Superpowers Make Progress at the Galactic Summit

aegis Mar 3, 3307

Post Views: 50 Leaders from the Alliance, Empire and Federation have agreed a series of minor treaties at the diplomatic gathering in the Sirius system. Vox Galactica featured this report from political correspondent Conrad Sterling: “Following days of heated... Read more

Galactic Summit Imperilled by Political Frictions

alliance Mar 1, 3307

Post Views: 44 Delegates at the diplomatic conference have clashed over long-standing political issues,... Read more

Historic Meetings at the Galactic Summit

aisling Duval Feb 26, 3307

Post Views: 62 Alliance, Empire and Federation leaders have held their first ever face-to-face... Read more

Rare Goods Received for Political Delegates

alliance Feb 25, 3307

Post Views: 52 *Pilots Federation ALERT* A wide range of luxurious food and drink... Read more

Galactic Summit Begins with Defence Request

Interstellar Initiative & CG Feb 25, 3307

Post Views: 63 *Pilots Federation ALERT* The Federation is working with Sirius Corporation to... Read more