Freelance Report: Basking for Refugees
A group of well-connected Imperial Commanders has descended on the Kalana system carrying medicines and evacuation shelters. The loosely organized ‘Cutter Club’, as the group calls itself, has pledged to meet the needs of the Mu Koji refugees. The Cutter Club has also organised a fundraising event in support... Read more
Community Goal: Federal-Imperial Conflict in Mu Koji
Security operatives in Mu Koji have reported that the Empire and Federation have launched rival military operations in the system. Both superpowers have fleets stationed in Mu Koji, and both have launched attacks against these convoys with the aim of securing valuable enemy intelligence. The Xuangu Crimson Major Network... Read more
Galactic News: Federation Takes Pleiades Sector IH-V C2-16
Following a week of conflict, the Pleiades Resource Enterprise has confirmed that the Federation has taken control of the Pleiades Sector IH-V C2-16 system, having ousted the incumbent Imperial Inquisition. In a statement, a spokesperson for the organisation thanked the many Federal pilots who took part in the operation.... Read more
Galactic News: Knives Drawn
With the Federal-Imperial relationship currently on unsteady ground, political commentators have been reviewing recent events and offering their analyses of the current situation. Most agree that the turning point came in March, when the Federation began construction of a new Farragut-class Battlecruiser in the Beta Hydri system. The Empire... Read more
Freelance Report: Taskforce Athena Locks Down Segovan
In a move likely to further inflame relations between the superpowers, a coalition of Empire-aligned Commanders has declared the Segovan system a no-fly zone. Ramsbottom Hub, the site of an ongoing Federation construction project, has been placed in security lockdown, and traders have been advised that services are currently... Read more
Freelance Report: The Reclamation of Facece
After months of vicious fighting, the Imperial Naval Auxiliary has reinstated the Facece Empire Party as the controlling power of the Facece system. Marquis Endincite, who coordinated the effort to reclaim the system, made the following statement to the Imperial Herald: “The Empire Party has regained administration of Facece,... Read more
Galactic News: Federation Assumes Control of Neits
After a week of intense conflict, Neits Jet Life Ltd confirmed that its forces have successfully neutralised the GR 316 Silver Universal Group in the Neits system. The fighting began when ships belonging to the Federation-aligned Neits Jet Life Ltd came under fire from the GR 316 Silver Universal... Read more
Freelance Report: New Galactic Cooperative Denounces Violence in Neits
As Federal and Imperial factions continue to fight for control of the contested Neits system, the New Galactic Cooperative of Worlds has issued a statement denouncing the violence. GalCop’s representative, Jahena Yar Savor, addressed both sides of the conflict, and appealed for an end to hostilities in the spirit... Read more
Galactic News: Orulas Campaign Reaches an End
Rose Trebek, leader of the Joint Security Taskforce, has announced that the operation to clean up the Orulas system has been an overwhelming success. According to Trebek, hundreds of combat pilots supported the initiative to disrupt the operations of the criminal Blue Hand Gang. Trebek released a statement to... Read more
Freelance Report: Conflict Erupts at Obsidian Orbital
Anti-meta-alloy protests have spilled into violence during the final day of Professor Ishmael Palin’s request. Groups of protestors blockaded the entrance to Obsidian Orbital, and as talks between station personnel and the protestors broke down, tempers flared. One of those gathering meta-alloys for Professor Palin offered this first-hand account:... Read more