The Assault on Oya

galactic News Apr 19, 2024

Post Views: 32 *Pilots’ Federation Alert* Titan Oya is under siege. This is an urgent call to all independent pilots to aid in the complete defeat of the third Titan. The key modules for the assault continue to be... Read more

Anti-Guardian field project yields breakthrough – New modifications available

aegis Apr 19, 2024

Post Views: 51 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The engineer Ram Tah has discovered a method... Read more

New Supercruise Overcharge module enters the market, a “turning point for humanity”

galactic News Apr 10, 2024

Post Views: 121 Achilles Aerospace have begun mass distribution of their own Frame Shift... Read more

Prototype Frame Shift Drive almost production ready, competitor sceptical

galactic News Apr 4, 2024

Post Views: 139 Material gathered from the Titan Taranis wreckage has reportedly allowed Achilles... Read more

Titan Oya deploys a surprise fleet of Orthrus vessels

federation Apr 4, 2024

Post Views: 141 The Titan known as Oya appears to have deployed a large... Read more