Securing the Borders in the Ceti Sector
The return of Onionhead to Panem may be a blessing for the farmers of Kappa Fornacis, but for their neighbours, the Fornacian dream has turned into a living nightmare. “It’s not right,” one concerned resident of the nearby BD-18 394 system told GalNet. “Sure, they’re doing alright over there... Read more
Unrest on the Frontier
New reports from the frontier suggest that a horde of militant nomads is currently sweeping their way through the Pegasi Sector. The group, who call themselves the Kumo Crew, are led by the vicious Warlord Archon Delaine. A talented tactician, and a brutal fighter, Archon famously assumed leadership of... Read more
Hostage Crisis in Eotienses Turns Bloody
A tense hostage situation in Eotienses on Tuesday morning turned bloody as East India Company members failed to negotiate the liberation of an Imperial trader from the Code, a well-known pirate group. The Imperial trader, unaffiliated with either group, was destroyed after an attempted escape, resulting in tens of... Read more
For months now, the Old Worlds have been terrorised by roaming gangs of psychopaths and thieves. Residents’ pleas for help have been rejected by the Council of Admirals, who maintain that matters of internal security are the sole responsibility of member states. Many see this rise of lawlessness as... Read more
Operation Tomahawk Aims to Rid Lave of CODE Threat
As the war in Lave continues between CODE and Cosmic State, reports have emerged to suggest that Cosmic State have chosen Adle’s Armada as unlikely allies in what’s being called Operation Tomahawk. The accusation is that CODE are charging traders and others passers-by for “travel passes” in the Lave... Read more
Late Night Session Held Over Lugh Escalation
The debate in Congress turned ugly tonight, as members of both parties grilled the President over her mishandling of the Federation’s interests during the last six months. Particularly hot topics included the heavy-handed ban against Onionhead, the resultant bombing of Panem, the loss of multiple frontier systems to pirates... Read more
Pirates Prospering in Tanmark
Despite the Defence Force of Tanmark’s overwhelming success in closing down the Tanmark Posse’s operations on Luca, hundreds of unmarked pirate ships have been attacking innocent traders as they go about their business in the system. It would appear that the recent wave of criminal activity has been sparked... Read more
The Fight Against Falisci
There’s war brewing in the Empire, as despite a stern warning issued in their direction by Senator Denton Patreus, the pirates of Falisci continue to plunder innocent traders as they pass through on the way to ply their wares in Dongzi and Ngaiawang. Things could soon change however, as... Read more
Istanu Piracy Out of Control
An investigation into local pirate activity near the Alliance core systems has shown a focused gathering of cut-throat pirates in the Istanu system. Miners operating in the area have been abruptly forced to leave or face death at the receiving end of high powered beam lasers. One local miner... Read more
L’Augmentation des Armes sur le Marché Noir Continue
L’augmentation des Armes sur le marché noir des systèmes anarchiques reste sans précédent, ceci accompagné de commandants également impliqués dans les livraisons. Les rapports suggère que tout est financé par des cellules “Black Ops”, dont la présence à déjà été mentionnée ici précédemment, mises en place par la Fédération,... Read more