Thargoids Retreat from Three Systems
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The conflicts in the 42 n Persei, Chun Pindit and Tekkeitjal systems have ended with the withdrawal of Thargoid vessels. All three systems reported the simultaneous arrival of Thargoid forces on the 12th of September, following an expansion of their presence from HIP 22460. Unlike many... Read more
Rumours Arise of New Alien Artefacts
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Anecdotal reports suggest that a previously unknown non-human object has been discovered by independent pilots. No details about where or how the object was obtained have been established at this time. What little information exists has been provided by individual members of the Pilots’ Federation. One... Read more
Thargoids Conquer HIP 22460
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The Proteus Wave’s failure has resulted in Thargoid forces overwhelming the coalition fleet in HIP 22460. Independent and military observers have confirmed that although Salvation’s anti-xeno superweapon was activated as scheduled, it had only a temporary effect on the Thargoids. Soon afterwards, human ships in the... Read more
Contact Lost after Proteus Wave Fired
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Communication with all ships in the HIP 22460 system has unexpectedly terminated, following the Proteus Wave’s activation. As intended, the energy pulse from Salvation’s Guardian-based superweapon disabled all Thargoids in the system. This was followed by a second pulse of similar intensity from an undetermined source,... Read more
Thargoids Launch Attack in HIP 22460
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The HIP 22460 system has been invaded by large numbers of Thargoid vessels, with several multi-craft conflicts already reported. An alert was broadcast by Commodore Morag Halloran, military coordinator for Azimuth Biotech: “As Salvation predicted, the Thargoids have detected the large-scale concentration of Guardian artefacts aboard... Read more
The Salvation Stratagem
As the superpowers establish their fleets in the HIP 22460 system, Azimuth Biotech prepares to deliver a decisive blow against the Thargoids. A segment from Salvation’s briefing to the anti-xeno taskforce admirals was shared by Azimuth: “The Proteus Wave relies on power sources and components of Guardian origin, which... Read more
‘Operation Wych Hunt’ Opposes Azimuth Biotech
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A coalition of independent Commanders has been formed to destabilise Salvation’s anti-xeno organisation. The Alliance, Empire and Federation are providing military backing to Azimuth Biotech – formerly Taurus Mining Ventures – to end the Thargoid threat. Many members of the Pilots’ Federation have also declared their... Read more
An Interview with Zachary Rackham
Sol Today hosted an interview with the multi-billionaire Zachary Rackham, who is rumoured to be moving into politics. From his villa at Lake Rackham, overlooking Homeland’s famous Singing Geysers, the entrepreneur spoke at length on various topics. On the rise of his business empire: “The hard-working folk at Rackham... Read more
Superpower Systems Overrun by Thargoids
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Thargoid fleets have invaded the Didio, Novas and Sosong systems, placing over ten billion lives at risk. Local security services in all three systems have reported overwhelming numbers of hostile Thargoid vessels. Several starports have been directly attacked with caustic enzyme weapons, and the combined death... Read more
Reorte Mining Coalition Proposes Independence
The Reorte Mining Coalition wants to cut ties with the Alliance in protest against the military defence pact with Sirius Corporation. Vox Galactica featured an announcement from the faction’s CEO, Fergus Cassidy: “The pact’s three-month probationary period is clearly a ruse. It is designed to allow time for Sirius... Read more