Achilles Aerospace releases full selection of Supercruise Overcharge modules
Post Views: 65 A suite of new Supercruise Overcharge Frame Shift Drives entered the market earlier this week alongside several other upgrades to the new modules. To celebrate the company’s recent success, Dr. Namin Tirel, Achilles Aerospace’s Head of Research and Development, offered a rare interview to Vox Galactica:... Read more
Python Mk II Released: Faulcon DeLacy announces collaboration with Achilles Aerospace
Post Views: 63 The first ever ship built entirely around Achilles’ new Frame Shift Drive has released today, the Python Mk II. Marketing materials are pushing the tagline: “Built for Supercruise Overcharge”. Faulcon DeLacy, the widely respected manufacturer behind this new ship, released a statement this morning: “The original... Read more
Ship manufacturers must “rise to the challenge” of Supercruise Overcharge
Post Views: 346 Users of the Supercruise Overcharge function of Achilles’ new Frame Shift Drives have reported that the module puts ships under immense mechanical and thermal stress, often causing severe hull damage. Ship manufacturers throughout the galaxy are now diverting research towards overcoming this issue. Stent Jackson, a... Read more
Thargoid War Bulletin: Oya Successfully Attacked
Post Views: 424 Titan Oya in the Cephei Sector BV-Y B4 system has been confirmed as destroyed by Aegis, leaving five still operational. Aden Tanner, Aegis’s lead anti-xeno strategist, delivered a cautionary statement: “I must remind all Commanders that these missions are highly dangerous and cannot be undertaken lightly.... Read more
Anti-Guardian field project yields breakthrough – New modifications available
Post Views: 452 *Pilots’ Federation ALERT* The engineer Ram Tah has discovered a method of immunising existing Guardian modules against the effects of anti-Guardian fields. Earlier this year, Ram Tah discovered that certain Guardian relics revealed and activated nanite clusters when exposed to specific electromagnetic frequencies. These nanites proved... Read more
The Assault on Oya
Post Views: 445 *Pilots’ Federation Alert* Titan Oya is under siege. This is an urgent call to all independent pilots to aid in the complete defeat of the third Titan. The key modules for the assault continue to be readily available at all Rescue Megaships: • Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser... Read more
New Supercruise Overcharge module enters the market, a “turning point for humanity”
Post Views: 527 Achilles Aerospace have begun mass distribution of their own Frame Shift Drive modules, capable of what their marketing is calling an ‘Overcharged’ Supercruise. This news follows the corporation urging pilots to gather Titan Drive Components from the dangerous remnants of destroyed Titans. The data gathered from... Read more
Prototype Frame Shift Drive almost production ready, competitor sceptical
Post Views: 534 Material gathered from the Titan Taranis wreckage has reportedly allowed Achilles Aerospace to complete the research on their prototype Frame Shift Drive. The recent initiative sponsored by Achilles Aerospace saw over 5000 independent pilots enter the hazardous wreckage of Titan Taranis, retrieving enough Titan Drive Components... Read more
Titan Oya deploys a surprise fleet of Orthrus vessels
Post Views: 547 The Titan known as Oya appears to have deployed a large fleet of Orthrus vessels into star systems farther from their own territory breaking expected behaviour. Analysts noted that the locations in which Orthrus vessels have been tracked didn’t appear to have any particular importance, instead... Read more
Achilles Aerospace urges pilots to plunder Titan wreckage
Post Views: 609 Intense investment into research on Titan travel has been announced by the aerospace subdivision of the famed robotics company. Their research has been centred on the method used by the Thargoid Titans to travel at speeds well beyond that of humanity’s current technological capacity. A spokesperson... Read more