Galnet at your fingertips

This website aims to provide you with the complete Galnet news, while offering some interesting tools to better sort out these articles. When you type in the Search bar, the function will look for keywords in the news, and help you by filling and highlighting the words you type in for an even better search. [searchandfilter taxonomies=”category,post_tag”]

Sorted by date

The Galnet news are sorted by date (from 3300 until 3303). The latter are also chronologically displayed on the main page of our website. A menu also offers you to sort it out by the chosen months.

Note: in order to classify the news and respect the dates, we created a correspondence table between the “real” years and those in the Galnet:

  • 2014 = 3300
  • 2015 = 3301
  • 2016 = 3302
  • 2017 = 3303
  • 2018 = 3004



Sorted by categories

In addition, it is possible to navigate through the articles thanks to a thematic classification, called categories.
The Galnet news are organised in 3 main categories in order to help you browse in and search for what you are looking for:

I. Main Categories

They are the main themes, and classify the news by “families”. The main categories are available from the menu “Main section” in the main menu of the site.

II. Secondary Categories

These aren’t directly available from the menu, however you are able to call the function from this page or by clicking the tagged categories, at the top of each news. The latter are more focus into a pole than the main categories, they are more specific to refine your search. The secondary categories will be improved over time by adding more of these.

They are available in the left tab, drop-down menu: “ Search by categories


III. Stories Categories (or Lore)

Another sorting feature is proposed: the Stories Category. The stories are events, Lore frames, in the Elite: Dangerous universe. These categories will be improved over time as we progress in the story.

It is therefore possible to look for a special event, let’s say “Cerberus Pest”, in order to get all the news talking about the Cerberus Pest event.

The stories are available from the menu “Themes” in the main menu of the site.