Vital Reconstruction Supplies Arrive for Disaster Survivors
Post Views: 31 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Large quantities of construction shipments to support disaster recovery operations on Rhea 3 have been delivered to Ito Orbital. The Federation is still treating and supporting survivors from the catastrophic earthquakes that destroyed many urban centres on the planet. A spokesperson from Federal... Read more
Deliver Critical Aid for the Rhea Disaster
Post Views: 76 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The Federation has requested shipments of supplies in the Rhea system to help rebuild critical infrastructure. Intense seismic activity across Rhea 3’s largest continent demolished entire cities and townships late last year, causing widespread death and injury. Rescue operations have saved over a... Read more
Thargoid War Bulletin: Slaying the Dragon
Post Views: 79 As Titan Indra in the HIP 20567 system was attacked, Vox Galactica reporter Jade Sanderlyn published her eye-witness account. “Watching the Thargoid mothership’s last hours had my guts in knots. Caustic gas and debris spurted from its vents like blood from multiple wounds. Violent vibrations and... Read more
Superpowers Talk on the Financial Impact of War
Post Views: 82 Vox Galactica has released an in-depth piece about the economic impact of the Thargoid war on the galaxy’s superpowers. Senior Political Journalist Vanya Driscoll compiled the piece over several months after witnessing the increasing strain and instability in systems galaxy-wide. The report boasts interviews with high-ranking... Read more
Anti-Guardian field project perfected
Post Views: 76 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The engineer Ram Tah has perfected his modifications to immunise Guardian modules against the effects of anti-Guardian fields. Discoveries related to the anti-Guardian field resistant nanite clusters led to the first iteration of these modifications. Ram Tah has since described the methodology as... Read more
The Assault on Indra
Post Views: 88 *Pilots’ Federation Alert* Titan Indra is under siege. This is an urgent call to all independent pilots to aid in the complete defeat of the fifth Titan. The key modules for the assault continue to be readily available at all Rescue Megaships: • Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser... Read more
Aegis confirm change in Thargoid Strategy
Post Views: 90 Aegis has continued to monitor the recently shifting Thargoid behaviour and have confirmed a clear pattern. Expansion efforts have slowed in recent weeks, with experts theorising that this change in the Thargoids was a precursor to a change in overall strategy. Aegis researchers have now gathered... Read more
Achilles Aerospace facility targeted by malicious agents
Post Views: 109 The Alioth-based facility housing production of Achilles’ new Supercruise Overcharge capable Frame Shift Drives came under attack today. The crime was perpetrated by a small group of individuals piloting a ship loaded with high-impact explosive weaponry, seemingly with the intention of sabotaging SCO drive production. The... Read more
De Caminha Station Has Been Successfully Reinforced
Post Views: 154 The pirates attacking De Caminha have been eliminated, and supplies have been provided to prevent further attacks. Jerome Archer offered his thanks in an announcement this morning: “Time and time again, I am impressed by the skill and compassion of the galaxy’s pilots. Security for Federation... Read more
Aegis Wary About Changing Thargoid Behaviour
Post Views: 143 A recent behavioural change in the Thargoids has prompted urgent discussion among Aegis researchers and strategists. Since the fall of the fourth Titan, Hadad, there are increasing reports that the Thargoid expansion efforts have been growing weaker. While Thargoids are continuing to expand outwards from the... Read more