Prince Harold Duval Assassinated
Post Views: 72 Prince Harold Duval is dead after a targeted assassination attempt by the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army. The Empire has imposed a media blackout on these events, and no official statement has been made. However, independent journalist Gwendolyn Nash published this on-the-scene report for Vox Galactica: “From interviewing... Read more
Inquiry into Starship One’s Destruction Concludes
Post Views: 38 An independent inquiry by the Federal Attorney’s Office into the destruction of presidential vessel Starship One has produced a final report. Senior Attorney Milandu Okoro made this statement: “The loss of presidential vessel Starship One in May 3301, along with hundreds of lives, was a great... Read more
Terror Attacks Used Thargoid-Derived Explosives
Post Views: 57 The Imperial Internal Security Service has transmitted another urgent bulletin regarding terrorist attacks on starports in the Empire. “There have been indications that the four starports came under attack by Thargoids. We can confirm that this is not the case, and there is no evidence of... Read more
Starport Upgrade Initiative to Support Fleet Carriers
Post Views: 52 A press release from Brewer Corporation discusses plans to improve access to refuelling for owners of fleet carriers. “We have been surprised and gratified by the popularity of our latest product. The options for independent pilots and crews have been considerably expanded by the versatility and... Read more
Terrorist Attacks on Imperial Starports
Post Views: 59 *Pilots Federation ALERT: For the attention of all Commanders* The Empire has broadcast this message across its emergency channels: “There have been multiple explosions within Mackenzie Relay station, in Princess Aisling Duval’s home system of Cemiess. NMLA terrorists have claimed responsibility.” “In coordinated attacks they have... Read more
Vitadyne Nanomedicines Reach Galactic Market
Post Views: 140 The nanomedicines developed in December 3304 by Vitadyne Labs have been approved for distribution to medical facilities across the galaxy. At the time of Vitadyne’s original announcement, the nanomedicines were believed to be mere weeks away from widespread availability. The Interstellar Health Organisation (IHO) had verified... Read more
Witch Head System Designations Updated
Post Views: 494 Universal Cartographics has updated the names of fifteen systems in the Witch Head enclave. Cynthia Sideris, chair of Universal Cartographics, elaborated on the development: “Last year’s colonisation efforts resulted in a number of new settlements in the region, and providing systems with less unwieldy appellations is... Read more
Thargoid Incursions in Witch Head Enclave
Post Views: 490 A series of Thargoid incursions into human-occupied Witch Head systems has alarmed the region’s colonists. Multiple casualties have been reported, with pilots caught off-guard by the sudden increase in Thargoid ships. The Thargoids had largely withdrawn from the Witch Head enclave following a heavy defeat in... Read more
Reorte Year’s End Festivities Conclude
Post Views: 430 End-of-year celebrations have concluded in the Reorte system, with organisers declaring the week a grand success. Deliveries by independent pilots ensured that the needs of the billion-plus attendees were met. Meanwhile, agitators in the system were prevented from intercepting convoys or causing trouble. Prime Minister Edmund... Read more
Year’s End Festivities in Reorte
Post Views: 467 The Reorte system has been selected for the Alliance’s end-of-year festivities, prompting huge demand for commodities. Traders, performance artists and chefs throughout Allied space have already flocked to the system, where billions of attendees are expected. The planet Home is planning a synchronous firework display spanning... Read more