Salvation: ‘War’s End Within Reach’
Post Views: 44 The anonymous scientist Salvation has made a statement following his latest success against the Thargoids. The message was broadcast across all public channels: “This is Salvation. The deployment of my anti-xeno superweapons in the Didio, Novas and Sosong systems was highly effective, just as I anticipated.... Read more
Mystery in Upaniklis
Post Views: 79 A dredger clan is continuing to examine the abandoned generation ship Golconda in the Upaniklis system. The Golconda was placed in orbit around Upaniklis B 3 in 3305 when its inhabitants migrated to the nearby outpost Forester’s Choice. Over the past week there have been reports... Read more
Rackham’s Lavish Celebration Concludes
Post Views: 76 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A party held by newly confirmed trillionaire Zachary Rackham has concluded, with attendees claiming it was an ‘incredible’ event. The week-long event took place in the upper storeys of the Rackham’s Spire building on the planet Homeland. This required regular supplies of the... Read more
Archon Delaine Seeks to Destroy Pirate Rebels
Post Views: 77 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The Kumo Crew syndicate has engaged in open warfare on the pirate insurrectionists gathered in the HIP 10792 system. A recent coup attempt led by Arch-Corsair Vidar Trask, formerly one of the senior members of the Kumo Council, has failed. His forces were... Read more
Pirate Rebels Coup Attempt Fails
Post Views: 118 An insurrection led by Arch-Corsair Vidar Trask has failed to gain control of the Kumo Crew syndicate. Vox Galactica featured a report by freelance correspondent Karleen Troy: “As might be expected, it’s hard to obtain official data when conflict breaks out within a criminal organisation. But... Read more
Dredger Clan Visits the Golconda
Post Views: 130 The Artificers Clan dredger has entered the Upaniklis system, where the generation ship Golconda currently resides. The Golconda, when it was discovered in 3305, was still inhabited with the descendants of its original crew who left Sol in the 22nd century. They accepted the Federation’s help... Read more
Thargoid Research Project Phase One Completed
Post Views: 133 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Professor Ishmael Palin has received multiple shipments of Thargoid meta-alloys for xenological study. From Abel Laboratory, his workshop in the Arque system, Professor Palin made the following announcement: “I am deeply grateful to all those who collected meta-alloys from barnacle sites. Analysing these... Read more
Supply Rare Goods for Rackham Celebration
Post Views: 145 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The entrepreneur Zachary Rackham has asked for deliveries of rare items to Edmondson High in the Beta Hydri system. At a press conference on the planet Homeland, Mr Rackham announced: “It’s not every day that a humble businessman like me celebrates becoming a... Read more
Salvation Triggers Superweapon Victory
Post Views: 146 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The invading Thargoid forces in the Didio, Novas and Sosong systems have been completely repelled by Salvation. Vox Galactica journalist Jade Sanderlyn published this account: “We’ve received confirmation from Commodore Morag Halloran that three anti-xeno superweapons were activated in Didio, Novas and Sosong.... Read more
Archon Delaine Faces Pirate Rebellion
Post Views: 147 A power struggle is raging within the Kumo Crew following a coordinated effort to overthrow the syndicate’s leader, Archon Delaine. The Pegasi Sentinel newsfeed delivered this exclusive report: “What at first seemed to be merely another attempt to assassinate Delaine turned out to be a far... Read more