Galactic News: The Thargoid Situation
Although the first hints of the Thargoid presence began with the discovery of Unknown Artefacts in 3301, the current chapter in the Thargoid story started last year with the discovery of alien shipwrecks in the Pleiades Nebula. A few months later, in January 3303, the first interdiction from a... Read more
Galactic News: New Research Centre at Thargoid Site
As the number of newly discovered Thargoid structures continues to grow, reports from the Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55 indicate that the Oracle, an Ocellus starport, has relocated to the system in order to study the region’s Thargoid structure. Governor Ahmed, the starport’s principal administrator, released the following statement: “The... Read more
Galactic News: Specialists Respond to Latest Findings
Professor Ishmael Palin, leading authority on xeno-biological research, has commented on the discovery of functional technology at the Thargoid structures. “This revelation is significant not only because it gives us an insight into Thargoid technology, but because it confirms the long-posited connection between the Thargoids and the Unknown Artefacts... Read more
Freelance Report: Canonn Responds to Thargoid Revelation
Doctor Arcanonn of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group has issued a statement from the Gnosis concerning the recent discovery that the so-called Unknown Ships are in fact of Thargoid origin. “Finally, the Thargoids have revealed themselves, moving from the shadows into the starlight. We cannot predict where this road... Read more
Galactic News: Starport Status Update
The recent Sirius Corporation campaign to protect starports from Unknown Artefact-related interference is already bearing fruit. Using material donated by the galactic community, Sirius Corporation scientists have dramatically increased the efficiency of meta-alloy application, thereby restoring many of the starports affected by Unknown Artefact-related disruption. The corporation’s researchers have... Read more
Galactic News: Sirius Corporation Campaign Ends
A spokesperson for the Sirius Corporation has announced that its appeal for microresources has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community. Hundreds of pilots responded to the corporation’s appeal by delivering Unknown Energy Source, Shield Density Reports and Shield Pattern Analysis to Cormack Hub in the Procyon system. As... Read more
Community Goal: Sirius Corp. to Address Unknown-Artefact Issue
It is widely understood that Unknown Artefacts have the ability to extract materials from their immediate environment as part of a complex self-repair process. Unfortunately, this can have disastrous effects on starships and other forms of machinery. Perhaps the worst affected by this phenomena have been the galaxy’s starports,... Read more
Galactic News: Independent Scientists Comment on Sightings
Professor Ishmael Palin, independent scientist and leading authority on xeno-biological research, has added his voice to the debate over sightings of mysterious spacecraft. In a statement, Professor Palin said: “I have no wish to be alarmist, and I can understand why the galactic superpowers have issued a somewhat noncommittal... Read more
Galactic News: The Martian Relic
The discovery of mysterious wreckage in the Pleiades Nebula has rekindled interest in the so-called Martian Relic, an object discovered beneath the surface of Mars over one thousand years ago. Very little is known about the Relic except that it was discovered in 2280 and is relatively small, measuring... Read more
Freelance Report: Dr Arcanonn Appeals for Help
The image transmitted by the mysterious Unknown Probes is still a mystery. But while the image occupies his teams, Dr Arcanonn of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group believes there is more to discover about the Probes themselves. The problem is supply. “The only known sources of Unknown Probes are... Read more