Palin and Ram Tah Seek Unclassified Relics
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Two engineers who specialise in studying alien technology have requested deliveries of a newly discovered artefact. Professor Ishmael Palin explained the details: “These ‘unclassified relics’ – as they are currently known – are Guardian in origin. Traditionally such artefacts trigger a hostile reaction from any Thargoid... Read more
Mysteries of the Thargoids
Professor Ishmael Palin, the foremost authority on the Thargoids, has authored a short article for the scientific journal The Empirical. “Recent events have once again brought a focus on the alien species we call Thargoids. I have witnessed governments, militaries and public figures characterise them as a mindless destructive... Read more
Xenological Project Receives Thargoid Artefacts
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A range of alien objects have been delivered to the Arque system for Professor Ishmael Palin’s study of the Thargoids. The conclusion of the project was announced by Professor Palin: “I am highly impressed with the number of Thargoid probes, resin and sensors that were delivered... Read more
Thargoid Research Project Phase Two Begins
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Professor Ishmael Palin has requested deliveries of Thargoid artefacts to the Arque system for scientific study. The first phase of the project took place last month and focused on meta-alloys. In a public announcement, Professor Palin outlined the second phase: “My ongoing analysis of the Thargoids’... Read more
Thargoid Research Project Phase One Completed
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Professor Ishmael Palin has received multiple shipments of Thargoid meta-alloys for xenological study. From Abel Laboratory, his workshop in the Arque system, Professor Palin made the following announcement: “I am deeply grateful to all those who collected meta-alloys from barnacle sites. Analysing these samples will help... Read more
Thargoid Research Project Requires Meta-Alloys
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Commanders have been asked to collect meta-alloys from Thargoid barnacles as part of a wider xenological study. The research project is being orchestrated by Professor Ishmael Palin, one of the most prominent experts in Thargoid technology: “With escalating Thargoid activity in the core systems, it is... Read more
Further Migration to Witch Head Nebula
The human enclave in the Witch Head Nebula has attracted thousands of migrants looking for a fresh start. One of those heading to the area is Chloe Sedesi, a former apprentice of Professor Ishmael Palin. She gave an interview to Leon Banerjee for Vox Galactica: “I’ve been working with... Read more
Week in Review
Here are this week’s main stories. Thargoid forces in the Witch Head Nebula have been defeated. A call to arms from Aegis Research received a considerable response from independent pilots, leading to a victory for humanity. The official establishment of a human enclave in the Witch Head Nebula was... Read more
A New Home for Professor Palin
Professor Ishmael Palin has established a permanent base of operations in the Arque system. Aegis Research confirmed the news with a statement from Professor Alba Tesreau: “Having fled the Maia system, Professor Palin and his staff have installed their equipment at the planetary port Abel Laboratory on Arque 4... Read more
Week in Review
Here are this week’s main stories. Thargoid forces have entered the Witch Head Nebula in response to human colonisation efforts in the area. Professor Alba Tesreau of Aegis Research has urged independent pilots to engage Thargoid vessels in the nebula and ensure that the superpowers can establish bases close... Read more