Alliance-Sirius Pact Prepares New Taskforce
Post Views: 76 The anti-xeno strategic defence pact between the Alliance and Sirius Corporation has been fully ratified as a legally binding treaty. The Assembly voted to approve the agreement at the end of June, following months of debate. The decision was influenced by the outcome of two competing... Read more
Deep Space ‘Anomalies’ Generate Discussion
Post Views: 78 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Inexplicable visual phenomena located in deep space have caused extensive speculation and media interest. There is no official terminology for the signals but they are referred to by many names, most popular of which is ‘the anomalies’. Appearing as a bright flare with... Read more
Aisling Requests Rare Items to Fund Charity
Post Views: 91 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A fundraiser hosted by Princess Aisling aims to finance a support network for Imperial citizens affected by Thargoid aggression. The Citizens’ Relief Trust has been established in the Cemiess system, prompted by the loss of thousands of military personnel during the Battle of... Read more
Demands for Azimuth to Face Justice
Post Views: 111 There are widespread calls to bring criminal charges against Azimuth Biotech for its role in the massacre in the HIP 22460 system. Rhiannon Grady, director of the civil rights organisation Advocacy, told the media: “Azimuth Biotech planned the operation in HIP 22460, with the Proteus Wave’s... Read more
Aisling Criticises Imperial Policy
Post Views: 110 Princess Aisling Duval has challenged the Empire’s shift in priority towards reduced interaction with other superpowers. During an interview with the Citizens’ Chronicle newsfeed, she remarked: “It’s obvious that the Imperial Navy is deeply embarrassed by its commitment to Salvation, and is as good as paralyzed... Read more
Far God Cult Under Federal Scrutiny
Post Views: 112 The Order of the Far God is facing an official investigation and increased public maltreatment within the Federation. Freelance journalist Alexei Keel published a special report via Vox Galactica: “The Thargoid-worshipping cult has always been a controversial faith on Federal worlds. But it is currently causing... Read more
The Judgement of Admiral Tanner
Post Views: 195 A special tribunal of the Federal Navy Criminal Court has deliberated the case of former admiral Aden Tanner and made a final decision. The following press release was released to all Federal newsfeeds: “This tribunal has scrutinised the latest evidence supplied by the Federal Attorney’s Office.... Read more
‘Thargoid Roar’ Leaked to Public
Post Views: 247 Classified audio-visual footage from the Battle of HIP 22460 has been anonymously submitted to several mainstream newsfeeds. The Alliance Tribune, The Federal Times, The Imperial Herald, The Sovereign and Vox Galactica all received databanks salvaged from various wreckages in the HIP 22460 system. Most were obtained... Read more
Xeno-Peace Activists: ‘We Are The Invaders’
Post Views: 237 The xeno-peace movement, which calls for communication with the Thargoids, has sought to rationalise the latest incursions. Despite ongoing conflicts in the 42 n Persei, Chun Pindit and Tekkeitjal systems, Thargoid aggression has been attributed to defensive measures. Reports by journalists in those systems, which have... Read more
Patreus Highlights Thargoid Tactics
Post Views: 255 Senator Denton Patreus, fleet admiral of the Imperial Navy, has discussed the Empire’s new priorities following the Battle of HIP 22460. During an exclusive interview with the Eye on Achenar newsfeed, Patreus said: “Her Majesty the Emperor has decreed that our military priority is to defend... Read more