Subject D-2 Rejects Azimuth
Seo Jin-ae, the Project Seraph survivor, has refused to have any further contact with Azimuth Biotech following its offer of help. She is currently in the care of Professor Alba Tesreau, who stated: “It will come as no surprise that Ms Seo vehemently rejects Mr Rademaker’s proposal. She has... Read more
Azimuth: ‘We Can Help D-2’
Azimuth Biotech has publicly offered assistance to Subject D-2, the Project Seraph survivor who gate-crashed the recent Aegis symposium. The woman, now identified as Seo Jin-ae, unexpectedly arrived at the event on Tuesday. She claimed to possess knowledge of the ‘Thargoid roar’ that was heard at HIP 22460 following... Read more
Defeat for the True Chapters
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* A battle in the Popontia system has ended with Federal forces overwhelming defenders of the True Chapters sect. The newly risen sect of the Order of the Far God was being protected by the Workers of Popontia Free, which was ultimately defeated. Governor Nadia Machado of... Read more
Gatecrash Drama at Aegis Event
The sole survivor of the notorious Project Seraph experiments has reportedly appeared at the Aegis symposium, startling the live audience. Vox Galactica journalist Allan Mantle published an on-the-scene report: “The shouting caught everyone in the conference hall by surprise, interrupting a discussion about the recently leaked ‘Thargoid roar’ heard... Read more
Making the Case for Aegis
A three-day symposium has begun that will outline proposals to reform Aegis, the tri-superpower anti-xeno agency. The event is taking place at the national conference centre in New Apollo City on the planet Biggs Colony. It has been organised by Professor Alba Tesreau, Aegis’s former head of research. In... Read more
Deep Space ‘Anomalies’ Generate Discussion
*Pilots’ Federation ALERT* Inexplicable visual phenomena located in deep space have caused extensive speculation and media interest. There is no official terminology for the signals but they are referred to by many names, most popular of which is ‘the anomalies’. Appearing as a bright flare with spiralling radial arms,... Read more
Demands for Azimuth to Face Justice
There are widespread calls to bring criminal charges against Azimuth Biotech for its role in the massacre in the HIP 22460 system. Rhiannon Grady, director of the civil rights organisation Advocacy, told the media: “Azimuth Biotech planned the operation in HIP 22460, with the Proteus Wave’s failure leading directly... Read more
The Judgement of Admiral Tanner
A special tribunal of the Federal Navy Criminal Court has deliberated the case of former admiral Aden Tanner and made a final decision. The following press release was released to all Federal newsfeeds: “This tribunal has scrutinised the latest evidence supplied by the Federal Attorney’s Office. We find that... Read more
‘Thargoid Roar’ Leaked to Public
Classified audio-visual footage from the Battle of HIP 22460 has been anonymously submitted to several mainstream newsfeeds. The Alliance Tribune, The Federal Times, The Imperial Herald, The Sovereign and Vox Galactica all received databanks salvaged from various wreckages in the HIP 22460 system. Most were obtained from naval vessels,... Read more
Patreus Highlights Thargoid Tactics
Senator Denton Patreus, fleet admiral of the Imperial Navy, has discussed the Empire’s new priorities following the Battle of HIP 22460. During an exclusive interview with the Eye on Achenar newsfeed, Patreus said: “Her Majesty the Emperor has decreed that our military priority is to defend systems within the... Read more