Lakon Releases Alliance Crusader
Lakon Spaceways has announced that a new ship, the Alliance Crusader, will soon be available for purchase. Meera Callanach, head of military projects at Lakon, gave some details to the media: “The Alliance Crusader is mechanically similar to the Alliance Chieftain, with one key distinction. Our engineers have removed... Read more
The Battle for Betel
Recent reports from the Betel system indicate that an ongoing feud between the Silver Creative Network and the Betel Free has escalated into violence. General Hollis of Betel security issued the following statement: “After a lengthy period of peace, these factions are now determined to wipe one another out.... Read more
Aisling Duval Wedding Cancelled
Federal news channels have announced that the wedding of Princess Aisling Duval and Ambassador Jordan Rochester has been cancelled. The statement came from Congress member Isolde Rochester: “The planned wedding between my son Jordan Rochester and Her Imperial Highness will no longer take place. We have contacted everyone involved... Read more
Eagle Eye Installations Offline
Admiral Aden Tanner has confirmed reports that Aegis’s Eagle Eye installations are offline. The development is the result of Thargoid-sensor related interference at Dantec Enterprise, home of Aegis Core, which has neutralised Aegis’s ability to transmit data to the orbital installations. The Eagle Eye installations play a vital role... Read more
Week in Review
Here are this week’s major stories. Mara Klatt of Alliance Interpol has announced that Admiral George Varma, who was arrested last week on suspicion of working with terrorist organisation the League of Reparation, was in fact framed by Rear Admiral Riri McAllister. It is now believed that McAllister is... Read more
Far God Cult Attacked
There has been a spate of violence against the Thargoid-worshipping Far God cult, resulting in dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries. Since the Church of Eternal Void declared war against the sect, its members have compelled citizens to attack Far God believers in many systems. Several of the... Read more
Week in Review
Here are this week’s major stories. Admiral George Varma of the Alliance Council of Admirals has been arrested by the taskforce investigating terrorist organisation the League of Reparation. Admiral Varma stands accused of redirecting cargo shipments from the Alliance Defence Force to terrorist cells. It is thought that Varma... Read more
Fringe Religion Condemns Far God Cult
The Church of Eternal Void has denounced the so-called Far God cult, which worships the Thargoids. A spokesperson identified as Cardinal Hieronymous made this statement: “As disciples of the Guardians, we hereby declare war on those who have sold their souls to the Thargoid demons. We vow to expunge... Read more
Thargoid Assault on the Deciat System
An emergency report from Aegis confirms that the Thargoids have returned to the core systems with an incursion into the Deciat system. Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’s chief military liaison, delivered this statement: “Following the Thargoids’ retreat, all evidence suggested that their surface sites had become dormant. But new data... Read more
Week in Review
Here are this week’s major stories. Aegis has confirmed that the Thargoid presence in the core systems has been significantly diminished, due largely to the efforts of the galactic community. Although the Thargoids remain entrenched in the Pleiades, their forces in the core systems have been pushed back to... Read more