Sirius and Utopia Compete to Host Galactic Summit
Post Views: 5 *Pilots Federation ALERT* Rival initiatives to arrange a diplomatic conference have been launched by Sirius Corporation and the Utopia commune. The Alliance Assembly, Federal Congress and Imperial Senate have each provisionally agreed to send delegates to the first tri-superpower Galactic Summit in late February. This political... Read more
Marlinist Colonies Receive Emergency Food Supplies
Post Views: 5 *Pilots Federation ALERT* Large amounts of food commodities have been delivered to the Marlinist Colonies. Multiple shipments of animal meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, and grain were transported to Stillman Hub. Messages of gratitude were broadcast from all the Marlinist factions, which have distributed these vital... Read more
Jasmina Halsey Returns to the Federation
Post Views: 35 Former President Jasmina Halsey has arrived on Mars to stand as a witness in the upcoming trial of Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent. Halsey was subpoenaed by the Federal High Court to testify before the jury. Although this was not legally enforceable, since she now lives beyond... Read more
Prime Minister Mahon Campaigns for Re-Election
Post Views: 17 Edmund Mahon has launched a political campaign to be elected as the Alliance’s leader for a second term. The incumbent prime minister is undertaking a whistle-stop tour across Alliance space to rouse support. Only members of the Assembly can cast votes in this election, but they... Read more
Galactic Summit Proposal from Sirius Corporation
Post Views: 11 Utopia’s ability to host a diplomatic conference for all three superpowers has been challenged by the Sirius Corporation. The megacorp’s counter-proposal was announced by CEO Li Yong-Rui: “With all due respect to Simguru Antal, his commune cannot match our level of resources. Sirius is far better... Read more
Uncertainty Hits Takeover of Lakon Spaceways
Post Views: 24 The purchase of shipbuilding company Lakon Spaceways by Core Dynamics is in doubt after allegations of illegal business practices. Irfan Karim reported on the recent developments for The Alliance Tribune: “The Independent Commission for Market Equality has confirmed that several Lakon shareholders sold their stock to... Read more
Xenological Samples Delivered to Colonia
Post Views: 20 *Pilots Federation ALERT* The Holloway Bioscience Institute has rewarded pilots who delivered living matter extracted from space-dwelling organisms. Many shipments of seed pod tissue samples arrived at Jaques Station, from where they will be transported to the Holloway Biology Centre on Colonia 7 G. These will... Read more
New Marlinist Systems Request Emergency Food Supplies
Post Views: 26 *Pilots Federation ALERT* The newly settled Marlinist Colonies have asked for urgent deliveries of foodstuffs. Millions of Marlinists have relocated to eight systems colonised for them by the Sirius Corporation, thereby reducing tension between the Empire and the Federation. They have asked Universal Cartographics to delay... Read more
Core Dynamics Insider Discusses Lakon Takeover
Post Views: 60 An anonymous source within the shipbuilding corporation Core Dynamics has revealed details behind its hostile takeover of Lakon Spaceways. The nameless insider had previously stated that the acquisition of Lakon was the personal project of Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester. These additional claims were broadcast via... Read more
Date Set for Trial of Fleet Admiral Vincent
Post Views: 59 Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent of the Federal Navy will stand trial on the 25th of January, charged with conspiracy to commit murder and treason. The Federal Attorney’s Office has successfully obtained a grand jury indictment against Fleet Admiral Vincent. He is accused of arranging the sabotage... Read more