Rackham Reveals Presidential Manifesto
Trillionaire entrepreneur Zachary Rackham has launched his campaign to be elected as Federal president in the forthcoming election. He outlined several policies during a press event in the tropospheric suite of Rackham’s Spire on the planet Homeland: “As I see it, the job of president is to help ordinary,... Read more
Thargoid War Update: February 3309
An overview of recent developments regarding the Thargoid conflict, as reported by Jade Sanderlyn on the Vox Galactica newsfeed. “Over the last month, Thargoid fleets have continued expanding outwards from the eight Maelstroms. The front lines of the war are relentlessly encroaching deeper into the core systems, leaving desolation... Read more
Aegis Launches Caustic Sink Launcher Initiative
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Deliveries are requested in Duamta to fast-track production of a module that protects ships in caustic environments. Professor Alba Tesreau, the head of Aegis, provided these details: “We are grateful to Aden Tanner for personally testing our prototype caustic sink launcher. The electrochemical reaction within the... Read more
Maelstrom Protection Technology Undergoes Testing
Aegis has produced a prototype module that increases a ship’s ability to survive within caustic environments. Professor Alba Tesreau, head of the newly reformed agency, published this statement: “The blueprints provided by Petra Olmanova have been rapidly developed by Aegis’s newly acquired chemical engineers, metallurgists and ship technicians. Utilising... Read more
Princess Aisling ‘Understood Risk of Speaking Out’
Princess Aisling Duval has assumed oversight of the Empire’s contributions to the tri-superpower agency Aegis. She discussed her new role during an interview with The Imperial Herald: “Loathe though I was to defy the Emperor’s decree, every instinct told me that the Aegis initiative can develop methods of protecting... Read more
Thargoids Devastate Witch Head Enclave
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Populated systems in the Witch Head Nebula have been overrun by Thargoid fleets, resulting in widespread chaos. Thargoid vessels have directly targeted starports and planetary bases, leaving tens of thousands of casualties. With the nebula located hundreds of light years from the core systems, rescue services... Read more
Aegis Returns
The anti-xeno agency Aegis has been officially reformed by the Alliance, Empire and Federation. Aegis was initially founded in 3303 to centralise research into the Thargoids, as well as coordinate defence and rescue operations. It was disbanded in 3308 following accusations of incompetence in the wake of the Alexandria... Read more
Federation Pledges Resources to Aegis
President Zachary Hudson and Shadow President Felicia Winters have united behind Federal backing for the reformation of Aegis. Congress held an emergency debate after the Alliance and Empire agreed to support an official tri-superpower initiative against the Thargoids. A majority of votes from Republican, Liberal and independent representatives approved... Read more
Kumo Crew Rebuffed after Anti-Xeno Campaign
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A successful initiative to hold the California Nebula against Thargoid invasion has succeeded, for now at least. Systems recently invaded by Thargoid fleets were protected by a militia organised by the Kumo Council, the criminal syndicate’s ruling authority in the enclave. But an attempt to assume... Read more
Activists Blame Leaders for Thargoid War
Anti-authoritarian protests have surged in the Alliance, Empire and Federation with governments accused of responsibility for Thargoid hostility. Vox Galactica’s political correspondent Conrad Sterling published a special report: “The xeno-peace movement, which originally advocated diplomatic relations with the Thargoids, lost a lot of momentum following the arrival of the... Read more