Distant Worlds Mining Campaign
The organisers of the Distant Worlds II expedition have requested materials for two construction projects in the Galactic Centre. The exploration fleet aims to build a megaship and installation in the Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 system. Dr Kaii, Fleet Liaison for Deep Space Surveys, explained: “This installation will be a... Read more
Rivalry Triggers Conflict in Drevlyada
A long-standing enmity between two military leaders has escalated into hostilities in the Drevlyada system. Details were provided by freelance warzone reporter Karleen Troy: “The personal rivalry between General Kendrick of Namab Purple Brothers and Marshal Cooper of Drevlyada League has lasted for years. Each frequently accuses the other... Read more
Merope Defence Initiative
The Atlas Research Group has urgently requested military materials to increase security in the Merope system. Defence Director Jacob Chowdhury said: “The Thargoid presence throughout the Pleiades Nebula continues to be a major threat. To reassure the public, Atlas is investing in improved defences for the Merope system.” “Traders... Read more
Campaign for New Xeno-Research Centre
Dr Roy Casimir of the Holloway Bioscience Institute has announced plans to construct a research centre focusing on new life forms discovered by the galactic community: “The development of the Codex has led to a number of xenological discoveries. Our aim is to construct a dedicated scientific facility to... Read more
Investor Sets Sights on Supratech
Billionaire investor Lexi October has announced plans to save technology company Supratech from bankruptcy: “Although Supratech’s Torc design proved to be impractical, I feel that a company with such imagination and expertise deserves another chance to succeed. So I have decided to fund a commodity drive to get Supratech... Read more
Vitadyne Nanomeds Campaign
Professor Katrien Rook of Vitadyne Labs has launched an initiative to establish a new pharmaceutical production facility. In a statement, Professor Rook said: “Vitadyne Labs lacks the infrastructure to mass-produce nanomedicines, so we have invited two pharmaceutical companies to bid for a distribution licence. The company that puts forward... Read more
Distant Worlds Initiative
The Omega Mining Corporation has requested deliveries of raw materials for a new Orbis starport, to be built in the heart of the galaxy. The construction of the starport constitutes part of the ambitious Distant Worlds II expedition. Project leader Erimus Kamzel told the media: “The Distant Worlds fleet... Read more
Empire Engages Nova Imperium
The Empire has entered a state of conflict with the isolationist group Nova Imperium in the Paresa system. Senator Denton Patreus announced: “The loyal Imperials of Yupini Limited have engaged the isolationists’ illegal armada. We call upon Imperial auxiliaries to support our allies and destroy the Nova Imperium fleet.”... Read more
Supplies for Federal and Imperial Navies
An open order for military supplies has been placed on behalf of the Federal Navy by the League of Zearla. A spokesperson for the organisation gave the following statement: “The Federal Navy urgently requires shipments of Battle Weapons, Landmines and Performance Enhancers to be delivered to Payson Hub in... Read more
Herculean Machines Initiative
The Federal Navy has requested a large shipment of Duradrive personal computers from manufacturer Herculean Machines. Maddox Hurd, the company’s CEO, made this announcement: “It’s a testament to the Duradrive’s reliability that the Federal Navy wants to make it standard issue, and we are proud to supply them.” “Fulfilling... Read more