Post Views: 9 A new networked database system named the Codex has been released to the galactic community. The Codex is a joint initiative from the Pilots Federation and Universal Cartographics, which issued the following joint statement: “We are pleased to announce that the Codex has been automatically uploaded... Read more
Mamba and Krait Phantom Released
Post Views: 10 Two new ships marketed towards independent pilots, the Mamba and the Krait Phantom, have just hit the market. Zorgon Peterson issued the following press release for its new vessel: “If it’s speed and firepower you want, the Mamba is for you. Based on a racing prototype,... Read more
Mysteries of the Far God
Post Views: 67 Journalist Gethin Okonkwo has discussed the abandoned Far God cult outposts in the Etain system: “During my months undercover as a Far God worshipper, I heard only whispered rumours about secret outposts. So the existence of two such settlements, on Etain 4a and 4c, proves that... Read more
Week in Review
Post Views: 63 Here are this week’s major stories. Two corporations have merged to form one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the galaxy. Allied Medical Industries has united with Neosalve Inc. to create Neomedical Industries, which will sell drugs, equipment and services to both Alliance and independent systems.... Read more
Nova Imperium Unveils Figurehead
Post Views: 15 Isolationist group Nova Imperium has revealed its choice for Emperor – an eighteen year old man named Hadrian Augustus Duval. The group’s leader, Imperator Mordanticus, broadcast this message: “It is incumbent upon me to reveal that Hengist Duval fathered not one but two illegitimate children in... Read more
Cult Requests Rare Commodities
Post Views: 17 An obscure cult based in the Zlota system has requested a range of rare items for an arcane ceremony. A handwritten statement from Barnabas Cole, leader of a group named the Children of Tothos, was submitted to the media: “This is the rite that will unmask... Read more
Achilles Corp Initiative Concludes
Post Views: 16 A goodwill initiative from the Achilles Corporation has now concluded. Chairman Gus Weaver of the Sol division of Achilles Corp announced: “Thanks to the dedication of many independent traders, we have now acquired enough commodities to manufacture replacements for all robots destroyed in the wake of... Read more
New Nanomedicine Announced
Post Views: 68 Independent company Vitadyne Labs has developed an innovative new form of nanomedicine. Professor Katrien Rook published the following press release: “Nanomeds are sophisticated pharmaceuticals that use nanoscale materials to repair cell damage on a molecular level. They can heal any injury in a fraction of the... Read more
Merger Creates Mega-Corporation
Post Views: 22 Two eminent corporations have merged to form one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the galaxy. Allied Medical Industries, based in Alliance space, has united with Neosalve Inc., a conglomerate that supplies medicines to a great many independent systems. The new mega-corporation, Neomedical Industries, will sell... Read more
Week in Review
Post Views: 25 Here are this week’s major stories. Exothelogian Dr Alfred Ulyanov has commented on the abandoned Far God outposts recently discovered in the Etain system. In a statement, Dr Ulyanov said that information recovered from the sites would be invaluable to the book he is writing with... Read more