Sirius Corporation Programme Begins Today
Following a recent statement from Sirius Corporation announcing its intention to revitalise several newly acquired star systems, the company has launched an initiative to boost the economy of HIP 8396. At the heart of the initiative is a request for osmium, which Sirius Corp. hopes will serve as a... Read more
Sirius Corporation Takes Aim at Pirates
Reports are coming in of pirate activity in the Robigo system, a seldom-visited region of space that was recently brought under the control of the Sirius Corporation. Fortunately for the people of Robigo Mines, the system’s only outpost, the Sirius Corporation has a history of taking a zero-tolerance approach... Read more
Sirius Corporation Announces New Programme
Earlier this year, the Sirius Corporation expanded into the systems of HIP 8396, Almagest, Sothis, Ceos, and Robigo. At the time, a number of economists predicted that these systems would witness dramatic change after being brought under Sirius Corp. control, but in fact the affected systems have remained much... Read more
The Sirius Corporation – The First of the Mega-corporations
The Sirius Corporation – The First of the Mega-corporations In this latest edition of GalNet’s series relating key points in human history, popular historian Sima Kalhana addresses the rise of the first mega-corporation. Apart from a few isolated backwater systems, the presence of mega-corporations is ubiquitous throughout civilised space.... Read more
The Unfettering of the Pegasi Sector
The Unfettering of the Pegasi Sector The Kumo Crew has been known to brand free citizens as slaves and ferry them to an uncertain fate in their capital system, Harma. The Imperial blockade of Harma and the surrounding systems has intercepted thousands of these slaves, many of whom are... Read more
Alliance and Sirius Corp Pilots Celebrate Agreement
Alliance and Sirius Corp Pilots Celebrate Agreement The commanders of the Alliance and Sirius Corporation are today celebrating the one month anniversary of the Inter-faction Mutual Benefit Agreement (IMBA). This agreement declared that pilots of both powers shall aid one another wherever possible towards goals of mutual profit, in... Read more
Memorandum of Understanding between citizens of Utopia and Sirius Corp
Memorandum of Understanding between citizens of Utopia and Sirius Corp In their convictions that their interests coincide with each other, Commanders following Simguru Pranav Antal and those in the employ of Sirius Gov have agreed a non-aggression pact. They recognise each other’s right to exist, and to co-exist in... Read more
Launching the Colonies
Almost a thousand years ago, a corporate colonisation project from Earth set out on a trip to find a new home among the stars. The colonists settled in the Sirius system, where they became one of the leading suppliers of drive fuel anywhere in the galaxy, and so the... Read more
Sirius Exploration Survey Completes
The Sirius Corporation is pleased to announce that the reconnaissance portion of its latest colonisation project has now drawn to a close. Hundreds of highly skilled scout ships took part in the survey, which managed to gather data on tens of thousands of potential candidate systems. Early indications suggest... Read more
GalNet Galactic Trade-Labour Report
An influx of semi-professional miners from Sol has caused a significant increase in the demand for Mineral Extractors in LAWD 26. In order to meet that demand, the Union of Toofla Progressive Party is currently offering excellent rates for all Mineral Extractors sold to Stone’s Legacy. As if that... Read more