Thargoids Repelled from Core Systems
Aegis has confirmed that the Thargoid presence in the core systems has been significantly diminished, due largely to the efforts of the galactic community. Admiral Aden Tanner, chief military liaison with Aegis, made this statement: “This is a very positive development. Using data from our Eagle Eye network, courageous... Read more
Starports Recover from Thargoid Strikes
Three starports attacked and damaged by Thargoid forces have now been restored to full functionality. Carter Armstrong, chief administrator with Aegis Core, told the press: “When we requested help to repair Thargoid-hit starports, we hoped the galactic community would be generous, but they exceeded our expectations. A colossal influx... Read more
Aegis Installation Campaign
Aegis has announced plans to build a military installation in the Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55. An Aegis spokesperson gave the following statement to the media: “After the recent occupation of Socho by a hostile criminal element, it is imperative that Aegis bolster its holdings in the Pleiades Sector IR-W... Read more
Week in Review
Here are this week’s major stories. A descendant of Amaro Hem, one of the INRA’s senior members, has been murdered by terrorist group the League of Reparation. The murder recreated the circumstances of Commander John Jameson’s death, and has been interpreted as an act of poetic justice by the... Read more
Success for Pleiades Restoration Project
There has been a positive response to the campaign to fund repairs for starports in the Pleiades Nebula. Huge quantities of construction materials were received, which will be used to restore many of the stations damaged by the Thargoids. Senior engineer Lilith Galloway made a statement on behalf of... Read more
Week in Review
Here are this week’s major stories. The Socho system, headquarters of Aegis Core, has been overtaken by the Socho Gold Raiders, a criminal faction. The system is now in a state of anarchy. Aegis personnel, including Dr Mia Valencourt and Professor Alba Tesreau, have appealed to the galactic community... Read more
Aegis Hails Eagle Eye Success
Aegis has announced that its Eagle Eye initiative is proving to be a great success, and has helped to repel Thargoid forces from systems in the Pleiades Nebula. The Eagle Eye orbital surveillance installations were established earlier this year to monitor transmissions from known Thargoid surface sites. This data... Read more
Campaign for Pleiades Starport Restoration
A fund has been set up by the Aegis Research to repair starports in the Pleiades Nebula that have been damaged during the Thargoid conflict. Senior engineer Lilith Galloway made this announcement: “We’ve had the worst of it here. The Thargoids have given us a bloody nose on several... Read more
Utopia Plans for Humanity’s Extinction
An announcement from Simguru Pranav Antal, leader of Utopia, has addressed the possibility that humanity may lose the conflict against the Thargoids. “For many years, our Sim-Archive has bridged the past and the future by digitally preserving the memories of countless deceased individuals. Should there come a time when... Read more
Privateers Alliance Campaign
The Privateers Alliance has announced plans to build a military installation in the HIP 33368 system. The installation will “reinforce the gates” by defending the core systems from Thargoid forces in the Pleiades. A spokesperson for the Privateers Alliance released the following statement: “We need to make a show... Read more