Pharma Giant Begins Onionhead Project
*Pilots Federation ALERT* Neomedical Industries has requested deliveries to produce onionhead gamma strain for Alliance and independent systems. The new variant of the popular psychedelic drug is currently sold in a handful of independent systems by the Kumo Crew syndicate. The IHO has confirmed that the product does have... Read more
Pirate History of Taja Gavaris Unveiled
Taja Gavaris, the new CFO of Rackham Capital Investments, has been accused of having a criminal background as a pirate leader. Journalist Bryanna Blanco made this declaration in The Federal Times: “During my reporting on multi-billionaire Zachary Rackham, I have become convinced that he and many others employed by... Read more
Week in Review
Here are this week’s major stories. Terrorist group the League of Reparation has committed three further murders in Federation space. The victims include two members of the Pilots Federation. In both cases, the Commanders’ ships were laser-branded with the words ‘FOR JAMESON’. Commodore Riri McAllister of the Alliance Defence... Read more
Salvage and Rescue Operation
A convoy travelling through the core systems has come under attack from a pirate group, and local authorities are requesting assistance in finding survivors. The operation is being coordinated by Security Chief Tal Woźniak of United Carnoeck for Equality, who made this announcement: “The convoy came under intense fire... Read more
Pirates vs Thargoids?
A new independent report suggests that piracy has declined across occupied space since the return of the Thargoids. Dr Jin Rameer, who runs a socio-political think tank, made the following observations in her report: “Statistics show a significant reduction in piracy and criminal behaviour since the Thargoid presence was... Read more
Galactic News: Anti-Piracy Campaign Concludes
Authorities in Slink’s Eye have announced that the operation to clear the system of pirates has received the enthusiastic support of the galactic community. Hundreds of pilots contributed to the operation, taking to their ships to eliminate the agitators operating in the system, and providing local security forces with... Read more
Community Goal: Ambika in Need
Authorities in the Ambika system have reported that the region is in the grip of a severe famine. All efforts to shore up agricultural markets have failed, and the food shortage has even triggered bouts of civil unrest. A tentative relief effort has begun, but the convoys attempting to... Read more
Community Goal: Battle Royale
Don Antonaci, leader of the pirate organisation Wolf 359, has called on the galaxy’s pirates to assemble for a faceoff against the Hutton Orbital Truckers and their allies. The pirate has proposed an ‘anything goes’ battle royale in the Wyrd system. Minelayers, thermal weapons, torpedo boats, long-range sniper ships... Read more
Galactic News: Ishmael Palin Describes Kidnapping
It has now been over a week since Professor Ishmael Palin and his research team were rescued from a criminal syndicate known as the Blue Hand Gang. Since then, there has been considerable speculation about who might be responsible for the abduction. Although the Blue Hand Gang has been... Read more
Onionhead Appeal Attracts Pirates
Reports coming in from the Xelabara system indicate that the recent request from the Drug Empire of Xelabara for onionhead has drawn hundreds of pirates to the system. According to system authorities, the pirates are targeting the traders travelling to and from Navigator Market, the hub of the onionhead... Read more