Seo Jin-ae Departs Utopia in Silence
Seo Jin-ae has returned from a visit to Utopia following an invitation from Simguru Pranav Antal to discuss the possibility of Salvation’s survival. The leader of the Utopia commune invited her to review the schematics that she recovered from an abandoned Azimuth Corporation facility in March. The schematics detailed... Read more
Utopia Shares Update on Nemesis Failsafe
Simguru Pranav Antal has discussed Utopia’s analysis of the designs for a Guardian-based device allegedly constructed by Salvation. The schematics for the Nemesis Failsafe were unearthed by Seo Jin-ae, who believed that Salvation had developed a way to digitise and relocate his mind upon physical death. Following concerns that... Read more
Aegis Reports on Utopia’s Sim-Archive
A scientific delegation from Aegis has visited Utopia to compare its Sim-Archive with Salvation’s Nemesis Failsafe designs. A summary from Dr Maximo Fonseca was shared with newsfeeds: “Simguru Antal agreed to meet with us as a sign of good faith, and to refute claims of collaboration with Salvation. He... Read more
Salvation-Utopia Link Raises Concerns
Similarities between the Nemesis Failsafe and Utopia’s Sim-Archive have led to questions being asked about a possible connection. Independent journalist Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse reported on Seo Jin-ae’s recent discoveries: “We all knew that Salvation had a messiah complex, so it’s no surprise that he planned to keep his colossal... Read more
Nemesis Failsafe: Fact or Fiction?
Azimuth Biotech has rejected Seo Jin-ae’s unverified claim that Salvation survived by relocating his mind using advanced Guardian technology. CEO Torben Rademaker issued this statement: “I can officially confirm that Azimuth Biotech has no knowledge of any project related to a ‘Nemesis Failsafe’. Frankly, suggesting that anyone could transmit... Read more
Seo Jin-ae: ‘I Believe Salvation Survived’
Aegis has published a personal statement from Seo Jin-ae, who claims to have evidence that Salvation planned to escape death in the HIP 22460 system. “First of all, yes, Caleb Wycherley died when the Thargoids attacked the Bright Sentinel in HIP 22460. But, I believe, only physically. He was... Read more
Rumours Circulate Around Seo Jin-ae
An anonymous source has leaked information regarding Seo Jin-ae suggesting that she may be in serious jeopardy. Seo Jin-ae, the individual once known as Subject D-2, voluntarily departed from a private medical facility in January, where she was under the care of former Aegis members. She left a message... Read more
Conspiracy Theorist Finds Network Home
Independent journalist Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse has announced that the Rewired network will broadcast Kit Fowler’s conspiracy-laden show End Times. Lafosse, notorious for his own sensationalist claims, announced: “Finally, someone else who sees things as they really are! Kit Fowler’s perceptive views match his technical genius. By retransmitting his End... Read more