Winters Announces Election Manifesto
The Liberal Party has published a detailed political manifesto in advance of the Federation’s presidential election in June. Shadow President Felicia Winters summarised her party’s plans during a campaign rally on Rhea 3: “The freedoms and privileges of Federal citizens have been abused or ignored by the Hudson administration.... Read more
Far God Cultists Rescue Seo Jin-ae
Seo Jin-ae has arrived safely in the Luyten’s Star system, aboard an Order of the Far God megaship. A message was transmitted by the First Apostle of the True Chapters, a proactive sect of the pacifistic religion, from aboard the Testament: “The one known to non-believers as Subject D-2... Read more
Congress Votes Against Hudson Contravention
President Zachary Hudson’s motion to allow him to serve a second term of office has been defeated by congressional vote. The proposal would have temporarily repealed the 77th amendment of the Federal Accord, which sets a maximum presidential term of eight years. A narrow majority voted not to accept... Read more
Ammonia World Survey Concludes
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Aegis and Universal Cartographics have announced that the project to survey ammonia worlds has ended satisfactorily. Special mention goes to Commander aRadish, Commander Lone WolfPack and Commander T’Verez for their efforts. The exploration initiative was praised by Congressman Tom Gillespie, who oversees Federal contributions to Aegis:... Read more
Aegis Recommends Preventative Anti-Xeno Tactic
*Pilots Federation Alert* An analysis of the ongoing Thargoid war has been released by Aegis and made available to all superpower and independent navies. The focus of the report centres on protecting systems at threat of Thargoid invasion. It suggests that anti-xeno forces are primarily fighting Thargoid invasion fleets... Read more
Federal Eyes on Congress Debate
Preliminary motions on the forthcoming Hudson Contravention vote have begun in Federal Congress. The proposal, named after President Zachary Hudson’s call to suspend the 77th amendment to the Federal Accord, is a point of significant contention. If approved, Hudson would be eligible to run for another term in this... Read more
Caustic Sink Launcher Aids Maelstrom Exploration
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Aegis’s initiative in the Duamta system has kick-started production of a ship module designed for caustic environments. Shipments of advanced catalysers, heatsink interlinks and palladium were delivered following a request from Professor Alba Tesreau. Pilots also provided tissue samples extracted from the caustic generators inside each... Read more
Explorers Needed for Ammonia World Survey
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Universal Cartographics has announced a two-week initiative to locate planets with ammonia atmospheres. The survey was outlined by Cynthia Sideris, chairperson of Universal Cartographics: “Aegis has urgently requested an update to our database of terrestrial planets with ammonia atmospheres. It is no coincidence that each Maelstrom... Read more
Thargoid War Update: February 3309
An overview of recent developments regarding the Thargoid conflict, as reported by Jade Sanderlyn on the Vox Galactica newsfeed. “Over the last month, Thargoid fleets have continued expanding outwards from the eight Maelstroms. The front lines of the war are relentlessly encroaching deeper into the core systems, leaving desolation... Read more
Maelstrom Protection Technology Undergoes Testing
Aegis has produced a prototype module that increases a ship’s ability to survive within caustic environments. Professor Alba Tesreau, head of the newly reformed agency, published this statement: “The blueprints provided by Petra Olmanova have been rapidly developed by Aegis’s newly acquired chemical engineers, metallurgists and ship technicians. Utilising... Read more