A Retrospective of 3308 (Part Two)
Sima Kalhana continues her review of the most significant historical events that occurred during the past year. “In May 3308, the Thargoid invasions of the Didio, Novas and Sosong systems were completely repelled by the use of Salvation’s unique superweapons. This convinced the Alliance, Empire and Federation to support... Read more
Enhanced AX Weapon Update
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The continued project to provide enhanced AX weaponry for all ships has announced its latest progress update. All enhanced AX weapons designed by the engineers Liz Ryder and Zacariah Nemo have now been completed. It is hoped that with these weapons improvements, humanity will be better... Read more
A Retrospective of 3308 (Part One)
In the first of a three-part series of articles, the historian Sima Kalhana reviews the key events of the past year. “3308 began with the announcement that the Alliance and Sirius Corporation had agreed an anti-xeno strategic defence pact. This controversial decision would face many challenges before it was... Read more
The Time for Aegis?
Professor Alba Tesreau has again called for the anti-xeno initiative Aegis to be reformed by the superpowers. “The arrival of the Maelstroms has escalated the Second Thargoid War beyond anything we have experienced before. The Thargoids are relentlessly attacking every human settlement within reach. And that reach is steadily... Read more
Winters: ‘Federation Must Protect Independents’
Shadow President Felicia Winters has called for the Federal Navy to help defend independent systems being invaded by the Thargoids. She outlined her viewpoint during an interview with the Federal Free Press: “The Thargoid fleets emerging from the Maelstroms have inflicted anguish and loss on millions. Our military forces... Read more
The Voice of the Empire
On the Empire’s homeworld Capitol, fears over imminent Thargoid invasion sparked a public gathering outside the Imperial Palace. Cassia Carvalho, political journalist for The Imperial Herald, reported from the scene: “The arrival of the Thargoid Maelstroms has triggered protests on many Allied, Federal and independent worlds. The Empire is... Read more
The Supercruise Factor
Thargoid vessels are interdicting human ships travelling through systems that have been occupied by their fleets. The Thargoids’ ability to force craft to drop out of hyperspace is well documented. Over the past couple of weeks, pilots have reported that the interdiction ability used by human ships in supercruise... Read more
Final Maelstroms Advance Thargoid Occupation
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A further 13 systems have fallen under Thargoid control as the last of the Maelstroms materialise. The three rogue signal sources – designated Thor, Raijin and Hadad – entered human-occupied space yesterday. As with the previous five anomalies, they manifested as colossal clouds of corrosive gas... Read more
Corrs Toy Emporium Calls for Help
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Sandra Corrs, CEO of the largest manufacturer of children’s toys in the core systems, has requested help this holiday season. Many parents will be familiar with Sandra’s Workshop, recognising the company logo stamped across countless datapads, interactive suites and tactile play sets designed for youngsters. But... Read more
Enhanced AX Weapon Update
Pilots’ Federation ALERT The continued project to provide enhanced AX weaponry for all ships has announced its latest progress update. Independent pilots have been tasked with establishing a manufacturing base at select locations in the core systems. Thanks to these focused efforts, the following weapons are now available for... Read more