Freelance Report: Buckyball Racing Club Salutes Heroes of Bast
On the 30th of June 3301, Newton Dock in the BD-02 4304 system was quarantined due to the outbreak of a mysterious plague. This pathogen – named the Cerberus Plague – eventually spread to over 20 systems and claimed 100,000 lives. Thanks to the support of the galaxy’s independent... Read more
Freelance Report: A Year of Buckyball Racing
The Buckyball Racing Club was formed, one year ago, to provide a schedule of races involving a wide variety of pilots. In its first year the club hosted a total of 28 races, and to celebrate it is hosting one of its craziest yet: the BuckyBubble! Commemorating the club’s... Read more
Freelance Report: Moon-Landing Anniversary Race
The historical re-enactment society Ex Luna Scientia has partnered with the Buckyball Racing Club to organise a commemorative race celebrating the 1,333rd anniversary of the first landing on Earth’s Moon. The Fly Me to the Moon race will run from the 19th to the 21st of July and will... Read more
Freelance Report: Old Worlds Zero-Gravity Rally
Starport personnel across the Lave cluster are preparing for an increase in traffic, as pilots from the Buckyball Racing Club and the Elite Racers compete in their latest event. The ‘Old World Hustle’, which combines point-to-point rallies and zero-gravity aerobatics, runs from the 11th to the 19th of June... Read more
Freelance Report: Kessel Run Episode II
The Buckyball Racing Club has organised a second ‘Kessel Run’ race in celebration of the antique film series ‘Star Wars’. Although the interstellar travel depicted in the films is now an everyday fact of life, they still fascinate a large proportion of the galactic community. Participants will depart from... Read more
Freelance Report: Buckyball Racing Club Announces Total Recall Event
The Buckyball Racing club has announced that it is hosting a ship and buggy race called ‘Total Recall’. The event is being funded by a major manufacturer of SRV tyres in exchange for data on high-speed vehicle handling on a variety of planet surfaces. Following observations that their tyres... Read more
Freelance Report: End of First Season of Galactic Combat Championship
The first season of the Galactic Combat Championship has come to a spectacular finish. Competitors in the five-week tournament included Adle’s Armada, Blood Brothers from Alrai, Ronin of Amarak, Triadius, Contrail, and the Balkan Intergalactic Guerrillas. Fifteen matches of three rounds were fought every weekend for five weeks, concluding... Read more
Freelance Report: Midweek Buckyball Madness
With less than a week until the Spring Break race, the Buckyball Racing Club is running a short ‘Midweek Madness’ event to get racers warmed up. ‘Buckey Ball Raleigh’ is a fuel-restricted race from Buckey Ring in NLTT 57216, via Ball Dock in CD-37 641, to Raleigh Orbital in... Read more
Freelance Report: Buckyball Spring Break Controversy
Accusations of reckless endangerment have been levelled at the Buckyball Racing Club regarding its upcoming Spring Break chauffeurs event. Commander Seneh, the event organiser, had this to say: “This event is a community outreach programme. There will be no ‘first place’ or prizes. While it is true that the... Read more
Freelance Report: Buckyball Racers to Chauffeur Students
Grant Academics, whose slogan is ‘We Make Learning Easy’, has announced a partnership with the Buckyball Racing Club to provide students with chauffeurs during the upcoming Spring Break vacation. The most talented pilots in human space will escort students from the Exigus campus to the biggest tourism hotspots in... Read more