Breakthrough in Artefact Research?
Breakthrough in Artefact Research? After meticulous and sometimes tedious investigation, scientists working under Dr Arcanonn have uncovered that the recently discovered “Unknown Artefacts” may have some basis in human technology. Audio studies of the objects show that they emit a distorted but audible signal matching the very long-established Earth... Read more
Cosmic State and Emperor’s Grace Develop Joint Technology Company
Cosmic State and Emperor’s Grace Develop Joint Technology Company It has been formally announced that an Agreement has been reached between Hammer Arms, biggest independent arms dealer with a seat in Hel, Home of Cosmic State and Emperor’s Grace. This is the first ever such agreement made by the... Read more
Infection Running Rampant in BD-02 4304
Infection Running Rampant in BD-02 4304 Infection Running Rampant in BD-02 4304 Hundreds of businesses have closed and thousands of people are quarantined following an outbreak aboard Newton Dock in what could be the most devastating epidemic of the decade. The illness, the origins of which are currently unknown,... Read more
The Science of a Safer Society
The Science of a Safer Society Thousands of Pegasi sector civilians were forced to evacuate their homes last week, following a series of brutal raids carried out in the name of Archon Delaine. Some resilient residents have attempted to reach out to the Federation and Empire homeworlds for assistance,... Read more
A Vision of the Future
For decades, the Utopian compound on Antal was seen as a place where people could visit the future. Technology that was years ahead of its time was openly on display for anyone to see. The secrets uncovered by the Utopian engineers were made freely available for study, regardless of... Read more
The Loss of Starship One Linked to Mechanical Failure
The Federal Navy has today released its official report into the disappearance of Starship One. As expected, the 600,000 word document provides a detailed analysis of the inner workings of Starship One. The report confirms that the abnormal energy signature detected by Guardian Wing Alpha, immediately prior to Starship... Read more
Anti-Federation Terrorists Linked to Artefact Research
Over the course of the weekend hundreds of tons of Bio-Waste were dumped in and around stations in 78 Ursae Majoris. This system is currently undergoing preparations for President Halsey’s arrival as part of her planned grand tour. A group calling themselves ‘The Canonn’ claims responsibility for this act.... Read more
Soontill Relics Test Results Queried
As further alien artefacts claiming to be from Soontill are being sold on the open market, the results of the initial scientific tests have been revealed. “We were looking for key markers,” explains Chief Xeno-Chemist Lyran Betar. “Elemental make up, crystalline structure, anything that indicates it could have originated... Read more
Federation Accused of Cover-up
Despite pleas for information from the Scientific cross-faction coalition, the Federal Authorities remain tight lipped. According to sources close to Dr. Arcanonn and his team, Halsey’s government have refused to even acknowledge that Federation ships have been transporting the artefacts through populated space, despite mounting evidence. The authorities have... Read more
Upgrade of Parkinson Dock Complete
After two weeks of frantic construction, which saw close to 70,000 engineers working around the clock to get the project finished in time, Parkinson Dock is now home to some of the most advanced factories in the entire Empire. The upgrade was completed as part of Senator Patreus’s plan... Read more