Wallglass to Probe Rackham’s Past
The Federal Times has hired the Wallglass Investigations Agency to prove that presidential candidate Zachary Rackham was once a pirate lord. Financial journalist Bryanna Blanco has long claimed that the business magnate obtained his initial fortune via piracy. Wallglass, an independent firm that is much respected in the intelligence... Read more
Alien Abduction Evidence Increases
Newsfeeds and ICE-casts have reacted to Aegis’s theory that the Thargoids have purposefully captured tens of millions of living humans. Eyewitness testimonies provided by independent pilots have given credence to this theory. Citizens’ Chronicle featured the following account from Imperial auxiliary Commander Luca Redondo: “It was a sickening sight,... Read more
An Audience with the Preceptor
The Order of the Far God has reached out to Seo Jin-ae, offering information on the possible fate of the Dedicant. The megaship was due to transport members of the True Chapters sect from the Popontia system to the Alliance-governed Mullag system, but made a hyperspace jump ahead of... Read more
Pulse Wave Xeno Scanner Now Available
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* An initiative in Rabh has enabled Aegis to begin manufacturing a module that gathers data about the Titans. Deliveries of ceramic composites, polymers, gallium and indium were immediately put to use mass-producing the pulse wave xeno scanner. Distribution is underway and rescue ships have already begun... Read more
Into the Maelstroms
Aegis has confirmed that the first ships equipped with Thargoid pulse neutralisers have entered the inner regions of the Maelstroms. The new module provides a temporary shield against the electromagnetic pulse that is generated when ships reach a certain point within the Maelstroms. Until now, this has prevented all... Read more
Nemesis Failsafe: Fact or Fiction?
Azimuth Biotech has rejected Seo Jin-ae’s unverified claim that Salvation survived by relocating his mind using advanced Guardian technology. CEO Torben Rademaker issued this statement: “I can officially confirm that Azimuth Biotech has no knowledge of any project related to a ‘Nemesis Failsafe’. Frankly, suggesting that anyone could transmit... Read more
Aegis Recommends Preventative Anti-Xeno Tactic
*Pilots Federation Alert* An analysis of the ongoing Thargoid war has been released by Aegis and made available to all superpower and independent navies. The focus of the report centres on protecting systems at threat of Thargoid invasion. It suggests that anti-xeno forces are primarily fighting Thargoid invasion fleets... Read more
Marlinists Facing ‘Increasingly Grave’ Future
The Marlinist Colonies are struggling to survive the harsh realities of independence while preparing for the impact of the Thargoid war. An editorial in The Marlin Standard summarised their situation: “In recent months, our noble goal of building a Marlinist Republic has been harshly curtailed. Many of the original... Read more
Rackham Reveals Presidential Manifesto
Trillionaire entrepreneur Zachary Rackham has launched his campaign to be elected as Federal president in the forthcoming election. He outlined several policies during a press event in the tropospheric suite of Rackham’s Spire on the planet Homeland: “As I see it, the job of president is to help ordinary,... Read more
Thargoid War Update: February 3309
An overview of recent developments regarding the Thargoid conflict, as reported by Jade Sanderlyn on the Vox Galactica newsfeed. “Over the last month, Thargoid fleets have continued expanding outwards from the eight Maelstroms. The front lines of the war are relentlessly encroaching deeper into the core systems, leaving desolation... Read more