Achilles Aerospace facility targeted by malicious agents
The Alioth-based facility housing production of Achilles’ new Supercruise Overcharge capable Frame Shift Drives came under attack today. The crime was perpetrated by a small group of individuals piloting a ship loaded with high-impact explosive weaponry, seemingly with the intention of sabotaging SCO drive production. The group piloting the... Read more
De Caminha Station Has Been Successfully Reinforced
The pirates attacking De Caminha have been eliminated, and supplies have been provided to prevent further attacks. Jerome Archer offered his thanks in an announcement this morning: “Time and time again, I am impressed by the skill and compassion of the galaxy’s pilots. Security for Federation citizens is my... Read more
Aegis Wary About Changing Thargoid Behaviour
A recent behavioural change in the Thargoids has prompted urgent discussion among Aegis researchers and strategists. Since the fall of the fourth Titan, Hadad, there are increasing reports that the Thargoid expansion efforts have been growing weaker. While Thargoids are continuing to expand outwards from the Titans, they are... Read more
Repel Pirates and Provide Aid to De Caminha Station
*PILOTS FEDERATION ALERT* Reports are coming in that the strained De Caminha station has been the target of increased levels of pirate attacks. Jerome Archer has announced a growing state of concern among parts of Federation space, stating that the war has spread supplies and support too thin amongst... Read more