Ancient Alien Battleground Discovered
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Wreckage from a past conflict between the Guardian and Thargoid races has been found in the Wregoe BU-Y b2-0 system. The crashed remains of Thargoid vessels, alongside structures of Guardian origin, are located on Wregoe BU-Y b2-0 1 c. Conflict between the two species occurred millions... Read more
Thargoid War Update: July 3309
Vox Galactica journalist Jade Sanderlyn reports on the latest news emerging from the front lines of the conflict. “Events in the war continue to move quickly, sometimes outpacing the ‘speed of news’. In my last update, I mentioned that the Thargoids had occupied over a thousand systems. But by... Read more
Azimuth Releases New AX Weapon
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Rare goods delivered to Xi Wangda helped ensure that Azimuth Biotech’s arms convention was a success. CEO Torben Rademaker confirmed the initiative’s completion: “From today, the Overcharged Gimballed AX Multi-Cannon with Auto Loader is available at all rescue megaships, as well as Azimuth Biotech’s core markets.... Read more
Deliver Rarities for Azimuth Event
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Azimuth Biotech has requested shipments of rare commodities to Xi Wangda, as luxury supplies for its business convention. Torben Rademaker, CEO of the anti-xeno corporation, announced the initiative via public channels: “We expect this prestigious gathering to be attended by many representatives from research groups, manufacturing... Read more
Azimuth Plans Corporate Convention
Azimuth Biotech has announced an invitation-only event for prospective business partners and military liaisons. CEO Torben Rademaker provided a statement to the media: “New opportunities have emerged for Azimuth to resume the lead in anti-xeno operations. With Thargoid fleets rampaging through the core systems, and Aegis’s questionable policy of... Read more
Thargoid War Update: June 3309
The latest report on the ongoing struggle against the Thargoids from Vox Galactica reporter Jade Sanderlyn. “As the war reaches its eighth month, Thargoid invasion forces occupy over a thousand systems. Billions of people have been evacuated or lost as a result. Although this ongoing conflict has made little... Read more
Aegis Receives Titan Materials for Xeno-Research
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Aegis and Azimuth Biotech have concluded rival campaigns to deliver tissue samples harvested from the Thargoid Titans. Titan tissue samples were obtained from the surfaces of the Thargoid capital ships using research limpets and brought back to human space by daring pilots. Dr Maximo Fonseca, the... Read more
Aegis and Azimuth Compete for Titan Samples
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Requests for tissue samples obtained from the Thargoid Titans have been made by Aegis and Azimuth Biotech. Leon Banerjee, science correspondent for Vox Galactica, reported on the rival initiatives: “The Titans offer a tremendous opportunity for xenological research, but carry equally significant risks. These involve passing... Read more
Azimuth Refocuses on Titan Research
Studying the Thargoid Titans has become a priority for Azimuth Biotech, which is keen to learn more about the alien motherships. Director Xavier Rousseau , head of the corporation’s bioscience division, was interviewed by the tech industry ICE channel On/Off Switch: “The Thargoid Titans present us with a range... Read more
Thargoid War Update: May 3309
Vox Galactica’s Jade Sanderlyn reports on the discovery of the Titans, and new Thargoid craft both in space and on occupied worlds. “The true scale of the challenge facing humanity became evident this month, when we finally learned what was within the Maelstroms. It has long been theorised that... Read more