Engineer’s Enhanced Missile Rack Initiative
Post Views: 82 *Pilots Federation ALERT* The engineer Liz Ryder has requested mined materials to help make a previously unique ship module widely available. The module is a fully engineered lightweight and high capacity Class 2 Seeker Missile Rack with thermal cascade. It was offered in October 3306 to... Read more
Empire Denies Existence of Secret Prison
Post Views: 76 *Pilots Federation ALERT* An Imperial Intelligence detention facility discovered in the R CRA Sector AF-A d42 system has been repudiated by the Empire. The outpost, named Serene Harbour, was located after its distress call was shared publicly by the Pilots Federation. According to the Commander Andee-X-... Read more
Core Dynamics Implicated in Starship One Sabotage
Post Views: 81 Evidence presented at the trial of Fleet Admiral Vincent suggested financial links to Federal shipbuilding corporation Core Dynamics. This significant development was covered by Ethan Takahashi for The Federal Times: “The initial investigations around Starship One’s destruction in 3301 were outlined by the prosecution. When the... Read more
Alliance Election Delayed due to Galactic Summit
Post Views: 83 The Alliance Assembly has agreed to delay electing a new prime minister to avoid clashing with the forthcoming Galactic Summit. The proposal to postpone the election date came from Prime Minister Edmund Mahon: “Now that the diplomatic conference has been confirmed, we must adapt to take... Read more
Anonymous Source Refers to Distress Call Location
Post Views: 89 *Pilots Federation ALERT* An encrypted message seems to provide planetary coordinates related to the mysterious signal from ‘Serene Harbour’. The message received by the Pilots Federation was as follows: Welcome to Serene Harbour. 56.4 latitude -8.3 longitude. Theta Seven. Although this pinpoints a geographical area on... Read more
Halsey Suggests Motivation for Assassination Attempt
Post Views: 36 At the trial of Fleet Admiral Vincent, former President Jasmina Halsey has revealed possible reasons behind the sabotage of Starship One in 3301. Crime correspondent Ethan Takahashi reported from the Federal High Court: “Jasmina Halsey provided details of a top-level Federal Cabinet meeting in late April... Read more
Sirius Corporation Secures Hosting of Galactic Summit
Post Views: 109 *Pilots Federation ALERT* Sirius Corporation has received more data than Utopia and will therefore host the Galactic Summit. Both organisations proposed to organise a diplomatic conference for the Alliance, Empire and Federation. After calling on the galactic community to gather data that would support security operations,... Read more
Request for Pilots to Trace Distress Call
Post Views: 86 *Pilots Federation ALERT* An independent vessel has detected a fragment of a mysterious message coming from an unexplored region of space. Commander Elsa Solomon was travelling through the Swoilz XX-D c1-30 system when her ship’s communications array picked up a faint transmission. The message was as... Read more
Jasmina Halsey Provides Testimony about Starship One
Post Views: 37 Former President Jasmina Halsey has taken the witness stand during the trial of Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent at the Federal High Court. Crime correspondent Ethan Takahashi reported the details for The Federal Times: “Jasmina Halsey confirmed that the orders for Starship One’s unscheduled stopover in the... Read more
Trial of Fleet Admiral Vincent Begins
Post Views: 39 The Federal High Court on Mars has opened the trial of Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent, who is charged with conspiracy to commit murder and treason. Vincent stands accused of organising the sabotage of Starship One in 3301, resulting in hundreds of deaths. The Federal Times’s crime... Read more