Manhunt for Theta Seven Escalates
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit has acquired an encrypted message that may reveal Theta Seven’s location. ACT successfully captured most of the bomb-making engineers known as Theta Group, and has now prioritised hunting down the NMLA’s de facto leader. This latest breakthrough was explained by Captain Milo... Read more
Aegis Renegades Attack Salvation’s Allies
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A rogue Aegis Defense force has initiated conflict with Taurus Mining Ventures in the T Tauri system. The megaship Musashi is commanded by Aegis’s chief military liaison Admiral Aden Tanner, who made this announcement: “The Hind Mine asteroid base contains proof that Salvation’s unlicensed anti-xeno weapon... Read more
Long-Lost Research Facility Discovered
*Pilots Federation ALERT* A distress call has led independent pilots to locate an abandoned settlement in the Snake Sector GW-W c1-1 system. The SOS was initially detected by one of the megaships that form the Colonia Bridge, inspiring many ships to search nearby systems. The source was eventually identified... Read more
No Progress with Dredger Deadlock
The nomadic Scriveners Clan continues to resist Orion University’s attempts to take possession of their dredger. Freelance reporter Casey Kilpatrick published an update from the Oochost PC-C c29-0 system: “Orion University’s claim that the vessel is their property has been countered by Advocacy’s reminder of laws preventing cultural contamination.... Read more
ACT Captures Theta Group
The creators of the NMLA’s caustic enzyme bombs have been arrested, although the terrorist figurehead Theta Seven remains at large. Theta Group is directly responsible for 17 starport bombings conducted by the NMLA across the core systems. These attacks resulted in a combined death toll of almost 800,000 people,... Read more
Advocacy Defends Dredger Clan
The Scriveners Clan’s legal ownership of their dredger has been supported by the civil rights organisation Advocacy. The ancient Dredger-class bulk cruiser, currently located in the Oochost PC-C c29-0 system, is inhabited by a nomadic tribe descended from the vessel’s original crew. Orion University claims that the cruiser is... Read more
Initial Stage of Colonia Bridge Operational
*Pilots Federation ALERT* Thirty megaships have been placed between the core systems and the Colonia region to serve as stationary ports. Twenty-five dockable megaships were sent out from the Alcor system toward Colonia, taking position in systems approximately 400 to 500 light years apart. Five further megaships have been... Read more
Alliance and Marlinists Address Refugee Crisis
The Marlinist Colonies have offered to provide help for political refugees who sought sanctuary in Alliance space. In 3306, the Empire’s security forces began arresting followers of Marlinism, suspecting them of being linked to the NMLA. Many pro-republican Imperial citizens fled to the Federation, but some set course for... Read more
Senators Offer to Protect Hadrian Duval
The recent NMLA attack in the Paresa system has encouraged the Imperial Senate to reach out to Imperator Hadrian Duval. An official pronouncement was made by Senator Caspian Leopold: “A majority of us believe that preserving the Duval bloodline is paramount for the future of the Empire. Hadrian Duval... Read more
Scriveners Clan Resists Orion University
The spacefaring tribe that lives aboard an ancient dredger has refused to allow Orion University to take possession of the vessel. Vox Galactica published an eye-witness account by freelance reporter Casey Kilpatrick from the Oochost PC-C c29-0 system: “Once the Scriveners Clan was found, it wasn’t long before Orion... Read more