The Golconda Resurrection
With the generation ship Golconda being repaired by the Artificers Clan, its former population are considering resuming their journey. Commander Javi Alvarado, a local trader who befriended the Golcondans, offered this insight for Vox Galactica: “Following a prompt from the Artificers Clan, I transported Captain Forester and other community... Read more
Derelict Generation Ship Undergoes Repairs
The Artificers Clan has begun to retrofit the generation ship Golconda into a fully operational modern vessel. Jonathon Forester, former captain of the vacated 22nd-century craft, provided a statement to Vox Galactica: “When the dredger clan first arrived in the Upaniklis system, we feared they had come to salvage... Read more
Piratical Dredger Clan Departs
The Blue Viper Club dredger clan has unexpectedly severed ties with the Kumo Crew, which is currently battling an attempted rebellion. No explanations or itinerary were provided when the nomadic tribe’s dredger jumped from the Pegasi Sector PN-T c3-14 system to an unknown destination. The Blue Viper Club formed... Read more
Mystery in Upaniklis
A dredger clan is continuing to examine the abandoned generation ship Golconda in the Upaniklis system. The Golconda was placed in orbit around Upaniklis B 3 in 3305 when its inhabitants migrated to the nearby outpost Forester’s Choice. Over the past week there have been reports of smaller craft... Read more
Rackham’s Lavish Celebration Concludes
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A party held by newly confirmed trillionaire Zachary Rackham has concluded, with attendees claiming it was an ‘incredible’ event. The week-long event took place in the upper storeys of the Rackham’s Spire building on the planet Homeland. This required regular supplies of the luxury items Apa... Read more
Pirate Rebels Coup Attempt Fails
An insurrection led by Arch-Corsair Vidar Trask has failed to gain control of the Kumo Crew syndicate. Vox Galactica featured a report by freelance correspondent Karleen Troy: “As might be expected, it’s hard to obtain official data when conflict breaks out within a criminal organisation. But all the information... Read more
Dredger Clan Visits the Golconda
The Artificers Clan dredger has entered the Upaniklis system, where the generation ship Golconda currently resides. The Golconda, when it was discovered in 3305, was still inhabited with the descendants of its original crew who left Sol in the 22nd century. They accepted the Federation’s help to abandon the... Read more
Archon Delaine Faces Pirate Rebellion
A power struggle is raging within the Kumo Crew following a coordinated effort to overthrow the syndicate’s leader, Archon Delaine. The Pegasi Sentinel newsfeed delivered this exclusive report: “What at first seemed to be merely another attempt to assassinate Delaine turned out to be a far greater threat. Simultaneous... Read more
Rackham Achieves Trillionaire Status
The personal fortune of entrepreneur Zachary Rackham has now surpassed one trillion credits, due to a new corporate acquisition. A report in The Tau Ceti Journal highlighted the achievement: “Rackham Capital Investments now officially owns the company Kavanagh Spaceframes Ltd, which constructs Orbis starports. The business deal had been... Read more
Marlinist Colonies Gain Starports
Two new starports have been added to Marlinist systems, following a successful delivery initiative last month. The use of pre-built infrastructures and mass-produced components has allowed the orbital stations to be assembled rapidly. The starport names and locations are Fairfax Legacy in the Hyades Sector SU-C a14-1 system, and... Read more