Havoc as Thargoids Overrun Multiple Systems
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Nine systems have called for help against massive Thargoid attacks intent on wiping out civilian populations. Ernesto Rios, field correspondent for Vox Galactica, reported: “The arrival of what military scientists have labelled the ‘Taranis Maelstrom’ has brought terror and carnage to millions. As soon as the... Read more
Vista Genomics Boosts Biodata Payouts
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The exobiology company Vista Genomics has increased payments for genetic data collected by independent pilots. Dr Klaus-Peter Sonnek , one of the corporation’s research directors, outlined the changes in a press release: “Public and corporate interest in xenology-related fields remains high, but recent Thargoid aggression has... Read more
Taranis Unleashes Thargoid Invasion Fleets
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The Taranis anomaly has arrived in Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6, triggering a ferocious wave of Thargoid attacks in the region. Multiple inhabited systems are experiencing wide-scale invasions by countless numbers of Thargoid vessels, with casualties expected to number millions in the coming days. Several systems have... Read more
Militaries on Alert as Taranis Approaches
The Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 system has been identified as the location where the rogue signal source named Taranis will finally arrive. Professor Ishmael Palin gave a statement to confirm the findings of several scientific groups: “Data correlated from many long-range scans proves that the anomaly’s velocity is reducing... Read more
Xeno-Peace Supporters Killed by Thargoids
Investigations in the Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 system have confirmed that Thargoid vessels attacked and destroyed the Kingfisher megaship. Vox Galactica published this on-the-scene report from field correspondent Ernesto Rios: “Independent and Federal sources have verified that the Kingfisher was struck by multiple barrages from Thargoid weaponry. Medical teams... Read more
Kingfisher Megaship Vanishes
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Contact has been lost with the Kingfisher megaship in the Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 system, just over a day since its arrival. The Kingfisher was equipped to transmit signals to the interstellar anomaly named Taranis, with the goal of opening communications with it should such a... Read more
Praise for the Pro-Peace Project
Congressman Dalton Chase has applauded the increased public support for the goal of opening diplomatic channels with the Thargoids. During an exclusive interview with ICE-caster Joy Senne, he said: “Not so long ago, the idea of communicating with the Thargoids seemed absurd. But look at what’s happening in Andavandul... Read more
Kingfisher Megaship Makes Final Preparations
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The Kingfisher megaship has received commodities in advance of its mission to communicate with the first rogue signal source. The Thargoid Advocacy Project reported that the shipments of semiconductors and Muon Imagers will contribute to the communications array aboard the megaship. The deliveries of basic medicines,... Read more
The Coming of Taranis
As the rogue signal sources draw closer to human-occupied space, work is underway to initiate peaceful inter-species negotiations. Dr Elias Pope is a graduate of Orion University with degrees in interstellar relations, political science and xenology. He has recently joined the Kingfisher megaship’s crew to oversee the Thargoid Advocacy... Read more
The Kingfisher Xeno-Peace Mission
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The Kingfisher megaship has requested supplies for its planned journey to greet the first rogue signal source. Shipments of basic medicines, fruit and vegetables are required for the Kingfisher’s crew, who will be joined by over 3,000 supporters of the Thargoid Advocacy Project. Semiconductors and Muon... Read more