Thargoid Research Project Phase One Completed
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Professor Ishmael Palin has received multiple shipments of Thargoid meta-alloys for xenological study. From Abel Laboratory, his workshop in the Arque system, Professor Palin made the following announcement: “I am deeply grateful to all those who collected meta-alloys from barnacle sites. Analysing these samples will help... Read more
Salvation Strengthens Bonds with Superpowers
The anonymous anti-xeno scientist Salvation has received further military support from the Alliance, Empire and Federation. Multiple official sources have highlighted the increasing number of crew members being seconded from the Alliance Defence Force, Federal Navy and Imperial Navy. Previously, enlisted members had been forced to resign their commissions,... Read more
Taurus Mining Ventures Operation Concludes
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A corporate initiative to mine and deliver ores to the Synuefe CE-R c21-6 system has ended successfully. Taurus Mining Ventures had performed scientific research within the system, claiming that the properties of some natural substances had been altered by an unknown type of local radiation. The... Read more
Taurus Mining Ventures Begins Scientific Study
The megaships Musashi and Heart of Taurus have entered the Synuefe CE-R c21-6 system to perform a mining-related research operation. Taurus Mining Ventures is an independent mining corporation closely associated with Salvation. It has acted as his intermediary in recent months, directly supporting his efforts to combat the Thargoids.... Read more
‘Azimuth has Survived’ Warns Aegis
Information recovered from the Alexandria has prompted Aegis to insist that it was not responsible for the loss of the megaship’s crew and cargo. The wreckage of the Alexandria was recently located in the Wregoe TC-X B29-0 system. There were no survivors, but fragments of the commanding officer’s log... Read more
The Return of the Alexandria
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The Aegis megaship Alexandria, which vanished in hyperspace seven months ago, has been found in the Wregoe TC-X B29-0 system. A select group of independent pilots located the Alexandria following a search instigated by Professor Alba Tesreau, former head of research at Aegis. She was forced... Read more
Superpowers Plan to Replace Aegis
The Alliance, Empire and Federation have accepted the Baumann Report’s recommendation to permanently shut down Aegis. The independent inquiry’s findings on the organisation’s failings will result in Aegis being immediately shut down. However, Chief Administrator Carter Armstrong has cautioned that “full demobilisation of staff, ships and resources might take... Read more
Ram Tah’s Revelations Halt Court Martial
The military trial of Admiral Aden Tanner has been suspended following evidence provided by Ram Tah as a witness for the defence. The Federal Navy tribunal was called to consider multiple charges – including mutiny – held against Tanner, the chief military liaison to Aegis. While commanding the Musashi... Read more
Whistleblower Reveals Imperial Link to NMLA
A potential connection between the NMLA’s dark-comms network and Imperial Intelligence has been made public by one of ACT’s co-leaders. Captain Saskia Landau sent a personal statement to all major media outlets: “The majority of my career has been with the Imperial Internal Security Service, but I was seconded... Read more
A Retrospective of 3307 (Part Three)
Sima Kalhana reviews the most newsworthy events of the past year in this series of articles. “July began badly for the Federation, with more factions seceding in response to the Proactive Detection Bureau’s establishment. The newly independent nations severed all links with these new surveillance efforts, inspiring many other... Read more