Titan Taranis Surrounded

aegis Dec 1, 2023

Post Views: 27 The star system Hyades Sector FB-N B7-6, which contains Thargoid Titan Taranis, has been surrounded by human forces. Aden Tanner, special advisor to Aegis, provided the following update: “Our pilots appear to have pushed Thargoids out... Read more

Kaine Launches Alliance Resource Drive

Interstellar Initiative & CG Nov 30, 2023

Post Views: 107 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Councillor Nakato Kaine has requested deliveries to the... Read more

Thargoid War Update: November 3309

federation Nov 28, 2023

Post Views: 200 Renowned war correspondent Jade Sanderlyn provides her regular summary of the... Read more

Azimuth Biotech: ‘We Can Serve Alliance’

aegis Nov 24, 2023

Post Views: 235 Azimuth Biotech has suggested that it can replace Sirius Corporation as... Read more

Mining Campaign in LHS 3872 Concludes

empire Nov 23, 2023

Post Views: 238 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Torval Mining Ltd has announced that sufficient quantities... Read more