Eranin et les Rebelles de la Fédération ont Brisés les Pourparlers sur la Paix
Alors que la liqueur de la célébration se répend loin et vite, les équipes “Black Ops” sont en en train d’agir plus ouvertement et soutiennent les rebelles, autant tout doutes sur le fait que les rebelles sont une extension de la Fédération. Par conséquent, les gants ont été relevés... Read more
History of the Eranin Conflict
Now into its fifth day, the Eranin civil war has escalated quickly. The system’s independence celebrations saw mass exports of celebratory liquor, a practice banned in short order by the Federation. The perceived Federal opposition to the Independent communist regime sparked anti-government protests and the rise of pro-Federation rebels... Read more
Commander Activity as Unrest Spreads
In response to the Eranin government’s call yesterday for a wider spread of its now-infamous celebration liquor, there has been much activity involving large amounts of liquor in several systems. Over 30 Commanders have taken liquor to Opala’s Romanenko Estate. In LHS 3262, CMDR Waugh and CMDR Sophie-Beth have... Read more
Eranin and Rebels in Federation-Brokered Peace Talks
As Eranin 30th Anniversary celebratory liquor is spread far and wide, the Federation Black Ops teams are moving to more overt than covert operations in support of the rebels, removing all doubt that the rebels are a Federation proxy. Consequently, the gloves are now well and truly off in... Read more
Eranin vs Federation – Commander Reactions
Perhaps rather than conflict, Imperial Senator Denton Patreus’ characterization of the situation around Eranin yesterday as ‘civil war’ is growing more accurate by the day… Commanders continue to fly in support of both sides of the conflict, although with a slight majority on the Federal side – the side... Read more