A Retrospective of 3308 (Part One) A Retrospective of 3308 (Part One)
Post Views: 699 In the first of a three-part series of articles, the historian Sima Kalhana reviews the key events of the past year.... A Retrospective of 3308 (Part One)

In the first of a three-part series of articles, the historian Sima Kalhana reviews the key events of the past year.

“3308 began with the announcement that the Alliance and Sirius Corporation had agreed an anti-xeno strategic defence pact. This controversial decision would face many challenges before it was ratified, including armed rebellion in the Reorte system.

One of the pact’s driving forces was the loss of Aegis, disbanded following the publication of the Baumann Report. Even the rediscovery of the lost megaship Alexandria could not prevent Aegis’s shutdown, despite evidence that it had been raided by agents with ties of Azimuth Bioschemicals.

The superpowers began establishing their own anti-xeno taskforces and research projects. But their focus was on the mysterious scientist named Salvation, who was developing a superweapon that promised great victories against the Thargoids.

In February, the atrocities of the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army (NMLA) were finally halted. A cabal of Imperial senators named the Lords of Restoration were exposed as its masterminds, planning to oust the Duval and grant exclusive power to the Senate.

This came with the shock discovery that Emperor Arissa Lavingy-Duval had been abducted by the Lords of Restoration over a year ago, replaced by a virtual doppelganger communicating via Imperial Intelligence channels. The private military firm Darkwater Inc, which had trained the terrorists, was wiped out in the Battle of Summerland. This victory was notable for ending the NMLA threat and returning Arissa to the throne.

There was also drama within the Federation, as President Zachary Hudson proposed to remove the fixed term limit for presidents. This would allow him to stand for re-election in 3309. The Hudson Contravention brought public unrest, which only calmed when the congress decided to postpone their vote. It remains an outstanding issue, even as a presidential election year approaches.

March saw the completion of the Colonia Bridge, after several multi-stage initiatives. Starports and stationary megaships now formed a permanent travel corridor from the core systems to the distant Colonia region.

The Thargoids emerged again in April with the invasion of the Didio, Novas and Sosong systems. This brought an opportunity for the superpowers to work together with Salvation. Interviews with Jade Sanderlyn provided insights into each superpower’s approach. Within mere months, their reliance on Salvation would lead to an event that altered tje course of history.