Sirius and Utopia Compete to Host Galactic Summit
*Pilots Federation ALERT* Rival initiatives to arrange a diplomatic conference have been launched by Sirius Corporation and the Utopia commune. The Alliance Assembly, Federal Congress and Imperial Senate have each provisionally agreed to send delegates to the first tri-superpower Galactic Summit in late February. This political gathering will also... Read more
Xenological Samples Required by Colonia Scientists
*Pilots Federation ALERT* The Holloway Bioscience Institute in Colonia is offering high payouts for delivering samples from space-dwelling lifeforms. The Holloway Biology Centre on Colonia 7 G is the organisation’s primary research laboratory, which specialises in xenological studies. Jaques Station, which is also in the Colonia system, has agreed... Read more
Coalsack Nebula Project Gathers Ammonia Worlds Data
*Pilots Federation ALERT* Explorers have catalogued many ammonia worlds for a Sirius Atmospherics terraforming project in the Coalsack Nebula. The subsidiary of Sirius Corporation is one of several companies that are working in partnership with the Alliance to commercially exploit the region. Project director Dr Maximilian North announced the... Read more
Sirius Corporation Campaign to Establish Marlinist Colonies
*Pilots Federation ALERT* Commodities are requested to create new settlements for Marlinist refugees who fled from the Empire to the Federation. Sirius Corporation has offered to resolve the current standoff between superpowers by establishing colonies where the refugees can live independently. Li Yong-Rui, CEO of Sirius Corporation, summarised his... Read more
Explorers Needed for Coalsack Nebula Project
*Pilots Federation ALERT* Sirius Atmospherics has requested help from independent pilots to provide exploration data focusing on ammonia worlds for terraforming purposes. The subsidiary of Sirius Corporation is working in partnership with the Alliance to establish colonies within the Coalsack Nebula, and to identify sites of commercial and scientific... Read more
Empire and Federation Increase Capital Ship Production
*Pilots Federation ALERT* The Federal and Imperial Navies have both requested commodities for the construction of new capital ships. President Zachary Hudson has convinced Congress to increase funding for the Federal Navy, and to advance the construction programme for Farragut-class Battle Cruisers. In a powerful address, he said: “Defending... Read more
Alliance Launches Coalsack Nebula Campaign
*Pilots Federation ALERT* Commodities and anti-xeno support are requested as the Alliance begins exploitation of the Coalsack Nebula. The Alliance plans to construct several new outposts in the Coalsack Nebula. From these, commercial and scientific operations will be conducted to locate fresh sources of meta-alloys and other potential sites... Read more
Federal and Imperial Forces Engage in Battle
*Pilots Federation ALERT* The Empire’s counter-terrorism operation in the LTT 1935 system has triggered armed resistance from the Federation. The Imperial Internal Security Service’s investigation into the NMLA terrorist group led its agents to LTT 1935, a Federation-controlled system in neutral space. Military vessels were called in for support,... Read more
Supplies for Marlinist Refugees Successfully Delivered
A Federal charity initiative to deliver vital supplies for Marlinist refugees from the Empire has concluded. Safeguard Interstellar, a humanitarian aid organisation, received an impressive response to its request to provide basic necessities to Marlinist immigrants claiming asylum in the Federation. CEO Noel Beaumont announced: “These much-needed shipments of... Read more
Federal Initiative to Support Marlinist Refugees
*Pilots Federation ALERT* An aid charity is requesting deliveries of vital supplies to help Marlinist refugees that fled from the Empire to the Federation. Safeguard Interstellar, a humanitarian aid organisation, has announced a campaign to help refugees requesting political asylum in the Federation. Several Imperial factions sympathetic to Marlinism... Read more