Conflict in Geras
Recent reports from the Geras system indicate that after a spate of reciprocal attacks, hostilities between Geras First and Ndozins State Inc have escalated into all-out war. According to Donal Varden, an independent journalist: “For several months we’ve seen these factions sniping at one another from the shadows, but... Read more
Calls to Execute Far God Worshippers
Juanita Bishop has called on Federal Congress to make Thargoid worship a capital crime, and for all members of the Far God cult to be executed. Addressing a rally during her congressional campaign, Mrs Bishop stated: “I speak for all those who live in fear of Thargoid infiltration. If... Read more
Week in Review
Here are this week’s major stories. Independent pilots have engaged a previously unseen type of Thargoid vessel in both the Pleiades Nebula and the core systems. Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’s chief military liaison, confirmed that the new ship – classified as the Hydra – is a variant of the... Read more
Aegis Core Relocates to Sol
In May, a criminal organisation known as the Socho Gold Raiders assumed control of the Socho system, headquarters of Aegis Core. Since then the system has descended further into chaos, culminating in the loss of services at Dantec Enterprise due to Thargoid sensor-related interference. This in turn led to... Read more
Conflict in Betel Ends
Authorities in the Betel system have confirmed that the conflict between the Silver Creative Network and Betel Free has come to an end. Both factions received support from independent combat pilots, to whom generous rewards were promised, but ultimately there could be only one victor. General Hollis of Betel... Read more
Lakon Releases Alliance Crusader
Lakon Spaceways has announced that a new ship, the Alliance Crusader, will soon be available for purchase. Meera Callanach, head of military projects at Lakon, gave some details to the media: “The Alliance Crusader is mechanically similar to the Alliance Chieftain, with one key distinction. Our engineers have removed... Read more
The Battle for Betel
Recent reports from the Betel system indicate that an ongoing feud between the Silver Creative Network and the Betel Free has escalated into violence. General Hollis of Betel security issued the following statement: “After a lengthy period of peace, these factions are now determined to wipe one another out.... Read more
Aisling Duval Wedding Cancelled
Federal news channels have announced that the wedding of Princess Aisling Duval and Ambassador Jordan Rochester has been cancelled. The statement came from Congress member Isolde Rochester: “The planned wedding between my son Jordan Rochester and Her Imperial Highness will no longer take place. We have contacted everyone involved... Read more
Eagle Eye Installations Offline
Admiral Aden Tanner has confirmed reports that Aegis’s Eagle Eye installations are offline. The development is the result of Thargoid-sensor related interference at Dantec Enterprise, home of Aegis Core, which has neutralised Aegis’s ability to transmit data to the orbital installations. The Eagle Eye installations play a vital role... Read more
Week in Review
Here are this week’s major stories. Mara Klatt of Alliance Interpol has announced that Admiral George Varma, who was arrested last week on suspicion of working with terrorist organisation the League of Reparation, was in fact framed by Rear Admiral Riri McAllister. It is now believed that McAllister is... Read more