Aegis Resolves to Free Abductees from Titans
With human life-signs now confirmed beneath the hulls of the Thargoid Titans, the urgency to mount a rescue mission has intensified. Many pilots equipped with the updated pulse wave xeno scanner detected signals that match living humans on every Titan mothership. As a result, Aegis has prioritised finding a... Read more
Sirius Corporation Discusses Thargoid Abductions
Sirius Corporation has revealed a long-running project to rescue people who were captured by the Thargoids. CEO Li Yong-Rui made this statement during a press conference: “Shortly after the early reports of Thargoid Interceptors collecting inhabited escape pods were received, Sirius has explored several possible countermeasures. Various remote recovery... Read more
Thargoid War Update: August 3309
Vox Galactica’s Jade Sanderlyn reviews developments in the ongoing war against the Thargoids. “There have been some impressive territorial gains against the Thargoids in recent weeks. The number of systems controlled by the Titans’ invasion fleets has tumbled, allowing many millions of people to return to their homes. This... Read more
Ancient Alien Battleground Discovered
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Wreckage from a past conflict between the Guardian and Thargoid races has been found in the Wregoe BU-Y b2-0 system. The crashed remains of Thargoid vessels, alongside structures of Guardian origin, are located on Wregoe BU-Y b2-0 1 c. Conflict between the two species occurred millions... Read more
Aegis Receives Titan Materials for Xeno-Research
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Aegis and Azimuth Biotech have concluded rival campaigns to deliver tissue samples harvested from the Thargoid Titans. Titan tissue samples were obtained from the surfaces of the Thargoid capital ships using research limpets and brought back to human space by daring pilots. Dr Maximo Fonseca, the... Read more
Azimuth Refocuses on Titan Research
Studying the Thargoid Titans has become a priority for Azimuth Biotech, which is keen to learn more about the alien motherships. Director Xavier Rousseau , head of the corporation’s bioscience division, was interviewed by the tech industry ICE channel On/Off Switch: “The Thargoid Titans present us with a range... Read more
Thargoid Motherships Discovered Within Maelstroms
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Exploration of the inner regions of the Maelstroms has revealed the existence of colossal Thargoid constructs. Alba Tesreau, head of Aegis, published a summary on behalf of the tri-superpower initiative: “Our pathfinder missions have verified reports by the first manned ships that used the Thargoid pulse... Read more
Into the Maelstroms
Aegis has confirmed that the first ships equipped with Thargoid pulse neutralisers have entered the inner regions of the Maelstroms. The new module provides a temporary shield against the electromagnetic pulse that is generated when ships reach a certain point within the Maelstroms. Until now, this has prevented all... Read more
Positive Results from Maelstrom Probes
Aegis’s prototype Thargoid pulse neutralisers have succeeded in allowing transit through the energy surge at the centre of a Maelstrom. Professor Alba Tesreau made the official statement: “Several remote-controlled probes outfitted with Thargoid pulse neutralisers were launched into the Taranis Maelstrom. The colossal electromagnetic pulse generated within the clouds... Read more
Aegis Trials Tech to Explore Maelstroms
Prototypes have been created of a new module designed to counteract the massive energy surge encountered by ships within Thargoid Maelstroms. Professor Alba Tesreau made a public statement: “Intense research into the Maelstroms by Allied, Federal and Imperial specialists has yielded practical results. We have designed a device to... Read more