Galactic News: The Thargoids have Returned
Over the past few days, media streams have been abuzz with news that the so-called Unknown Ships are in fact Thargoid vessels, as many had speculated. The Federal Times, having spent several days confirming sources and authenticating reports, has now published an in-depth account of the events that led... Read more
Galactic News: The Martian Relic
The discovery of mysterious wreckage in the Pleiades Nebula has rekindled interest in the so-called Martian Relic, an object discovered beneath the surface of Mars over one thousand years ago. Very little is known about the Relic except that it was discovered in 2280 and is relatively small, measuring... Read more
Freelance Report: The Alien Wreck
As independent pilots flock to the mysterious wreckage in the Pleiades, many have been speculating on the meaning of the discovery. Some believe the wreck is of Thargoid origin, but that rumour has little evidence to support it. One pilot who visited the site shared his opinion: “While the... Read more
Freelance Report: Weird Science
As the scientific community grapples with the discovery of mysterious wreckage in the Pleiades Sector AB-W B2-4 system, controversial naturalist Ulla Burton believes she has the answer. In her most recent broadcast, Ulla said: “The answer is staring us in the face – it’s a form of giant space... Read more
Freelance Report: Dr Arcanonn Appeals for Help
The image transmitted by the mysterious Unknown Probes is still a mystery. But while the image occupies his teams, Dr Arcanonn of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group believes there is more to discover about the Probes themselves. The problem is supply. “The only known sources of Unknown Probes are... Read more
Freelance Report: Probe Research Implications
Recent developments in Unknown Probe research have raised concerns among military strategists. Today, Captain Alexis Corvus of Task Force Athena briefed the Imperial Senate on the implications of an offensively deployed Unknown Probe. “The offensive potential of these Probes mustn’t be underestimated. A single fighter with a discovery scanner... Read more
Galactic News: Unknown Probe Breakthrough
The Canonn Interstellar Research Group has announced that one of its scientists has made a discovery regarding the so-called Unknown Probes. According to a statement, a pilot by the name of Commander Rizal72 has confirmed that when the mysterious objects are examined with an advanced discovery scanner, they emit... Read more
Freelance Report: Federal Expansion Ignites Controversy
The announcement of Federal plans to expand into the Pleiades Nebula, and the Federation’s call for the support of independent pilots, has ignited a firestorm of controversy. Although there is support for the Federation’s goals, many have expressed reservations. One Commander, who wished to remain anonymous due to his... Read more
Freelance Report: Canonn at Full Tilt
Following a recent statement from Admiral Maxton Price of the Federal Navy concerning Farragut Battle Cruisers in the Merope system, Dr Arcanonn of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group has responded: “Admiral Price’s authoritative assurance is most welcome. Canonneers and other researchers can hereafter refer to his words as we... Read more