Superpowers Make Progress at the Galactic Summit
Post Views: 60 Leaders from the Alliance, Empire and Federation have agreed a series of minor treaties at the diplomatic gathering in the Sirius system. Vox Galactica featured this report from political correspondent Conrad Sterling: “Following days of heated arguments, temperatures in the conference chamber finally cooled enough for... Read more
Galactic Summit Imperilled by Political Frictions
Post Views: 56 Delegates at the diplomatic conference have clashed over long-standing political issues, with some threatening to abandon the event. Journalists at Patterson Enterprise in the Sirius system reported their observations via mainstream newsfeeds. The Imperial Herald: “Minister Whyte’s claim that the Empire had fomented terrorism by repressing... Read more
Historic Meetings at the Galactic Summit
Post Views: 68 Alliance, Empire and Federation leaders have held their first ever face-to-face discussions at the diplomatic conference in the Sirius system. Political correspondent Conrad Sterling published this report for Vox Galactica: “The Galactic Summit has already made history by bringing together many political figureheads within one conference... Read more
Rare Goods Received for Political Delegates
Post Views: 56 *Pilots Federation ALERT* A wide range of luxurious food and drink for the Galactic Summit has been delivered to the Sirius Corporation. Orders were placed for Eden Apples Of Aerial, Ethgreze Tea Buds, Gerasian Gueuze Beer, Giant Irukama Snails, Goman Yaupon Coffee, Karsuki Locusts and Lavian... Read more
Galactic Summit Begins with Defence Request
Post Views: 68 *Pilots Federation ALERT* The Federation is working with Sirius Corporation to offer bounty hunting opportunities to protect the diplomatic conference. The first Galactic Summit has officially opened at Patterson Enterprise station in the Sirius system. Temporary permits have been issued to all arriving delegates and Commanders... Read more
Alliance Protests Triggered by Cancelled Election
Post Views: 64 The postponement of the election for a new prime minister has led to widespread public disorder across Alliance systems. The Alliance Assembly vote was scheduled for Thursday the 25th of February. This date clashed with the start of the Galactic Summit, causing incumbent Prime Minister Edmund... Read more
Hudson and Winters Confirmed for Galactic Summit
Post Views: 34 President Zachary Hudson and Shadow President Felicia Winters will both attend the diplomatic conference in the Sirius system. The Federation will also be represented by ambassadors from the Federal Diplomatic Corps, as well as several civil and corporate interests. Political correspondent Sofia Trevino reported for The... Read more
Lakon Spaceways HQ Moves to Alioth System
Post Views: 36 *Pilots Federation ALERT* The capital system of the Alliance now hosts Lakon’s administrative hub and offers a 5% discount on its ships. The company’s main offices have been relocated to the Lakon Spaceways Central planetary port on Alioth 1 a. All shipyards within the Alioth system... Read more
Victory for Federal Forces Against Jupiter Division
Post Views: 69 *Pilots Federation ALERT* Jupiter Division, the breakaway faction from Core Dynamics, has been defeated in the HIP 54530 system. The independent corporate nation met armed resistance from a local faction, the Silver Legal Group, which defeated them in battle with the aid of independent ships. Director... Read more
Rare Goods Required for Galactic Summit
Post Views: 64 *Pilots Federation ALERT* Sirius Corporation has requested deliveries of consumables to Luyten’s Star for the forthcoming diplomatic conference. The Galactic Summit will take place in the Sirius system and last for three weeks, beginning on Thursday the 25th of February. It will be attended by leaders... Read more