Salvation: ‘War’s End Within Reach’
The anonymous scientist Salvation has made a statement following his latest success against the Thargoids. The message was broadcast across all public channels: “This is Salvation. The deployment of my anti-xeno superweapons in the Didio, Novas and Sosong systems was highly effective, just as I anticipated. Billions of lives... Read more
Marlinist Colonies Gain Starports
Two new starports have been added to Marlinist systems, following a successful delivery initiative last month. The use of pre-built infrastructures and mass-produced components has allowed the orbital stations to be assembled rapidly. The starport names and locations are Fairfax Legacy in the Hyades Sector SU-C a14-1 system, and... Read more
Allied System Receives Vital Resources
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Sirius Corporation has helped provide commodities to sustain the Didio system during the ongoing Thargoid assault. Pilots transported multiple shipments of basic medicines, evacuation shelters and food cartridges to the megaship Chariot of Rhea in the Leesti system. These were then redirected to Didio and distributed... Read more
The Sanderlyn Interviews (Part Three)
The journalist Jade Sanderlyn of Vox Galactica was recently invited to conduct rare public interviews with admirals of the three superpowers. This excerpt is from a conversation with Admiral Rachel Ziegler of the Alliance. Jade Sanderlyn: This is Jade Sanderlyn reporting for Vox Galactica. I am here with Admiral... Read more
Sirius Initiative Plans Aid for Alliance
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Sirius Corporation has organised humanitarian support for the Didio system, which is under attack by Thargoid vessels. The Alliance Defence Fleet is currently combating the Thargoid threat in Didio, under the command of Admiral Rachel Ziegler. Admiral Nikolas Glass, who acts as a liaison between the... Read more
Marlinist Refugees Migrate from Alliance
Over two million ex-Imperial citizens who sought sanctuary with the Alliance are now being repatriated to the Marlinist Colonies. Ambassador Elijah Beck, head of the Alliance Office of Diplomatic Relations, announced: “Political refugees from Imperial systems have been arriving since late 3306, following the Empire’s crackdown on Marlinism. At... Read more
Kumo Crew Appoints New Council Leader
Archon Delaine has announced that pirate leader Callan Salamanca is the newest member of the Kumo Council’s upper echelon. Political journalist Conrad Sterling provided an overview for Vox Galactica: “The Kumo Council was formed by Archon Delaine to delegate his control over the criminal syndicate. Each member has the... Read more
Sirius Vows to Defend Alliance
Sirius Corporation has claimed that the recent Thargoid incursions prove the necessity of its strategic defence pact with the Alliance. The Didio, Novas and Sosong systems are currently withstanding a coordinated attack from large numbers of Thargoid vessels. Independent pilots have rushed to their aid while the three superpowers... Read more
Sirius Defends Alliance Territory
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Sirius Corporation megaships will soon arrive in the Coalsack and Witch Head Nebulas to provide anti-xeno support. The three vessels are intended as a demonstration of Sirius Corporation’s military capabilities, prior to the strategic defence pact being ratified by the Alliance Assembly. A public statement was... Read more
Reorte System Remains Allied
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The Reorte Pro-Alliance League’s success over the Reorte Mining Coalition means the system will stay in the Alliance. A greater quantity of advanced medicines, skimmer components and building fabricators were delivered to the Trobairitz megaship than to the opposing faction. As a result, Reorte will remain... Read more