Seo Jin-ae Departs Utopia in Silence
Seo Jin-ae has returned from a visit to Utopia following an invitation from Simguru Pranav Antal to discuss the possibility of Salvation’s survival. The leader of the Utopia commune invited her to review the schematics that she recovered from an abandoned Azimuth Corporation facility in March. The schematics detailed... Read more
Alliance Lifts Quarantine for Thargoid Abductees
The Alliance has ended medical isolation for all citizens who were rescued from the Titans after being abducted by Thargoid vessels. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon’s official declaration was published by all newsfeeds: “The Assembly has agreed that quarantine procedures for everyone recovered from the Titans are no longer necessary.... Read more
Utopia Shares Update on Nemesis Failsafe
Simguru Pranav Antal has discussed Utopia’s analysis of the designs for a Guardian-based device allegedly constructed by Salvation. The schematics for the Nemesis Failsafe were unearthed by Seo Jin-ae, who believed that Salvation had developed a way to digitise and relocate his mind upon physical death. Following concerns that... Read more
Azimuth Biotech: ‘We Can Serve Alliance’
Azimuth Biotech has suggested that it can replace Sirius Corporation as the Alliance’s anti-xeno military partner. The move follows the Alliance Assembly’s decision to reevaluate its strategic xeno defence pact with Sirius, amid concerns that the megacorp has not sufficiently protected Allied systems from the Thargoids. CEO Torben Rademaker... Read more
Concerns Raised over Titan Returnees
People who were recovered from the Thargoids have been flagged as potential biohazards by an Imperial medical institute. Dr Zoe Terentia , chief researcher at Kamadhenu Medipure , published her findings in the Citizens Chronicle. “Our analysis of abducted Imperial citizens currently in isolation has yielded disturbing results. There... Read more
Thargoid Abductees Reconnect with Society
People who have been rescued from Thargoid Titans remain in quarantine, but can soon expect family visits and access to comms networks. Aegis reported that bio-storage capsules are still being successfully extracted from the Thargoid motherships, albeit at high risk to pilots. Each revived individual has been placed in... Read more
Ancient Alien Battleground Discovered
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Wreckage from a past conflict between the Guardian and Thargoid races has been found in the Wregoe BU-Y b2-0 system. The crashed remains of Thargoid vessels, alongside structures of Guardian origin, are located on Wregoe BU-Y b2-0 1 c. Conflict between the two species occurred millions... Read more
Thargoid War Update: July 3309
Vox Galactica journalist Jade Sanderlyn reports on the latest news emerging from the front lines of the conflict. “Events in the war continue to move quickly, sometimes outpacing the ‘speed of news’. In my last update, I mentioned that the Thargoids had occupied over a thousand systems. But by... Read more
Azimuth Releases New AX Weapon
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Rare goods delivered to Xi Wangda helped ensure that Azimuth Biotech’s arms convention was a success. CEO Torben Rademaker confirmed the initiative’s completion: “From today, the Overcharged Gimballed AX Multi-Cannon with Auto Loader is available at all rescue megaships, as well as Azimuth Biotech’s core markets.... Read more
Deliver Rarities for Azimuth Event
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Azimuth Biotech has requested shipments of rare commodities to Xi Wangda, as luxury supplies for its business convention. Torben Rademaker, CEO of the anti-xeno corporation, announced the initiative via public channels: “We expect this prestigious gathering to be attended by many representatives from research groups, manufacturing... Read more