Week in Review

gan romero May 19, 3305

Post Views: 11 Here are this week’s main stories. President Gibson Kincaid has been named as commander-in-chief of the Alliance Defence Force in the Zaonce system. The announcement by Admiral Frederick Yamamoto, known to be a personal friend of... Read more

Kincaid Granted Command of Zaonce Fleet

alliance May 18, 3305

Post Views: 11 President Gibson Kincaid has been named commander-in-chief of the Alliance Defence... Read more

Ship Thief’s Personal Log Discovered

galactic News May 17, 3305

Post Views: 77 A journal maintained by Gan Romero, the technician responsible for stealing... Read more

Segnen Exchange Announces Outpost

Interstellar Initiative [CG] May 16, 3305

Post Views: 77 Segnen Exchange has revealed plans to build an outpost in the... Read more

Zende Partners Requests Guardian Commodities

extraterrestrial ruins May 16, 3305

Post Views: 68 Zende Partners has called for increased deliveries of Guardian commodities in... Read more