Scriveners Clan Resists Orion University
Post Views: 31 The spacefaring tribe that lives aboard an ancient dredger has refused to allow Orion University to take possession of the vessel. Vox Galactica published an eye-witness account by freelance reporter Casey Kilpatrick from the Oochost PC-C c29-0 system: “Once the Scriveners Clan was found, it wasn’t... Read more
Torval Mining Ltd Requests Resources
Post Views: 37 *Pilots Federation ALERT* Senator Zemina Torval’s new corporation requires deliveries of commodities to its megaship in the EGM 559 system. Constantia Torval, the senator’s daughter and operations director of the company, provided details of the initiative: “Now that we are a fully independent business, additional resources... Read more
Federal Agents Crush Jupiter Division Extremists
Post Views: 52 A pro-corporatist group planning a series of terror attacks has been shut down by the Federal Intelligence Agency. An update on the operation was delivered by Deputy Director Bethany Blake, who runs the Proactive Detection Bureau: “Special forces have now arrested the organisers of the underground... Read more
Jokers’ Deck Hunts the Winking Cat
Post Views: 47 Francesca Wolfe of the Wallglass Investigations Agency has sent a final report from her infiltration of the secretive gambling circle. “The bad news is that Jokers’ Deck security caught up with me as I was trying to sneak onboard a ship to get off-planet. The good... Read more
Scriveners Clan Dredger Located
Post Views: 71 *Pilots Federation ALERT* The dredger inhabited by the nomadic Scriveners Clan has been found within the Oochost PC-C c29-0 system. Independent pilots conducted a search for the vessel in response to a request from Orion University, which claims that the Dredger-class bulk cruiser is its commercial... Read more
NMLA Aims to ‘Extinguish the Duval Line’
Post Views: 100 The Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army has taken responsibility for the attack on Dyson City starport in the Paresa system. The primary targets were Imperator Hadrian Duval and his wife Lady Astrid Minerva-Duval, who is pregnant with his child. Although they survived, the bombing left many thousands dead... Read more
Terrorist Attack at Hadrian Duval’s HQ
Post Views: 114 *Pilots Federation ALERT* Explosions have struck Dyson City starport in the Paresa system, home of Hadrian Duval’s organisation Nova Imperium. The starport suffered severe structural damage plus the corrosive effects of caustic enzymes, characteristic of the customised weapons used by the NMLA. Initial reports state that... Read more
Orion University Searches for Dredger
Post Views: 115 *Pilots Federation ALERT* Rewards are being offered by Orion University to locate the Scriveners Clan dredger, which it claims as its legal property. The self-sustaining Dredger-class bulk cruiser was launched two centuries ago by an academic institute that was later absorbed by the university. Since then... Read more
Colonia Bridge Project Receives Deliveries
Post Views: 110 *Pilots Federation ALERT* Twin initiatives in the Alcor and Colonia systems have procured materials to construct new dockable megaships. Brewer Corporation made an announcement regarding its Colonia Bridge project: “A positive response has led to generous shipments of ceramic composites, computer components and thermal cooling units... Read more
Federal Terrorist Network Exposed
Post Views: 60 The Proactive Detection Bureau has been instrumental in identifying violent corporatist extremists within the Federation. Deputy Director Bethany Blake of the Federal Intelligence Agency gave a statement to the media: “In recent weeks, our surveillance algorithms flagged a series of coded communications for investigation. We found... Read more