Guardian-Thargoid Battlefield Discovered

aegis Jun 18, 3307

Post Views: 69 *Pilots Federation ALERT* An Anaconda from the Hesperus megaship has been found at a historical battlefield on the moon Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2 1a. The discovery was made by pilots who tracked down a series of... Read more

Materials Needed for Enhanced Ship Module

Interstellar Initiative & CG Jun 17, 3307

Post Views: 59 *Pilots Federation ALERT* Sirius Corporation has requested commodities to make a... Read more

Electoral Reform Proposed for the Alliance

alliance Jun 16, 3307

Post Views: 67 Councillor Nakato Kaine has suggested that the Alliance’s current electoral system... Read more

Sirius Corporation: The Fourth Superpower?

galactic News Jun 15, 3307

Post Views: 59 The galaxy’s largest megacorporation is continuing to influence the political arena... Read more

ACT Continues to Hunt NMLA Terrorists

ACT Jun 14, 3307

Post Views: 58 The Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit has published an update on its investigation... Read more