Zemina Torval Returns to the Senate
The Imperial Senate has formally welcomed back Senator Zemina Torval, following an absence of several months. Torval’s reappearance put an end to rumours that she was suffering from ill health. Her youngest daughter, Senator Petra Torval, had been standing in for her mother by representing the Imperial populace of... Read more
Mining Campaign in LHS 3872 Concludes
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Torval Mining Ltd has announced that sufficient quantities of mined resources were delivered to its subsidiary faction. The Aristocrats of Cuacocha, who control the LHS 3872 system, received the shipments of mined lithium hydroxide, painite, praseodymium and tritium. They have confirmed that all participating pilots can... Read more
Torval Mining Campaign Marks Ownership Change
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A mining initiative is being held in the LHS 3872 system, as Torval Mining Ltd welcomes its new CEO. Senator Zemina Torval, owner of the Imperial company until recently, has formally transferred her controlling shares to her eldest daughter. Constantia Torval was already director of operations,... Read more
The Mystery of the Mars Assassin
The suspected ‘Imperial assassin’ who shot Caine-Massey CEO Johann Fleischer has been cleared of any connection to the Empire. Executive Agent Viola Trask of the Federal Intelligence Agency gave a statement to the media: “Our investigation has verified that the man we have in custody is a professional mercenary... Read more
Torval Mining Victorious in Corporate Conflict
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Fierce combat in the Tavgi system has resulted in Torval Mining Ltd overcoming Caine-Massey’s partner Tavgi Blue Life Inc. The conflict was triggered by the murder of Caine-Massey’s former CEO Johann Fleischer. The assassin was tracked from Mars to the Torval Mining megaship Orchestral Falcon. Circumstantial... Read more
Corporate Battle Erupts in Tavgi System
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The killing of Caine-Massey’s CEO has sparked conflict between the Federal corporation and Imperial rival Torval Mining Ltd. Acting CEO Philippa Barlow-Lyons provided a statement regarding the hostilities: “The Federal Intelligence Agency tracked Johann Fleischer’s assassin from Mars to the Tavgi system, whereupon he boarded the... Read more
‘Imperial Assassin’ Stokes Superpower Tensions
Federal mining corporation Caine-Massey has accused Senator Zemina Torval of assassinating its CEO Johann Fleischer. An update from the Federal Intelligence Agency prompted a remarkable declaration from Philippa Barlow-Lyons, the company’s acting CEO: “Thanks to the FIA’s assembled security footage, we now know that the man who murdered Johann... Read more
The Pro-Aegis Stance of the Princess
Princess Aisling Duval’s call for the Empire to commit to a resumed Aegis project, alongside the Alliance and Federation, has received a harsh response. Admiral Denton Patreus was approached for comment by the Eye on Achenar newsfeed: “We all have our part to play in the Empire, but questioning... Read more
Hadrian Duval Endorses Imperial Isolation
The Empire’s withdrawal from all cross-superpower operations has gained the full support of Hadrian Augustus Duval. Political journalist Cassia Carvalho reviewed the situation for The Imperial Herald: “As the illegitimate grandson of Emperor Hengist, Hadrian Duval has long been considered the ‘black sheep’ of the Imperial Family. Only a... Read more
Azimuth’s Plan Elicits Further Reactions
Prominent figures on the political stage have commented on Salvation’s anti-xeno operation in the HIP 22460 system. Key points from each are collated below. Archon Delaine: “My opinion on the Thargoids remains the same: burn them all! As I stated at the Galactic Summit, the Kumo nation stands ready... Read more