Galactic News: Federal Security Chief Liaising with Aegis
Reports have surfaced that Admiral Aden Tanner, Chief of Federal Security and so-called ‘alien tsar’, is now liaising with Aegis, the inter-superpower initiative established to investigate the Thargoids. News of Admiral Tanner’s involvement has already prompted speculation that the cold war between the Empire and the Federation could be... Read more
Galactic News: Alliance Defends Research Initiative
The Alliance has been criticised for its recent appeal for Thargoid data, which began only days after a joint-superpower initiative was established to study the Thargoids. A number of independent factions, including the Federal Republican Command, have censured the Alliance for its apparently contradictory stance. A spokesperson for the... Read more
Galactic News: Joint Superpower Initiative Announced
In recent weeks, a number of programmes have been launched to gather further information about the Thargoids. While the Federation has established an outpost in HIP 17692 to monitor Thargoid activity, independent organisation Abroin Universal PLC recently completed a campaign to amass material for a research centre in the... Read more