Materials Needed for Titan Research Project
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Deliveries to the Rabh system will help mass-produce a pulse wave xeno scanner which can analyse Thargoid Titans. Dr Maximo Fonseca, the Allied scientific liaison to Aegis, outlined the initiative: “The Thargoid capital ships, now designated as Titans, are the top priority for both military and... Read more
Resources Needed for Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Aegis has requested materials in the YZ Ceti system to mass-produce a defence for ships entering the Maelstroms. Professor Alba Tesreau, head of the tri-superpower agency, announced the initiative at a press conference: “Final tests have been conducted on the Thargoid pulse neutraliser, which offers ships... Read more
Old Rivals Clash as Thargoids Advance
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Factions aligned to the Empire and Federation have declared war in Pichch, which lies in the path of Thargoid expansion. Relations between the two superpowers have been strained in recent weeks, following the corporate skirmish in Tavgi. This has exacerbated hostilities between two long-standing rivals in... Read more
Corporate Battle Erupts in Tavgi System
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The killing of Caine-Massey’s CEO has sparked conflict between the Federal corporation and Imperial rival Torval Mining Ltd. Acting CEO Philippa Barlow-Lyons provided a statement regarding the hostilities: “The Federal Intelligence Agency tracked Johann Fleischer’s assassin from Mars to the Tavgi system, whereupon he boarded the... Read more
Explorers Needed for Ammonia World Survey
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Universal Cartographics has announced a two-week initiative to locate planets with ammonia atmospheres. The survey was outlined by Cynthia Sideris, chairperson of Universal Cartographics: “Aegis has urgently requested an update to our database of terrestrial planets with ammonia atmospheres. It is no coincidence that each Maelstrom... Read more
Aegis Launches Caustic Sink Launcher Initiative
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Deliveries are requested in Duamta to fast-track production of a module that protects ships in caustic environments. Professor Alba Tesreau, the head of Aegis, provided these details: “We are grateful to Aden Tanner for personally testing our prototype caustic sink launcher. The electrochemical reaction within the... Read more
Kumo Crew Rebuffed after Anti-Xeno Campaign
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A successful initiative to hold the California Nebula against Thargoid invasion has succeeded, for now at least. Systems recently invaded by Thargoid fleets were protected by a militia organised by the Kumo Council, the criminal syndicate’s ruling authority in the enclave. But an attempt to assume... Read more
Pirates Lead Counter-Attack Against Thargoids
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The Kumo Crew is marshalling the defence of the California Nebula by offering rewards for eliminating Thargoid vessels. The Kumo Council, the syndicate’s ruling body, assumed control of several systems that were recently invaded by Thargoid fleets. Independent pilots have been asked to take part in... Read more
Experimental Weapon Stabiliser Initiative Begins
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Azimuth Biotech has requested deliveries to LHS 1163 to manufacture a module that increases AX weapons capacity. A press release from the corporation’s PR division stated: “Azimuth’s dedication to defeating the Thargoids, which stretches back more than a century, has reached a new milestone with the... Read more
A Retrospective of 3308 (Part Two)
Sima Kalhana continues her review of the most significant historical events that occurred during the past year. “In May 3308, the Thargoid invasions of the Didio, Novas and Sosong systems were completely repelled by the use of Salvation’s unique superweapons. This convinced the Alliance, Empire and Federation to support... Read more