Superweapon Construction Completed
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Work on the Proteus Wave in the HIP 22460 system has concluded, according to an announcement from Azimuth Biotech. “This is Salvation. The core mechanism of the Proteus Wave is now fully assembled. Under my guidance, specialists are performing checks at the selected site on HIP... Read more
Thargoid Salvage Operation Requires Resources
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Azimuth Biotech has called for commodities to be delivered to the Glorious Prospect in the Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system. Director Torben Rademaker, head of strategic operations, outlined the new initiative: “Once the Proteus Wave has eliminated the Thargoids, the second phase of our corporate strategy... Read more
Tesreau Highlights Azimuth’s ‘Inhumanity’
A counter-statement regarding Azimuth Biotech has been published by Professor Alba Tesreau, former head of research at Aegis. “The recent declaration by Director Torben Rademaker paints a false picture of those pilots who are actively working against Azimuth Biotech. He frames them as criminals and alien sympathisers, betraying humanity... Read more
Guardian Artefact Campaign Concludes
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The third phase of an initiative to acquire Guardian artefacts for the Proteus Wave has ended successfully. Commodore Morag Halloran, Azimuth Biotech’s military coordinator, announced: “Salvation has asked me to extend his sincere thanks to all pilots for exploring ancient Guardian sites and transporting their discoveries... Read more
Azimuth Condemns ‘Alien-Loving’ Resistance
As its anti-xeno initiative in HIP 22460 continues, Azimuth Biotech has been deliberately targeted by protestors in other systems. Director Torben Rademaker, head of strategic operations, made a public broadcast from the corporation’s headquarters at Hind Mine starport: “Azimuth Biotech is dedicated to the vision of Salvation, whose expertise... Read more
The View from the Front Line
Vox Galactica reporter Jade Sanderlyn has broadcast an update on the conflict taking place in the HIP 22460 system. “The fierce fighting in HIP 22460 has intensified over the past week. Swarms of Thargoid vessels can be encountered throughout the system, cutting down any ill-prepared ships within range. The... Read more
Criminals Crushed by Federal Campaign
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A Federal operation in the Andowatye system has finally brought down the Red Family crime syndicate. Executive Agent Faisal Sacranie of the Federal Intelligence Agency announced the successful conclusion: “I am pleased to confirm that FIA agents were able to capture Oberon Church, the so-called ‘man... Read more
Proteus Wave Approaches Completion
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* New Federal and Imperial capital ships have arrived in HIP 22460 as Azimuth Biotech’s operation nears its conclusion. The following message was provided to all newsfeeds for public broadcast: “This is Salvation. The Proteus Wave’s core mechanism will be fully constructed one week from today. We... Read more
Azimuth’s Final Call for Guardian Artefacts
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The campaign to deliver Guardian artefacts to Azimuth Biotech in the HIP 22460 system has reached its third phase. Commodore Morag Halloran outlined the final stage of the initiative: “We have received an impressive number of Guardian caskets, orbs, relics, tablets, totems and urns at the... Read more
The Xenocide Debate
As construction proceeds on Salvation’s Proteus Wave, there is widespread dispute on the issue of eliminating the Thargoids. An article by Heimar Borichev, deputy editor of The Sovereign newsfeed, has divided public opinion: “Salvation’s latest superweapon is designed to attract and then destroy members of the species we’ve named... Read more