Human Presence Causes Thargoid Withdrawal
The Thargoids have unexpectedly abandoned the region around Wregoe BU-Y b2-0, mere days after being discovered. They were believed to be present due to an ancient site on the planet Wregoe BU-Y b2-0 1 c, which hosted a conflict between Guardian and Thargoid forces millions of years ago. Aegis... Read more
New Thargoid Assaults in Three Systems
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The HIP 12314, Dan and Nauni systems have come under heavy attack by Thargoid vessels. Vox Galactica featured this report by freelance war correspondent Jade Sanderlyn: “The Thargoids have been unusually aggressive in recent months, as attested by the drifting wreckages of many independent ships. When... Read more
Week in Review
Here are this week’s major stories. Fazia Silva, one of the three candidates in the Alliance presidential race, has been found dead. There has been speculation that the murder was a political killing, motivated by Silva’s proposed changes to Alliance financial policy. Condolences have been delivered by Prime Minister... Read more
Freelance Report: Buckyball Racing Club has Tunnel Vision
After a relatively quiet start to the year, the Buckyball Racing Club is back with its first full-length race of 3303: Tunnel Vision. The race, which is between Leopold Heckmann Ring in the Malaikudi system and Evans Port in Parutis, requires competitors to navigate a series of tunnels at... Read more
Freelance Report: Kick the Alien Race Concludes
The Buckyball Race Club has announced the winners of the Kick the Alien (and Run like Hell) race. First place was taken by Commander Nookie Mr.Smith with a time of 6 minutes 43 seconds, second place was claimed by Commander Raijiin, who completed the circuit in 6 minutes 56... Read more
Freelance Report: Protesters Gather at Buckyball Events
In response to the Kick the Alien (and Run like Hell) race, which began on the 22nd of November, huge numbers of protesters have started attending Buckyball Racing Club events throughout the galaxy. Identifying themselves as members of a religious order called the Apocolyptican Faith, the protesters claim the... Read more
Freelance Report: Candy Crew Dominating Buckyball Race
As the Kick the Alien (and Run like Hell) race reaches its midpoint, the top of the leaderboard is dominated by members of the Candy Crew Guild. Commander Nookie Mr.Smith took the number one spot on Thursday with a truly incredible 6 minute 43 second run, while Commanders Raijiin... Read more
Freelance Report: Taking on the Aliens
The Buckyball Racing Club is back with a new race, and this time it’s taking on the aliens. Kick the Alien (and Run like Hell) is a 26-kilometre roundtrip SRV race. The event starts at the Noctrach-Ihazevich Research facility and involves driving to the nearby crash site, ‘kicking the... Read more
Freelance Report: The SHEPARD Mission
In honour of Alan Shepard, the second human being to enter space, a group of independent pilots has announced a galactic endurance expedition. The SHEPARD Mission (Stellar Heliographic Expedition for Proto-Astronomical Reconnaissance and Discovery) will document three types of stellar measurement: star composition and clustering, unknown supernova remnants, and... Read more
Galactic News: We Have a Winner!
A pilot by the name of Commander Falchion has won the Melee Masters arena competition. In a tense final bout, Commander Falchion appeared to give up right on the cusp of victory, but it was revealed to have been a ruse designed to bring his opponent into firing range.... Read more