Mystery of Missing Crew Sparks Rumours
The disappearance of famous actor Consuela Knight and the crew of her luxury yacht has sparked a flood of rumours. Independent reporter Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse discussed the mystery on the Rewired news feed: “The scientists say this might be an anomaly that only affects organic tissue. But that doesn’t... Read more
Vitadyne Nanomedicines Gain Legal Approval
The Interstellar Health Organisation (IHO) has approved Vitadyne Labs’s nanomedicines as a legal medical product. A spokesperson for the IHO said: “We accept that this product is based on nanomedicines developed by Utopia, as asserted by Simguru Pranav Antal. But our ruling is that because they were obtained as... Read more
Vitadyne Nanomedicines Prompt Ethical Dilemma
The Interstellar Health Organisation (IHO) is currently reviewing Vitadyne Labs’s nanomedicines, which the company has admitted are based on advanced technology developed by Utopia. Healthcare analyst Dr Himari Grey discussed the situation via Vox Galactica: “There are always ethical considerations when approving new medicines. But in this case the... Read more
Crew Missing from Celebrity’s Starship
A luxury star yacht belonging to famous actor Consuela Knight has reached its destination with nobody onboard. The incident was reported by independent newsfeed The Sovereign: “Consuela Knight’s beautiful ship often attracts admirers when it arrives at a starport. But on this occasion it also brought security forces, since... Read more
Federal and Imperial Campaigns End
Supply campaigns for the Federal and Imperial navies have concluded successfully, with traders delivering large amounts of military provisions. The League of Zearla, acting on behalf of the Federal Navy, stated: “Many thanks to all the pilots who came through for the Federation. You can now collect your rewards... Read more
Nova Imperium Musters Military Forces
The isolationist group Nova Imperium is reported to be assembling its forces in the Paresa system. Senator Denton Patreus made this statement: “We have evidence that this seditious organisation is amassing an armada in its home system. It consists of ships crewed by Imperator Mordanticus’s ex-Navy followers, as well... Read more
Countdown to Second Distant Worlds Expedition
Preparations are underway for the second Distant Worlds expedition, which will see a community of explorers cross the galaxy. Science correspondent Leon Banerjee provided an overview for the Vox Galactica media outlet: “The first Distant Worlds mission, in 3302, was the largest fleet expedition in history, and saw over... Read more
Herculean Machines Initiative Concludes
An initiative run by Herculean Machines, manufacturer of Duradrive personal computers, has now concluded. Multiple shipments of consumer technology, hardware diagnostic sensors and computer components were delivered to the Blatrimpe system, which will be used to fulfil a large order from the Federal Navy. Maddox Hurd, the company’s CEO,... Read more
Theft Ruins New Year Celebration
The theft of a spectacular work of art has soured New Year festivities for thousands of Federal citizens. Kioko McGrath, culture correspondent for The Federal Times, reported: “A colossal holo-sculpture was due to be unveiled at midnight to mark the start of 3305. Inspired by the Federal insignia, the... Read more
Festive Imperial Campaigns End
Initiatives to supply Imperial senator Simone Leatrix’s festivities have reached a conclusion. Mass deliveries of food and jewels took place in the Cemiess system. As the campaigns drew to a close, Senator Leatrix made this statement: “My gratitude goes to those who helped make this celebration possible. I hope... Read more