A New Chapter for Azimuth
Azimuth Biotech has outlined plans for the corporation’s future following the confirmation of Salvation’s death. Director Torben Rademaker, head of strategic operations, submitted a statement to public newsfeeds: “The loss of Salvation, formerly known as Caleb Wycherley, is a sad day for our organisation. We will remember his sacrifice... Read more
Fears Rise of Thargoid Expansion
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Ships travelling in the vicinity of HIP 22460 have reported so-called ‘hyperdiction’ incidents at increased distances from the Thargoid-controlled system. Pilots have filed similar reports about encounters in V0402 Aurigae, HR 1490, Synuefe SA-C b33-2 and several other systems. The number of ships being pulled from... Read more
Retrial Requested for Admiral Tanner
The Federal Attorney’s Office has called for the conviction of former admiral Aden Tanner to be reviewed in light of events in HIP 22460. Following a distinguished career in the Federal Navy, Tanner served as the chief military liaison for Aegis. In November 3307, while in command of the... Read more
Megaship Materials Boost Alliance Defence Force
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Sirius Corporation has gathered resources in the Leesti system to help improve the Alliance’s anti-xeno defences. The campaign’s conclusion was announced by Captain Delfina Dominguez, commanding officer of the Chariot of Rhea megaship: “Many pilots docked with us over the past week to deliver shipments of... Read more
Report from HIP 22460: ‘Salvation is Dead’
It has been confirmed that Salvation, figurehead of Azimuth Biotech and creator of the Proteus Wave, was killed on board the Bright Sentinel. A segment of a transmission by an independent rescue team within HIP 22460 was shared with Vox Galactica by an anonymous source. The team was reporting... Read more
‘Thargoid Roar’ Claim Draws Speculation
An independent journalist has suggested that some survivors of the Battle of HIP 22460 heard a strange alien sound of unknown origin. Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse published his theories via the Rewired network: “Only a handful of crewmembers rescued from HIP 22460 managed to give garbled first-hand accounts before being... Read more
A Day of Remembrance for HIP 22460
President Zachary Hudson has announced that today is a Federal day of remembrance for those lost in HIP 22460 on August 9th. In a public address, the president formally acknowledged the recent tragedy: “The Battle of HIP 22460 is a dark day in our interstellar nation’s history. The crews... Read more
Palin and Ram Tah Seek Unclassified Relics
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Two engineers who specialise in studying alien technology have requested deliveries of a newly discovered artefact. Professor Ishmael Palin explained the details: “These ‘unclassified relics’ – as they are currently known – are Guardian in origin. Traditionally such artefacts trigger a hostile reaction from any Thargoid... Read more
Mysteries of the Thargoids
Professor Ishmael Palin, the foremost authority on the Thargoids, has authored a short article for the scientific journal The Empirical. “Recent events have once again brought a focus on the alien species we call Thargoids. I have witnessed governments, militaries and public figures characterise them as a mindless destructive... Read more
Far God Cult Praises Alien Victory
A breakaway sect of the Thargoid-worshipping fringe religion is apparently celebrating the massacre of human forces in the HIP 22460 system. A message was broadcast from the Testament megaship by the anonymous woman known only as the First Apostle of the True Chapters: “We rejoice in the Far God’s... Read more