Fears Rise of Thargoid Expansion
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Ships travelling in the vicinity of HIP 22460 have reported so-called ‘hyperdiction’ incidents at increased distances from the Thargoid-controlled system. Pilots have filed similar reports about encounters in V0402 Aurigae, HR 1490, Synuefe SA-C b33-2 and several other systems. The number of ships being pulled from... Read more
Resources Supplied to Xeno-Retrieval Programme
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A delivery campaign in the Pleiades Sector CW-U B3-2 system has provided vital commodities to Azimuth Biotech. The technical materials will enable Azimuth to analyse the salvaged wreckages of Thargoid vessels, following the activation of the Proteus Wave in the HIP 22460 system. Captain Maxim Lagunov,... Read more
Superweapon Construction Completed
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Work on the Proteus Wave in the HIP 22460 system has concluded, according to an announcement from Azimuth Biotech. “This is Salvation. The core mechanism of the Proteus Wave is now fully assembled. Under my guidance, specialists are performing checks at the selected site on HIP... Read more
Pilots Urged to Defend Proteus Wave Project
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* As the Thargoid presence increases in the HIP 22460 system, Azimuth Biotech and the superpowers call for reinforcements. An urgent bulletin was transmitted from Commodore Morag Halloran aboard the Bright Sentinel: “A series of actions by ‘Operation Wych Hunt’ saboteurs have resulted in delays to Azimuth... Read more
Salvation Prepares ‘Final Thargoid Battlefield’
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The HIP 22460 system will be the stage for a decisive strike against the Thargoids by Azimuth Biotech and the superpowers. The following message was broadcast across all public channels: “This is Salvation. Construction of the Proteus Wave has officially commenced. This version of my anti-xeno... Read more
The Triumph of Salvation
Salvation has confirmed that his anti-xeno superweapons successfully routed Thargoids from the Delphi, Maia and Merope systems. The following message was submitted to all newsfeeds: “The Thargoid spearhead into human space has been severely blunted. Commodore Halloran coordinated the operation with military precision, and many loyal pilots acted swiftly... Read more
Thargoid Invasion of Nebula Systems Intensifies
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Systems in the California, Coalsack, Pleiades and Witch Head Nebulas are under sustained assault by the Thargoids. Vox Galactica featured this report from freelance war correspondent Ernesto Rios: “Multiple starports have been crippled by Thargoid attacks in recent weeks, with anti-xeno squadrons struggling to protect them.... Read more
Theta Seven Traced to Panjabell System
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A decrypted message suggests that the NMLA leader Theta Seven avoided capture by infiltrating the Far God cult. ACT publicly requested help to decode a message received by Theta Group, the bomb-making engineers of the NMLA. The cipher key was cracked and the decoded message submitted... Read more
Thargoid Fleets Invade Nebula Systems
*Pilots Federation ALERT* Several inhabited systems in the Pleiades and Witch Head Nebulas have come under attack by large numbers of Thargoid ships. An emergency has been declared by the authorities in multiple systems including Asterope, Shenve and Onoros. Thargoid vessels have again targeted starports, with casualties estimated in... Read more
Hyford’s Cache Reveals Mysterious Project
*Pilots Federation ALERT* A data bank left by a crashed vessel on the moon Colonia 5 e a has reactivated, revealing clues as to its origin. The crash site was first discovered over four years ago via listening posts in the Colonia, Neche and Wasat systems. These posts held... Read more