Militaries Prepare for Further Thargoid Strikes
The prospect of more systems being invaded by Thargoids has placed the Alliance, Empire and Federation on high alert. Ernesto Rios, field correspondent for Vox Galactica, summarised the situation: “Following the Battle of HIP 22460, there was anticipation that the Thargoids would expand into neighbouring regions. Swarms of hostile... Read more
FSS Upgrade to Track Anomalous Signals
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Full spectrum system (FSS) scanners are being updated with the aim of discovering the nature of the interstellar anomalies. Cynthia Sideris, chairperson of Universal Cartographics, gave this statement to the press: “The scientific community remains fascinated by the phenomena that we have classified as ‘rogue signal... Read more
Delivery Campaign Helps Fund Imperial Charity
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* An initiative in the Cemiess system has procured sufficient rare items to ensure a successful Citizens’ Relief Trust gala. The new charitable organisation will establish support centres for the relatives of Imperial citizens who have died as a result of Thargoid aggression. The trust’s patron, Princess... Read more
Thargoids Retreat from Three Systems
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The conflicts in the 42 n Persei, Chun Pindit and Tekkeitjal systems have ended with the withdrawal of Thargoid vessels. All three systems reported the simultaneous arrival of Thargoid forces on the 12th of September, following an expansion of their presence from HIP 22460. Unlike many... Read more
Federal Forces Target the True Chapters
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Conflict has erupted in Popontia as the Federation seeks to apprehend True Chapters cultists of the Far God cult. The Workers of Popontia Free, which is sympathetic to the sect’s right to practise its religion, was outfitting the Dedicant megaship for the chapter’s use. Federal ships... Read more
Tesreau Announces Bid to Reform Aegis
A media forum is being arranged that will officially propose reinstating the tri-superpower anti-xeno agency. The event is being organised by Professor Alba Tesreau, former head of research for Aegis. She delivered a statement to all newsfeeds: “As the war against the Thargoids intensifies, the need for centralised xenological... Read more
Federal Crackdown on Thargoid Worshippers
The Federal government has declared the Order of the Far God to be a potential enemy of the state. The following press statement was delivered from the White House on Mars: “The Federal Navy Intelligence Office has uncovered sufficient cause for concern to suspect the Far God cult of... Read more
Alliance-Sirius Pact Prepares New Taskforce
The anti-xeno strategic defence pact between the Alliance and Sirius Corporation has been fully ratified as a legally binding treaty. The Assembly voted to approve the agreement at the end of June, following months of debate. The decision was influenced by the outcome of two competing initiatives to procure... Read more
Deep Space ‘Anomalies’ Generate Discussion
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Inexplicable visual phenomena located in deep space have caused extensive speculation and media interest. There is no official terminology for the signals but they are referred to by many names, most popular of which is ‘the anomalies’. Appearing as a bright flare with spiralling radial arms,... Read more
Aisling Requests Rare Items to Fund Charity
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A fundraiser hosted by Princess Aisling aims to finance a support network for Imperial citizens affected by Thargoid aggression. The Citizens’ Relief Trust has been established in the Cemiess system, prompted by the loss of thousands of military personnel during the Battle of HIP 22460. She... Read more