Militant Group Responsible for Blight

federation Oct 22, 3305

Post Views: 1 An extremist group from the Kappa Fornacis system is responsible for the contaminated fertiliser that has caused widespread crop failures. Gino Borstein made this statement on behalf of the tri-superpower taskforce investigating the blight’s origin: “Our... Read more

Blight Traced to Synthetic Contaminant

Non classé Oct 20, 3305

Post Views: 10 A tri-superpower group has identified the cause of the blight that... Read more

Superpowers Collaborate to Investigate Blight

the scourge Oct 18, 3305

Post Views: 16 A collaborative body has been formed by the three superpowers to... Read more

Initiative to Eradicate Rockforth Fertiliser

Interstellar Initiative & CG Oct 16, 3305

Post Views: 17 The Rockforth Corporation’s EX7 fertiliser has been linked to the blight... Read more

The Mystery of the Blight

sciences Oct 14, 3305

Post Views: 21 The cause of mass crop spoilage on key agricultural worlds has... Read more