Sap Core Legion Initiative Concludes
A commodity drive hosted by the Sap Core Legion faction has ended successfully, resulting in the construction of a medical facility in the Heike system. With independent pilots having provided commodities in large numbers, Swords Rest Medical Facility has now entered operation around Heike 1. Professor Macklin Fox offered... Read more
The Winking Cat’s Return
The notorious art thief known as the Winking Cat has resurfaced in the Alioth system during the Alliance Festival of Culture. For the festival’s sixth week, Garden City Gallery on Turner’s World hosts an exhibition of the visual arts. Advanced security measures have been employed to prevent a repetition... Read more
Starship Enterprises Mining Campaign Concludes
A mining initiative by the Starship Enterprises faction has ended successfully, with the establishment of a new asteroid base in the LP 339-7 system. Independent miners delivered large quantities of construction materials, which were used to complete construction of the new installation. The starport Miner Prospects has now opened... Read more
Tionisla Hosts Theatre and Dance Gala
The Alliance Festival of Culture has entered its fifth week, focusing on a wide variety of theatre and dance performances. Crowds have flocked to New Caledonia in the Tionisla system to enjoy performance art from dozens of systems. Shows ranging from elaborate stage productions to amateur street recitals have... Read more
Food Delivery Initiative Concludes Successfully
A campaign to deliver food commodities to the Chamas system has been declared a success by its organisers. The Fortunes Corsairs efforts to acquire various foods for a glamorous reception were well received. The event, attended by various system officials, appears to have achieved its aim. Silas James of... Read more
Fiction Fans Gather for Literary Event
A celebration of literature at H.G. Wells Terminal in the Olgrea system is the focus of the fourth week of the Alliance Festival of Culture. Leyton Farris reported on the event for The Alliance Tribune: “Devotees of both modern and classic fiction have gathered to celebrate a shared love... Read more
The Greatest Gig in the Galaxy
The Alliance Festival of Culture enters its third week with a massive music festival in the Phekda system drawing thousands of attendees. Organisers are calling the event ‘the greatest gig in the galaxy’. Corinne Macintyre, cultural correspondent for The Alliance Tribune, reported: “The programme is certainly diverse, encompassing everything... Read more
Further Migration to Witch Head Nebula
The human enclave in the Witch Head Nebula has attracted thousands of migrants looking for a fresh start. One of those heading to the area is Chloe Sedesi, a former apprentice of Professor Ishmael Palin. She gave an interview to Leon Banerjee for Vox Galactica: “I’ve been working with... Read more
Controversy at Film Festival
The Leesti system played host to the second week of the Alliance Festival of Culture, where a new film production has caused minor controversy. The Alliance Tribune’s cultural correspondent Corinne Macintyre offered these details: “A grand celebration of cinematic art took place at George Lucas station, featuring a wide... Read more
Red Family Operation Concludes
The Federal Intelligence Agency has declared that its campaign against the Red Family cartel is drawing to a close. As observed by Ethan Takahashi, crime correspondent for The Federal Times: “In terms of effective action, this has to be considered a great victory for the FIA. A series of... Read more