Thargoid War Update: November 3309
Renowned war correspondent Jade Sanderlyn provides her regular summary of the latest news regarding the Thargoid conflict. “It is now a whole year since the Thargoid Titans arrived and unleashed their fleets upon us. It’s pleasing to report that humanity’s resistance remains strong. New invasions are rare, and Thargoid... Read more
Palin Makes Thargoid Spire Breakthrough
Analysis of objects and refinery compounds obtained from Thargoid spire sites has revealed a crucial connection to the Titans. The announcement was made by Professor Ishmael Palin, who has been receiving deliveries of these materials from Pilots’ Federation members: “Genetic commonalities between the spire compounds and Titan hull fragments... Read more
Aegis Prioritises Research into Thargoid Spire Sites
The rapid evolution of Thargoid barnacle matrix sites into colossal spires has sparked intense scientific scrutiny and concern as to their purpose. Dr Maximo Fonseca, the Allied scientific liaison to Aegis, discussed recent developments in an article for The Empirical: “There’s no doubt that these twisting, biomechanical towers are... Read more
Pulse Wave Xeno Scanner Now Available
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* An initiative in Rabh has enabled Aegis to begin manufacturing a module that gathers data about the Titans. Deliveries of ceramic composites, polymers, gallium and indium were immediately put to use mass-producing the pulse wave xeno scanner. Distribution is underway and rescue ships have already begun... Read more
Materials Needed for Titan Research Project
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Deliveries to the Rabh system will help mass-produce a pulse wave xeno scanner which can analyse Thargoid Titans. Dr Maximo Fonseca, the Allied scientific liaison to Aegis, outlined the initiative: “The Thargoid capital ships, now designated as Titans, are the top priority for both military and... Read more
Resources Needed for Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Aegis has requested materials in the YZ Ceti system to mass-produce a defence for ships entering the Maelstroms. Professor Alba Tesreau, head of the tri-superpower agency, announced the initiative at a press conference: “Final tests have been conducted on the Thargoid pulse neutraliser, which offers ships... Read more
Positive Results from Maelstrom Probes
Aegis’s prototype Thargoid pulse neutralisers have succeeded in allowing transit through the energy surge at the centre of a Maelstrom. Professor Alba Tesreau made the official statement: “Several remote-controlled probes outfitted with Thargoid pulse neutralisers were launched into the Taranis Maelstrom. The colossal electromagnetic pulse generated within the clouds... Read more
Thargoid War Update: February 3309
An overview of recent developments regarding the Thargoid conflict, as reported by Jade Sanderlyn on the Vox Galactica newsfeed. “Over the last month, Thargoid fleets have continued expanding outwards from the eight Maelstroms. The front lines of the war are relentlessly encroaching deeper into the core systems, leaving desolation... Read more
Aegis Returns
The anti-xeno agency Aegis has been officially reformed by the Alliance, Empire and Federation. Aegis was initially founded in 3303 to centralise research into the Thargoids, as well as coordinate defence and rescue operations. It was disbanded in 3308 following accusations of incompetence in the wake of the Alexandria... Read more
Xeno Scanner Upgrade
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* An improved xeno scanner has been released to assist combat vessels engaged in anti-xeno operations. Following increased calls from AX pilots that the existing xeno scanner’s limited range was a hindrance, Professor Palin’s team at Arque Laboratory delivered a redesign to manufacturers that extends the scanner’s... Read more