Far God Cult Attacked
Post Views: 61 There has been a spate of violence against the Thargoid-worshipping Far God cult, resulting in dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries. Since the Church of Eternal Void declared war against the sect, its members have compelled citizens to attack Far God believers in many systems.... Read more
Unexploded Nuclear Missile Discovered
Post Views: 72 A thermonuclear weapon, launched over a thousand years ago during Earth’s Third World War, has been discovered. The intercontinental ballistic missile was found beneath the Pacific Ocean, during construction of new undersea habitation off the coast of California. Lieutenant Commander Page Patterson, a munitions-disposal specialist for... Read more
Cobra Wing Campaign Concludes
Post Views: 35 A spokesperson for the Cobra Wing has announced that its campaign to build a research outpost in the Ebor system has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community. Scores of pilots supported the campaign by delivering commodities to Morris Enterprise and eliminating agitators in Ebor, thereby... Read more
Hunt the League of Reparation
Post Views: 38 A tri-superpower taskforce has launched a campaign to track down and eliminate members of terrorist group, the League of Reparation. Captain Niamh Seutonia of the IISS, who is a prominent member of the taskforce, made this announcement: “With the arrest of Riri McAllister, otherwise known as... Read more
Identity of Nexus Confirmed
Post Views: 15 Deputy Inspector Mara Klatt of Alliance Interpol has broken her silence regarding the League of Reparation. At a special press conference, she made this announcement: “Prior to her death at the hands of the League of Reparation, I worked closely with my predecessor Chief Inspector Kay... Read more
An Interview with Aisling Duval
Post Views: 56 Princess Aisling Duval has discussed her forthcoming marriage in an exclusive interview with entertainment journalist Solomon Helios. The princess spoke openly about many topics, including the impact of her announcement: “I was as surprised as everyone else! After the ball for the Federal delegation, things moved... Read more
Week in Review
Post Views: 18 Here are this week’s major stories. Admiral George Varma of the Alliance Council of Admirals has been arrested by the taskforce investigating terrorist organisation the League of Reparation. Admiral Varma stands accused of redirecting cargo shipments from the Alliance Defence Force to terrorist cells. It is... Read more
Details of Aisling Duval’s Wedding Announced
Post Views: 57 The wedding of Princess Aisling Duval and Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester is now in the advanced planning stages, and a date has been confirmed for the ceremony. An official proclamation was printed in both The Federal Times and The Imperial Herald: “Her Imperial Highness Princess Aisling... Read more
Search for Lottery Winner
Post Views: 89 An appeal has been launched to find the owner of a lottery ticket worth one billion credits. The Federal Grand Lottery is the largest of its kind, regularly handing out millions of credits. The Grand Lottery also funds a wide range of social and infrastructure projects... Read more
Ebor Research Outpost
Post Views: 19 Cobra Wing, an independent organisation based in Ebor, has launched an initiative to build a new research outpost in the system. The outpost will support further research into the Thargoids, focusing specifically on the possibility of inter-species communication. A spokesperson for Cobra Wing gave the following... Read more