Cultists Blamed for Dedicant Tragedy
President Zachary Hudson has accused the Order of the Far God of being directly responsible for the fate of the Dedicant megaship. “Our assessment of these Thargoid-worshipping extremists has been proved correct,” he told The Federal Times. “Hijacking the Dedicant to deliver it to their alien gods is an... Read more
The Fate of the Dedicant
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The lost megaship Dedicant has been located in HIP 19600, with signs of Thargoid attack and all inhabitants missing. The Dedicant was being prepared by Federal authorities to deport imprisoned members of the Order of the Far God when it unexpectedly jumped into hyperspace. Pilots who... Read more
Dedicant Quest Yields Results
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The missing megaship Dedicant is close to being located after fragments of its distress call were tracked down. The scrambled messages were discovered on comms beacons in the LP 714-58, Wuniez, Olurung and Kwakimo systems. Combined decryption efforts eventually led to another beacon in the HIP... Read more
The Hunt for the Dedicant
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Traces of a distress call from the Dedicant megaship have been detected in the LP 714-58 system. Vice Admiral Amir Rafiq, a spokesperson for the Imperial Navy, broadcast an announcement on all public channels: “An Imperial scout ship travelling through LP 714-58 has intercepted several fragmentary... Read more
Thargoid War Update: June 3309
The latest report on the ongoing struggle against the Thargoids from Vox Galactica reporter Jade Sanderlyn. “As the war reaches its eighth month, Thargoid invasion forces occupy over a thousand systems. Billions of people have been evacuated or lost as a result. Although this ongoing conflict has made little... Read more
An Audience with the Preceptor
The Order of the Far God has reached out to Seo Jin-ae, offering information on the possible fate of the Dedicant. The megaship was due to transport members of the True Chapters sect from the Popontia system to the Alliance-governed Mullag system, but made a hyperspace jump ahead of... Read more
Disappearance of the Dedicant
The Dedicant has disappeared from Popontia, just a few hours after thousands of Far God cultists boarded the megaship with a Federal escort. The cultists were due for transfer aboard the vessel from Federal to Allied space, where amnesty has been offered by Prime Minister Mahon. In exchange for... Read more
Far God Deportation Programme Approved
The Federation has agreed to the expulsion of all adherents of the Order of the Far God to the Alliance. President Zachary Hudson issued a statement alongside the government decision: “Any ideology that worships the Thargoids is destructive and treasonous, especially now we are at war with that species.... Read more
Alliance Offers Amnesty for Far God Cultists
The Alliance Assembly has submitted an appeal for clemency to Federal Congress for followers of the Order of the Far God. The Thargoid-worshipping faith was outlawed by the Federation in October 3308, after a failed initiative in the Popontia system to outfit a megaship named the Dedicant. Every member... Read more
Seo Jin-ae: ‘I Believe Salvation Survived’
Aegis has published a personal statement from Seo Jin-ae, who claims to have evidence that Salvation planned to escape death in the HIP 22460 system. “First of all, yes, Caleb Wycherley died when the Thargoids attacked the Bright Sentinel in HIP 22460. But, I believe, only physically. He was... Read more