Federal President Clarifies Approach to Onionhead
In an attempt to quell the clamour for her resignation President Jasmina Halsey has tried to clarify the rift between the Admiral of the Fleet, Admiral Vincent, and her office. “Admiral Vincent runs our Navy, and I run the government. From time to time, he gives me a status... Read more
Preparations for the Emperor’s Wedding Gain Pace
Arissa Lavigny has shown the plans for her parent’s wedding on the 22nd of this month, including a sneak peek at the bridesmaids’ dresses. It will be a grand affair with visiting dignitaries from systems around and beyond the Empire. Rumour has it that the Federal President and Shadow... Read more
Federal President Booed
This morning during the ceremony to mark the start of term at the prestigious Olympus Village University When President Halsey began her talk a large number of the assembled students began booing her. The university principal apologised profusely to the President before she left. Nevertheless the damage was done,... Read more
Federal Warship Arrives in Luluwala
Senator Torval has criticised the arrival of a Federal warship now stationed in the Luluwala system. “They think they can throw their weight around. Stationing a warship at this small outpost can only be a distraction from their lack of enforcement of their own laws. “They think stationing a... Read more
Federal Shadow President Demands Lower Taxes
In a statement Shadow President Hudson announced his sympathy for Sanna. “Our taxes are crippling those we most need to help. We waste it on bureaucracy and the lazy. We should be supporting and protecting hard working States like Sanna.” It is understood a Federal Battlecruiser will be deployed... Read more
Sanna in Bid to Leave Federation
The Congressman for Sanna, Marcus Albertson, has given a speech to his own parliament in Sanna. “Federal taxes are holding back our progress. We say we have democracy but what can we change? Our coffers are sucked dry by the Federation as they lord it over us. What do... Read more
Federal President Announces Tax Rises in New Year
In a move causing shockwaves throughout Federal space, President Halsey has announced Federal tax increases. “I am sorry and I appreciate people are frustrated about this, but I have to announce further Federal tax rises. This is to cover our ever increasing welfare burden, and high military spending.” Federal... Read more
Shadow President Hudson Supports Navy
In what is usually a quiet time for politics the Shadow President has given an interview to support Admiral Vincent. “Our military forces have always operated independently of government. In fact some of the worst events in our long history were caused by political meddling in military matters. President... Read more
Commanders Decide Two Civil Wars as Torval Triumphs, Patreus Defeated but Defiant
Commanders’ assistance helped Imperial Senator Zemina Torval gain a crushing victory and 76% influence in the Sorbago system. Torval used the Mastopolus Mining Corporation as a front to acquire slaves and bolster her power base in the manoeuvring to succeed the ailing Emperor Hengist Duval. Senator Denton Patreus was... Read more
Federal President Denies Onionhead Crackdown
After the traditional Presidential Christmas Eve banquet in New York on Earth in Sol last night, the President was confronted by a crowd protesting against ‘Oniongate’ – and the bombing of fields and farms on Panem in Kappa Fornacis. Struggling to speak above the noise of the crowd chanting... Read more