Criminals Crushed by Federal Campaign
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A Federal operation in the Andowatye system has finally brought down the Red Family crime syndicate. Executive Agent Faisal Sacranie of the Federal Intelligence Agency announced the successful conclusion: “I am pleased to confirm that FIA agents were able to capture Oberon Church, the so-called ‘man... Read more
Support Federal Strike Against Crime Syndicate
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The Federation has offered bounties to hunt down all surviving Red Family ships in the Andowatye system. Executive Agent Faisal Sacranie of the Federal Intelligence Agency released this statement: “Information provided by the Proactive Detection Bureau revealed that the notorious Oberon Church has gathered his remaining... Read more
Red Family Kingpin Eludes the FIA
Oberon Church, founder of the crime syndicate Red Family, has managed to avoid capture by the Federal Intelligence Agency. The Federal Times’s crime correspondent Ethan Takahashi reported on the latest developments: “In many ways, the FIA’s operation against Red Family can be considered a success. Coordinated raids and arrests... Read more
Federation Targets Narcotics Syndicate
The Federal Intelligence Agency has launched a multi-system crackdown against the organised crime network known as Red Family. Synchronised raids are currently taking place in over a dozen systems across Federal space. Multiple ships, properties and manufacturing plants connected to Red Family’s illegal operations are being seized. FIA Deputy... Read more
ACT Defies Imperial Decree
The Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit is actively investigating Imperial Intelligence, despite the Senate ordering it to cease operations. Inspector Mara Klatt, one of ACT’s co-leaders, told the media: “We are convinced that elements within Imperial Intelligence provided support to the NMLA. Our view is that a modified version of the... Read more
Intrigue Surrounds Recovered Art Treasure
Recent evidence suggests that some of the precious items stolen by the Winking Cat have been sold to private collectors. Crime correspondent Mira Bukowski has been following the story for Vox Galactica: “When the FIA raided the home of media magnate Elias Metaxas, they found the painting Terra Absentia... Read more
Federal Terrorist Network Exposed
The Proactive Detection Bureau has been instrumental in identifying violent corporatist extremists within the Federation. Deputy Director Bethany Blake of the Federal Intelligence Agency gave a statement to the media: “In recent weeks, our surveillance algorithms flagged a series of coded communications for investigation. We found that a network... Read more
Federal Citizens Approve Government Scrutiny
The Proactive Detection Bureau, which monitors all civil communications in the Federation, has received a boost from the galactic community. President Hudson’s campaign for additional data proved so successful that the PDB has dramatically increased the range of its surveillance. Deputy Director Bethany Blake of the Federal Intelligence Agency... Read more
Federal Surveillance Identifies Domestic Terrorists
The Proactive Detection Bureau, which monitors all civilian communications in the Federation, has detected several home-grown terrorist groups. Deputy Director Bethany Blake of the Federal Investigations Agency told the media: “Our combination of sophisticated algorithms and skilled operatives has unearthed over a dozen extremist organisations, all previously unknown. The... Read more
Federal Reactions to Communications Surveillance Programme
There have been mixed responses to the Proactive Detection Bureau, which monitors private communications in the Federation for terrorist activity. Mainstream newsfeeds reported on the situation: The Federal Times: “Civil rights groups are united in protest against the PDB. The controversy was also seized upon by the corporatist movement... Read more