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Community Goal: Panum Pisciumque

Angeli Imperial Enterprises has announced plans to build a Dionysus-class Agricultural Vessel in support of ongoing resource-extraction operations in the Pleiades. Once built, the enormous starship will orbit a water world in the Pleiades Sector GW-W c1-15 system. In support of this operation, Angeli Imperial Enterprises has placed an open order for marine equipment, micro …

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Community Goal: Diamond Frogs Campaign

The Diamond Frogs, a mercenary outfit based on the lawless fringes of the Capricorni sector, has announced plans to build a new installation in the 63 G. Capricorni system. The faction’s current base of operations has become virtually uninhabitable, as its power and cooling systems being have been pushed past their limits. In support of …

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Community Goal: Fifth Aegis Initiative

Aegis has announced a second military strike on a Thargoid-occupied system, following the success of Operation Andronicus. The operation will focus on Electra, where high concentrations of Thargoid vessels have been reported. Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’s chief military liaison, elaborated on the nature of the operation: “We have two primary objectives: To reduce the number …

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Community Goal: Lunch in Leesti

Food lovers from across the galaxy will converge on George Lucas Station in the Leesti system this week in anticipation of a one-of-a-kind gastronomic festival. ‘Lunch in Leesti’ is a week-long celebration of Leesti’s finest restaurants and wineries, offering attendees a chance to sample food prepared by the Master Chefs of Noti. In addition to …

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Community Goal: Breakfast at Tranquillity

The people of the Leesti system are not the only ones celebrating this week. The Guardians of Tranquillity have announced plans to host a food festival in the Tarach Tor system, prompting criticism from Independent Leesti for Equality, which is coordinating a similar event in Leesti. The Guardians of Tranquillity have strenuously denied that the …

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Community Goal: Feeding California

The Spinward Marches Alliance Concern has announced plans to establish an agricultural facility in the Synuefai LX-R d5-28 system, with the aim of supporting the Alliance and Turner Research Group outposts in the California Nebula. To support this goal, the organisation has asked the galactic community to deliver terrain enrichment systems, crop harvesters and auto …

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