Restoring Order in Kamici
Authorities in the Kamici system have reported a distressing rise in the number of criminals operating in the area. Reports indicate that these felons are attacking pilots travelling in the system, disrupting trade and generally causing mayhem. To counter this threat, Kamici Incorporated has placed a kill order on... Read more
Colonia Hydroponics Initiative
Authorities in Colonia have decided to build a state-of-the-art hydroponics facility, due to research projecting a possible food shortage in the region. Professor Diana VanCleef, a scientific adviser to the Colonia Council, gave the following statement: “The growing populace of Colonia means we need to provide a reliable and... Read more
Pleiades Rescue Operation
After sustained Thargoid attacks on civilian targets in the Pleiades Nebula, system authorities have launched a rescue operation to locate and recover survivors. The operation is being coordinated by Superintendent Marla Poulsen of Aegis Research, who made this announcement: “System authorities in the Pleiades have been channelling their resources... Read more
Aranbarahun Purple Creative Campaign
Aranbarahun Purple Creative, an independent organisation based in the Aranbarahun system, has announced plans to build a massive cargo ship to transport goods out of the booming system. In support of this goal, Aranbarahun Purple Creative has placed an open order for various commodities, and has promised to reward... Read more
Alliance Initiative
The Alliance has announced plans to build an Ocellus starport in the MEL 22 Sector GM-V C2-8 system, to further bridge the gap between the core systems and the Alliance’s outposts in the California Nebula. Alliance official Torvan Dast issued the following statement: “Our previous initiative established a link... Read more
Hunt the League of Reparation
A tri-superpower taskforce has launched a campaign to track down and eliminate members of terrorist group, the League of Reparation. Captain Niamh Seutonia of the IISS, who is a prominent member of the taskforce, made this announcement: “With the arrest of Riri McAllister, otherwise known as Nexus, we now... Read more
Ebor Research Outpost
Cobra Wing, an independent organisation based in Ebor, has launched an initiative to build a new research outpost in the system. The outpost will support further research into the Thargoids, focusing specifically on the possibility of inter-species communication. A spokesperson for Cobra Wing gave the following statement: “Without communication,... Read more
The Didiomanja Emperor’s Grace Academy Inauguration
The Didiomanja Emperor’s Grace has completed work on the Tiverion Academy, a flight school for Imperial naval cadets. The organisation is hosting an inaugural banquet to mark the event, and to honour the late Admiral Mira Tiverion, the organisation’s founding member, who will have a monument erected at the... Read more
Restoring Order in Fousang
Security forces in the Fousang system are reporting that criminal organisations in the area are executing more frequent and audacious raids on civilian traffic. Wing Commander Horatio Montange of Fousang security had this to say: “Our resources are stretched with the Thargoid threat, and a certain criminal element has... Read more
Colonia Scientific Installation Project
Scientists in Colonia have announced plans to build a scientific outpost in the system to monitor the region’s population and resources. Professor Alexei de la Vega, who is heading the project, published this statement: “Our recent study into the region’s population increase has revealed alarming statistics. If Colonia’s population... Read more