Guardian Artefacts Needed to Power Superweapon

azimuth Jul 5, 3308

Post Views: 7 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Azimuth Biotech urgently requires deliveries of Guardian artefacts to HIP 22460 as vital components of the Proteus Wave. Salvation issued an official request to the Allied, Federal and Imperial taskforces, which was then... Read more

Far God Cult Condemns Salvation

ACT Jul 4, 3308

Post Views: 18 Azimuth Biotech’s operation in the HIP 22460 system has been publicly... Read more

‘Operation Wych Hunt’ Opposes Azimuth Biotech

aegis Jul 2, 3308

Post Views: 33 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A coalition of independent Commanders has been formed... Read more

Leaders Respond to Azimuth Initiative

aisling Duval Jul 1, 3308

Post Views: 36 The anti-xeno operation in HIP 22460 involving Azimuth Biotech and the... Read more

Salvation Prepares ‘Final Thargoid Battlefield’

alliance Jun 30, 3308

Post Views: 45 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The HIP 22460 system will be the stage... Read more