Mining Campaign in LHS 3872 Concludes
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Torval Mining Ltd has announced that sufficient quantities of mined resources were delivered to its subsidiary faction. The Aristocrats of Cuacocha, who control the LHS 3872 system, received the shipments of mined lithium hydroxide, painite, praseodymium and tritium. They have confirmed that all participating pilots can... Read more
Grey Swan Fleet Destroyed in Shamash
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Crazed pilots that were killing civilians in the Shamash system have been eliminated. The local security force vessels participating in Fleet Exercise Grey Swan were exposed to an anomalous signal, which then circulated through the fleet’s networked comms. This apparently triggered a violent mania that caused... Read more
Mysterious Phenomenon Triggers Violent Attacks
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A large naval squadron has gone rogue in the Shamash system, amid claims of widespread mental instability caused by an unknown signal. Security forces for the Shamash Future faction were practising fleet manoeuvres, shortly before they turned their weapons against passing traffic. Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie Coates... Read more
Titan Survivors Kept in Quarantine
Thousands of people rescued from captivity within the Thargoid motherships remain isolated under strict medical and security protocols. Professor Alba Tesreau, head of Aegis, spoke at a press conference: “I’m relieved to see that the sub-surface extraction missiles are proving effective, especially considering how quickly they went into production.... Read more
First Captives Freed from Thargoid Titans
The first humans rescued from the Thargoid motherships have started to arrive, almost all of whom have so far survived extraction. The highly dangerous task requires using an upgraded pulse wave xeno scanner to detect human life signs on the Titans. The new sub-surface extraction missiles then target and... Read more
Aegis Produces Sub-Surface Extraction Missiles
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Rescue megaships now stock Aegis’s modified mining tool, designed to extract bio-storage capsules from Thargoid Titans. The sub-surface extraction missiles went into rapid production following a delivery initiative in the Senlu system. Aegis has confirmed that pilots who transported CMM composites, neofabric insulation and osmium to... Read more
Wallglass to Probe Rackham’s Past
The Federal Times has hired the Wallglass Investigations Agency to prove that presidential candidate Zachary Rackham was once a pirate lord. Financial journalist Bryanna Blanco has long claimed that the business magnate obtained his initial fortune via piracy. Wallglass, an independent firm that is much respected in the intelligence... Read more
Aegis Leak Confirms Vanishing Populations
A private discussion among Aegis leadership regarding mass Thargoid abductions has been made public. Recordings of Professor Alba Tesreau, Aden Tanner and Seo Jin-ae were sent to and published by all newsfeeds, including the Pilots’ Federation. File data shows that their conversation took place shortly before Professor Tesreau’s statement... Read more
Alien Abduction Evidence Increases
Newsfeeds and ICE-casts have reacted to Aegis’s theory that the Thargoids have purposefully captured tens of millions of living humans. Eyewitness testimonies provided by independent pilots have given credence to this theory. Citizens’ Chronicle featured the following account from Imperial auxiliary Commander Luca Redondo: “It was a sickening sight,... Read more
Distant Thargoid Encounter Raises Questions
An independent explorer has reported an unusual incident involving a Thargoid vessel, hundreds of light years away from the ongoing invasion. Commander Renia Rakowski told her story to Vox Galactica: “I’d been gathering exploration data for weeks without seeing another soul. Boring, I know, but I like a quiet... Read more