Galactic News: Starports Attacked by Thargoids
Recent reports indicate that several starports in the Pleiades have been attacked by Thargoids. The attacks have resulted in significant damage and hundreds – possibly thousands – of deaths. Galactic authorities have confirmed that the affected starports are Titan’s Daughter in the Taygeta system, Liman Legacy in HIP 16753... Read more
Galactic News: Empire Pulls Out of Pleiades
In the wake of reports that the Federation has withdrawn from the Pleiades Nebula, authorities in the region have confirmed that the Empire has followed suit. The development, predicted by many, appears to signal the end of the Federal-Imperial cold war. The inter-superpower conflict began with the deployment of... Read more
Community Goal: The Battle for Ho Hsi
Recent reports indicate that conflict has erupted in the Ho Hsi system between Ho Hsi Jet Comms Limited and the Freedom Party of Ho Hsi. System security forces were caught off guard by the violence, which began without warning and has escalated rapidly since then. Both sides have issued... Read more
Actualité galactique : Cold War Thawing?
Following news that scientists from the Alliance, Empire and Federation have united to form a new research initiative, speculation is mounting that the cold war between the Empire and the Federation could be nearing an end. As the conflict enters its second year, a number of commentators have expressed... Read more
Galactic News: Federal-Imperial Conflict in Merope
Authorities in the Merope system have reported conflict between the Pleiades Resource Enterprise, a Federal organisation, and the Merope Expeditionary Fleet, an Imperial organisation. The clash represents the latest development in the ongoing proxy war between the Empire and the Federation. Significantly, the two factions were until recently embroiled... Read more
Community Goal: The Gear of War
The Sitakapan Expeditionary Forces have announced plans to fortify their home system of Sitakapa by converting a mining outpost into a military settlement. The move is a response to increasing political and military instability across the galaxy. General Ani Leonard of Sitakapan Expeditionary Forces announced: “Our galaxy becomes more... Read more
Galactic News: Order Restored in Gandii
After a period of intense conflict, the Gandii Justice Party has defeated the forces of the Hand Gang of Gandii in the Gandii system. Both organisations called in support from independent combat pilots, but ultimately it was the Gandii Justice Party that emerged victorious. Pilots who participated in the... Read more
Galactic News: Halsey’s Campaign Reaches Successful Conclusion
Former Federal president Jasmina Halsey has announced that her campaign to establish a rehabilitation centre for victims of war has received the wholehearted support of the galactic community. Hundreds of pilots supported the campaign by delivering construction materials to Dirichlet Orbital, the campaign’s centre. As the campaign drew to... Read more
Community Goal: The Battle for Maia Continues
Two weeks ago, conflict erupted between the Ant Hill Mob and the Pleiades Resource Enterprise in the Maia system. But this was no ordinary inter-factional dispute. According to various sources, the Pleiades Resource Enterprise was acting under direct orders from Federation officials eager to bring Maia under Federal control.... Read more
Galactic News: Pleiades Resource Enterprise Victorious
Recent reports from Maia indicate that the Pleiades Resource Enterprise has successfully overcome resistance from the Ant Hill Mob to gain a foothold in the system. A spokesperson for the Pleiades Resource Enterprise released a brief statement: “The Ant Hill Mob believes our expansion into Maia was orchestrated by... Read more