Cult Requests Rare Commodities
An obscure cult based in the Zlota system has requested a range of rare items for an arcane ceremony. A handwritten statement from Barnabas Cole, leader of a group named the Children of Tothos, was submitted to the media: “This is the rite that will unmask us and allow... Read more
Achilles Corp Initiative
The Achilles Corporation has announced plans to replace all robots destroyed as a result of the recent spy robot scandal. Chairman Gus Weaver of the Sol division of Achilles Corp said: “We take customer support seriously. That’s why we’re offering to replace – free of charge – any robots... Read more
Hostilities Erupt in Loha System
A long-standing rivalry between two factions in the Loha system has erupted into full-scale conflict. The commencement of hostilities was announced on the Vox Galactica news service by Karleen Troy, a freelance warzone reporter: “Relations were already strained when Loha Holdings accused its rivals of hijacking transport ships and... Read more
Olelbis Holdings Appeal
Olelbis Holdings, an organisation based in the Olelbis system, has announced an elaborate social function at Polyakov Orbital, the faction’s base of operations. In support of this event, Olelbis Holdings has placed an open order for quantities of Deuringas Truffles, Mokojing Beast Feast and Mulachi Giant Fungus, and has... Read more
Recover Escape Pods in Meene
Following a skirmish with a group of mercenaries, security forces in the Meene system have launched an operation to capture enemy agents in order to investigate the attack. Security Chief Harper Vargas of the Meene Defence Force gave the following statement: “The mercenaries were targeting Ram Tah’s Phoenix Base,... Read more
Conflict in Geras
Recent reports from the Geras system indicate that after a spate of reciprocal attacks, hostilities between Geras First and Ndozins State Inc have escalated into all-out war. According to Donal Varden, an independent journalist: “For several months we’ve seen these factions sniping at one another from the shadows, but... Read more
Palin Institute Campaign
The Palin Institute has announced an accelerated programme of study to analyse a range of xenobiological data, and perhaps discern the motives behind the Thargoids’ unrelenting aggression. Professor Cora Shaw, director of the Palin Institute, released the following statement: “In recent months, the Institute has performed countless studies on... Read more
Close Encounters Corps Initiative
The Close Encounters Corps has announced its intention to construct a scientific megaship in the BD-12 1172 system. The new vessel will allow research teams to map and explore the planets of the surrounding nebula. Admiral Anton Vern of the Close Encounters Corps issued the following statement: “A number... Read more
Broadcast Cobra Initiative
Media organisation Broadcast Cobra has announced its intention to build a megaship in the HIP 16038 system. The organisation, which specialises in politics and current events, aims to reach a much wider audience with the construction of this mobile studio. Alessandra Koa of Broadcast Cobra issued the following statement:... Read more
Oktoberfest in Bhagui
Citizens of the Bhagui system are attempting to resurrect the ancient Oktoberfest celebration, an annual event based on a centuries-old Earth tradition. The scale of the event is unprecedented, and local suppliers are reeling due to the weight of demand. Consequently, Mould Federal Mining Incorporated has volunteered to finance... Read more