Director Xavier Rousseau , head of the corporation’s bioscience division, was interviewed by the tech... Read more

Alliance Offers Amnesty for Far God Cultists

alliance Jun 8, 3309

Post Views: 40 The Alliance Assembly has submitted an appeal for clemency to Federal... Read more

The Emperor’s Ire

aegis Jun 5, 3309

Post Views: 127 Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has responded to criticism from Hadrian Duval regarding... Read more

Pulse Wave Xeno Scanner Now Available

aegis Jun 1, 3309

Post Views: 166 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* An initiative in Rabh has enabled Aegis to... Read more

Hadrian Duval Remarks on ‘Weak Emperor’

aegis May 30, 3309

Post Views: 184 An interview with Hadrian Augustus Duval has caused ripples in Imperial... Read more