Alliance Presidential Gala
Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Alioth Independents has announced plans to host a gala event in the Alioth system, to officially begin the Alliance presidential election. The event will give the as-yet unannounced presidential candidates an opportunity to meet distinguished figures from among the... Read more
Assembly to Vote on Proposed Changes
Reading Time: 1 minuteThe Alliance Assembly has agreed to hold an internal vote on President Gibson Kincaid’s proposed changes to the constitution. Kincaid has lobbied for the role of president to be invested with executive powers, and for each presidential term to last... Read more
Week in Review
Reading Time: 3 minutesHere are this week’s major stories. Independent pilots have engaged a previously unseen type of Thargoid vessel in both the Pleiades Nebula and the core systems. Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’s chief military liaison, confirmed that the new ship – classified... Read more
Alliance President Proposes Changes
Reading Time: 1 minuteAlliance President Gibson Kincaid has confirmed he will campaign for re-election in October. Addressing the media, President Kincaid also said he wanted to make significant changes to the Alliance constitution: “The role of Alliance president is largely ceremonial. I believe... Read more
Alliance Admiral Detained
Reading Time: 2 minutesA member of the Alliance Council of Admirals has been arrested by the taskforce investigating terrorist organisation the League of Reparation. Admiral George Varma was confronted by Captain Niamh Seutonia and Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez during a meeting of admiralty... Read more
Galaxy Reacts to Federal-Imperial Betrothal
Reading Time: 2 minutesThere has been a range of reactions to news that Princess Aisling Duval and Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester are to be married. A congratulatory message was sent from the Imperial Palace, but there has been no personal comment from Emperor... Read more
Peace in Her Time: A Profile of Jasmina Halsey
Reading Time: 2 minutesIndependent journalist Chukwuma Grant has published an article on peace activist and former Federal President Jasmina Halsey. Grant has described the report as a wide-ranging analysis that addresses “the political impact of a politician renouncing politics”. Key extracts from the... Read more
The Guardians: The Galaxy Reacts
Reading Time: 1 minuteThere has been a range of reactions to the discovery of new Guardian sites, and to Ram Tah’s development of Guardian-inspired technologies. Federal President Zachary Hudson said: “The Federation congratulates Ram Tah on his success. Anything that helps us defend... Read more
Galactic News: Galactic Leaders Condemn INRA
Reading Time: 1 minuteFollowing the discovery of further INRA outposts, Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval and Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon have issued statements denouncing the now-defunct INRA. Speaking from the Imperial Palace on Capitol, Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval said: “What the INRA records underscore is... Read more
Community Goal: Pleiades Research Outpost
Reading Time: 2 minutesThe recent revelation that the Thargoids have returned to human space has sent shockwaves through the galaxy. Some, such as Federal President Zachary Hudson, have reacted defensively, promising to protect humanity from what they believe is an aggressive alien race.... Read more